Only with strength can we sit on an equal footing – Nezha S vs. Toyota Camry

The 250,000-class car market was basically dominated by overseas brands in the past. Today, the market structure has changed, and new cars of Chinese brands have sprung up like mushrooms, bringing us many new choices. But are these rising stars really strong enough to challenge established opponents? This time we have found Hechuang Automobile Nezha S and GAC Toyota Camry. Who will win in a duel between newcomers and veterans? You can only speak with strength!

The official guide prices of the two cars selected for this comparison are relatively close, namely the Nezha S 2022 extended-range version 1160km rear-drive large version (hereinafter referred to as “Nezha S”), and the Camry 2023 dual-engine 2.5HG luxury version (hereinafter referred to as “Nezha S”). “Camry” for short), the official guide price of the former is 242,800 yuan, and the official guide price of the latter is 239,800 yuan. If your budget is around 250,000, who would you choose?

● Appearance comparison

In terms of appearance design, the two cars are two completely different types. Nezha S is a typical design style of new energy vehicles. It uses many coupe elements, such as wide-body body, frameless doors and large-size wheels. The overall design will be more youthful and sporty. The Camry is a traditional sedan with a more attractive design, and it provides two different styles of front face designs, as well as a younger Cavalier version, to satisfy groups of different age groups as much as possible.

In terms of details, the front face of Nezha S adopts a closed design, with slender daytime running lights and a dot-matrix lower grille below, giving it a fighting atmosphere. On the other hand, the air intake grille under the Camry has a larger area, uses more complex lines, and has a richer sense of hierarchy. In terms of light sources, both cars are equipped with full LED headlights, and are equipped with automatic headlights and adaptive far and near beam functions, which belong to the basic operation of models at this price. Nezha S is also equipped with functions such as steering assist and headlight delay off, which have a more complete performance.

In terms of body size, Nezha S will be wider and shorter, with a wheelbase of 2980mm and a length of nearly 5 meters, reaching the level of a medium-to-large sedan, while the Camry is one size smaller and belongs to a standard medium-sized car. In terms of tail design, Nezha S adopts the popular through-type taillight design, which further widens the visual effect of the tail. The rear design of the Camry is relatively simple, with a black guard plate underneath, and the luxury version uses a single-sided exhaust port.

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