BYD’s new car: “Song L” exposed, will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show

On April 14, BYD Auto posted on its official Weibo that its subsidiary “” is about to usher in a new B-class pure electric SUV, the Song L. The new car is expected to debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show.

BYD's new car: "Song L" exposed, will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show

At present, BYD’s highest-selling model, the “Song PLUS” family, is divided into “Ocean Network” for sale; this move played a very good role in attracting traffic in the early days of “Ocean Network”.

However, as time comes to 2023, the original pure electric car series of “Ocean Network” has been able to stand alone in sales. For example, BYD Dolphin sold 27,600 vehicles in March this year.

In this context, it is reasonable for BYD to return Song L, the new model of the Song family, to the “Dynasty Network”.

After all, Song L is a B-class pure electric SUV. Compared with the current high-selling Song PLUS DM-i (plug-in hybrid), the market segment conflict between the two is relatively small; “Between, maintain the current relatively healthy sales structure.

Speaking of models, judging from the posters released so far, compared with the current Song PLUS EV, the design style of Song L is more rigid. For example, the ribs at the front cabin cover bring more muscularity to Song L.

In addition, in the publicity picture, Song L is equipped with electronic rearview mirrors on both sides of the front of the car, but there is a high probability that Song L will also provide traditional rearview mirrors so that consumers can choose independently.

In terms of size, Song L has not released relevant detailed data, but refer to the current model (2021 model)-its length, width and height data are 4705mm1890mm1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2765mm, which is a compact SUV.

Therefore, as a medium-sized SUV, Song L’s overall size will inevitably be further enlarged; especially in terms of wheelbase, it is likely to exceed 2800mm.

In terms of price, the editor personally predicts: If the price of Song L is placed between the price of Song PLUS EV (2021 model, guide price 186,800-203,800 yuan), and Tang EV (2022 model, guide price 282,800-342,800 yuan) Time, then the starting price of Song L – probably more than 200,000 yuan.

It is worth noting that earlier this year, a BYD 2023 product planning map was circulated on the Internet. Some of the forecast information has now become a reality. For example, the “Qin PLUS DM-i” sold starting at 99,800, and the upcoming Song L and Seagull.

If the content of this product plan can continue to be realized, then this year BYD will bring us more surprises, such as the new sedan “Qin L” mentioned in the picture above, and the new generation of DM-i plug-in hybrid technology.

But at the moment, the editor is more concerned about: Will Song L, which is about to be launched, become a new “price butcher”? If within the price range of 200,000 to 210,000 yuan, a model with a pure electric battery life of about 600km can be provided, relying on BYD’s current reputation-Song L will have great market potential.

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