The 7 most expensive pure electric cars at the Shanghai Auto Show, starting at one million and capped at ten million!

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, new energy vehicles have become the absolute protagonists, so do you know which are the most expensive pure electric vehicles on display?

With the advent of the electrification era, the difference between technologies is far less than that of the oil car era. What is visible to the naked eye is that domestic brands have directly raised the price of supercars to over one million. It seems that in this era, the extreme price of electric vehicles is far from Oil trucks are so crazy. However, there is still the existence of the giants beyond the sky.

Today, let’s take a look at the most expensive pure electric models at this auto show!

First place: Lotus Evija

Price: $3.17 million

As a pure electric sports car owned by Lotus, Evija directly set a price of $3.17 million, which is not intended to be sold at all!

For a once glorious sports car brand, the way to build a reputation is to create a “totem”, and Evija is such a car.

As a top sports car, Evija’s performance is also surprisingly powerful. It is equipped with a four-wheel drive system composed of four motors. The combined maximum output power is 2000 horsepower, the peak torque is as high as 1700N m, and the acceleration time from zero to 100 is only 2.7 seconds, 0-300Km The /h acceleration time is less than 9 seconds, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration of many models will exceed this score.

In order to take into account battery life and self-weight, Evija uses a 70-degree battery pack, and the WLTP mileage is 400KM.

The car is limited to 130 units worldwide.

Second place: Rolls-Royce Shining

Price: $833,000

As the first model of Rolls-Royce electrification, it still has a strong Rolls-Royce taste, but the front face has changed a lot, such as the use of split headlights, with a slender LED daylight on the top. Between the running lights, the lower high and low beam headlights are embedded on both sides of the front of the car; the rear adopts a fastback coupe design, and the LED light strips are arranged longitudinally inside, which is obviously younger. The car with the lowest drag coefficient at present.

The vehicle size is 5453/2080/1559mm, the wheelbase is 3210mm, the turning radius is 12.7m, the curb weight reaches 2975kg, the self-weight is close to 3 tons, the comprehensive output power reaches 430KW, the total torque reaches 900N m, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration time is 4.5 seconds , CTLC comprehensive cruising range 450KM.

The materials used in the Shining still maintain the top level, and the star roof can be selected.

In the era of electrification, even the top Rolls-Royce has to make changes!

Third place: Maserati GranTurismo EV

Price: $288,000

At the Shanghai Auto Show, Maserati’s first pure electric sports car, GranTurismo, was officially unveiled, and the price was announced: $288,000-$333,000.

The shape still continues the consistent design style of the fuel version of Maserati GranTurismo, and the front face does not adopt a closed design.

Equipped with three 300KW motors, the maximum output power exceeds 1200 horsepower, and can continuously transmit more than 750 horsepower to the wheels. It only takes 2.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers, and the top speed can reach 325 KM/h, and it supports 800V supercharging platform.

I don’t know if this is Maserati’s “oil to electricity”?

Fourth place: Maybach EQS SUV

Pre-sale price: None

In February, Mercedes-Benz released the EQS SUV, with an official price of $131,000-$159,000. At the Shanghai Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz brought a more luxurious Maybach EQS SUV, which officially debuted. However, the price was not announced, according to the pricing of Mercedes-Benz According to the strategy, the price of the Maybach EQS SUV is expected to start at around 2 million yuan.

The Maybach EQS SUV adopts a double-colored body. The front face adopts a very exaggerated straight waterfall grille design, with sharp headlights on both sides. It still has that familiar sense of luxury.

The Maybach EQS 680 model will be driven by front and rear dual motors, with a maximum power of 400KW, equipped with a 108.4KW·h battery pack, and a maximum cruising range of 459 kilometers.

Fifth place: BMW i7 M70L

Price: None

Some time ago, BMW released BMW’s latest pure electric flagship model – i7 in Europe and North America. At the Shanghai Auto Show, BMW brought the i7 M70L model, which is more powerful than the M60L model on sale. It is the most powerful pure electric vehicle in BMW’s history, and it is also a representative work of BMW’s digitalization.

The appearance of the body is not much different from that of the M60L. It is equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive system, with front and rear dual motors. The combined maximum output power is as high as 485KW, the peak torque is as high as 1100N m, and the acceleration time from zero to 100 is only 3.7 seconds, and the comprehensive cruising range exceeds 600KM.

The genes that run through BMW sports are also reflected in this car, which adopts BMW M exclusive chassis tuning to bring a better driving experience.

According to the starting price of i7 M60L of $212,000, the price of M70L is likely to be around $290,000 or even higher.

Sixth place: Hyper SSR

Pre-sale price: $186,000-$244,000

As a domestically produced super sports car, Hyper SSR has already opened pre-sales before. The price of $186,000-$244,000 is already a ceiling-level model among domestic models. However, for a performance-level sports car, this price is already Very cheap now.

Hyper SSR may be the most cost-effective electric supercar that young people can buy. It is equipped with a self-developed two-speed four-in-one electric drive system. The combined output power reaches 1225 horsepower and the total output torque is as high as 12000N m. The zero-hundred-acceleration time only takes 1.9 seconds, which is enough to kill all the supercars currently on the market.

In terms of styling, it also adopts the design style of a super sports car, with butterfly doors, 100% carbon fiber covering the whole body, a super large rear wing and so on.

I don’t know when this domestic super sports car will be officially delivered, or it’s just a “totem” for Hyper GT!

Seventh place: Looking up to U8

Pre-sale price: $159,000

As the current highest-priced model of domestic BYD, technically speaking, it is indeed worthy of the price of $159,000. Whether it is BYD’s Yisifang technology platform or its super-large body size, it will become the ceiling of domestic hardcore SUVs.

The body size is 5319/2050/1930mm, the wheelbase is 3050mm, and the overall shape stands out in one word: hard. Viewed from the side, it looks a bit like a new Land Rover Defender, but the front face is more domineering. The starry center grid and U-shaped headlights are exaggerated and full of technology.

In terms of interior workmanship and materials, there is no doubt that BYD has used almost all the best, such as the starry sky rhythm roof, Nappa leather covering a large area, five large screens in the car, etc. However, this interior The color scheme is too ostentatious. If there are other color options, I believe many people will not choose the current color scheme.

Equipped with the four-motor independent control technology of the BYD Yi Sifang platform, the maximum output power reaches 1,100 horsepower, the wheel end torque exceeds 17,000 N m, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration time reaches 3 seconds, and it supports functions such as in-situ U-turn and horizontal floating.

In the circle of friends, many bosses have paid for it.


Among these pure electric models, domestic brand models accounted for 2 models. In the past, building a million-level luxury car was not without strength, but it was unable to support the additional attributes behind the value. Now, electrification With the arrival of the new car, the consumption concept has undergone great changes. Perhaps it has little impact on top luxury cars like Rolls-Royce, but lowering the price has become a new existence in this market.

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