BYD pickup exposed, expected to launch this year!

According to news on April 24, recently, some netizens exposed a group of camouflage pictures of BYD pickups. Judging from the large logo inlaid on the front face, it is indeed a BYD model.

The front face design of this model is somewhat similar to Ford’s F150, with tough lines, the big logo of China Open, and the LED lights on both sides are similar to Ford’s F150.

BYD pickups adopt the mainstream double-row seat layout and are equipped with side steps.

In terms of power, BYD’s electric pickup may provide two power versions: plug-in hybrid and pure electric. It is reported that BYD’s electric pickup is expected to be equipped with hydraulic active suspension system, streaming media rearview mirror, Huawei AR-HUD and other functions, and adopt a gear shift mechanism.

According to BYD’s previously disclosed “professional and personalized new brand” plan, the price range of the pickup truck model may be 400,000 to 600,000 yuan.

According to relevant channels, the car is expected to be officially launched this year!

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