On February 26, 2024, the World Car Awards announced the top three finalists for 2024 at the Geneva Motor Show. In this selection, BYD Seal and Dolphin stood out among many models and were shortlisted for the top three titles of “World Car of the Year” and “World Urban Car” respectively, and entered the finals. It is worth mentioning that BYD is also the first and only Chinese car company to be shortlisted for the top three “World Car of the Year” in the history of the World Auto Awards.

BYD Seal and Dolphin are finalists for the 2024 World Car Awards BYD Seal and Dolphin are finalists for the 2024 World Car Awards

The “World Car Awards”, “European Car of the Year Award” and “North American Car of the Year Award” are collectively known as the world’s three major automotive awards. Among them, the “World Car Awards” selects models from around the world and is known as the “Oscars of the car industry”. It is one of the high-profile events in the international automotive industry. BYD’s outstanding performance in this award is proof that its product technology strength and brand comprehensive strength have been widely recognized internationally, further highlighting its global influence and competitiveness.

In this selection, BYD Seal and Dolphin won the favor of more than 100 professional automotive media from 29 countries due to their unique design, innovative technology and safety performance. As BYD’s star models, Seal and Dolphin both won five-star safety ratings from the European New Car Safety Assessment Association (Euro NCAP) and the Australian New Car Safety Assessment Association (ANCAP) in 2023. In addition, Seal has also been shortlisted for the top seven European Cars of the Year 2024 list.

As a leader in new energy vehicles, BYD’s annual sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 3 million units in 2023, retaining the title of global new energy vehicle sales champion, and entering the top ten global automobile brand sales, becoming the first Chinese company to enter the top ten of the list. car brand. At present, BYD’s new energy footprint has spread to more than 70 countries and regions on six continents, covering more than 400 cities. In 2023, in many overseas markets such as Thailand, Singapore, Colombia and Brazil, BYD’s new energy vehicle sales will also remain at the forefront and are favored by consumers.

Highly consistent with the World Car Awards’ goal of encouraging continuous innovation in the automotive industry, BYD aims to build a full range of zero-emission new energy solutions through technological innovation, provide consumers with a better travel experience, lead the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and Actively promote the change and progress of the automobile industry. In the future, BYD will firmly implement its vision of “cooling the earth’s temperature by 1°C” and continue to promote green and low-carbon industrial transformation and global green and sustainable development.

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