The birth of BYD’s “YangWang” series can be said to mark a step closer for our domestic cars in the luxury field. Moreover, the two cars currently on sale have become benchmarks in the ranks, and its first supercar will be officially announced this month, and the entire product line will become richer. Recently, the preview image of BYD’s first MPV in the YangWang series has been exposed. The new car may be officially named “YangWang U10”. If all goes well, the new car is expected to officially meet with everyone next year.

The group of pictures is the rendering of the “YangWang U10” that has just been exposed. Since the official has not given much information at present, it is only for your reference. The specific information shall prevail. The group picture shows three versions. The entire structure is almost the same, but the differences are still very obvious. Taking the picture above as an example, compared to the other two versions, the body shape is more traditional, the front face is more complex, and the headlights use a single-layer LED light source! The ladder-shaped center grid is composed of dot matrix LED light sources, and the LOGO with oracle elements on the top is more artistic. Below the main light source is the so-called driving light, and it forms an angle of 90 degrees with the front surround. In this way, the entire three-dimensional effect is easily displayed, and the LED light strip extending above the front surround also shows a sense of fashion. side.

Compared with the first car, the second car has become more conceptual. In fact, this design is more in line with the development of future cars. The entire car is made of one piece, which is more like a masterpiece of a 3D printer. Even the door handles on both sides have been replaced with hidden designs! The front position of the car is also quite simple, with a larger grille that almost extends to the front apron. The front enclosure is also simpler, and it is the only place among the three cars that adopts an independent design.

The third car can be said to be a fusion of the above two versions. It can be clearly seen that the new car door handle adopts a semi-hidden design. And throughout the side profile, this car draws on elements from American cars, especially the design of the rear, which is similar to Ford’s Explorer. The front face is more impactful, using a single-layer LED light source that is almost parallel to the entire front of the car. The center grille has been replaced with a square design, and the interior is composed of waterfall-style decorative strips. In addition, the new car’s LOGO also uses a dotted The bright way improves the recognition of the entire car. In addition, the front enclosure also adopts an integrated design, but the sharpness of the front side remains unchanged.

In fact, no matter which version, the “Big Mac” has a solid figure, so it is not an exaggeration for the media to call it a “land aircraft carrier”. Information about the interior and power has yet to be officially announced. So the question is, what do you expect from such a car?

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