2023 Shanghai Auto Show six black technology inventory, all dry goods, all amazing

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, we were overwhelmed by the many new cars brought by major domestic and foreign car companies.

In addition to new cars, many black technologies were also unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, many of which have never been seen before and are worth seeing.

Today, we have counted the 6 black technologies of the Shanghai Auto Show for all friends, and see if they can surprise you?

One-button color-changing technology for BMW body

One sentence comment: The world’s first car paint scheme, the body can be changed to 32 colors

At this Shanghai Auto Show, BMW brought the concept car i Vision Dee. The most attractive feature of this concept car is that it is equipped with a one-button color-changing technology for the body, which can display up to 32 colors.

The main reason why the color of this concept car can be changed is that the entire body is covered by electronic paper film, and then the color adjustment is controlled by electric pulses to realize the change of body color, which is a kind of electrochromism. It looks like Novelty and fun.

Cloud Chariot-P intelligent hydraulic body control system

One-sentence comment: New energy exclusive intelligent vertical body control system, real-time output of the best control strategy

As the first brother of new energy, BYD also brought its latest black technology at this auto show: Cloud Chariot-P intelligent hydraulic body control system.

This set of control system is composed of cloud car intelligent detection architecture, cloud car intelligent computing center, cloud car intelligent control technology, and key components. With the help of precise perception technology and cloud car intelligent computing center’s rapid decision-making, it can output the best control strategy in real time , making Yangwang U8 the only model that can realize the simultaneous independent adjustment of height + stiffness + damping.

Coupled with the blessing of the four-motor drive technology of the Yisifang platform, it is worth looking forward to the performance of the U8, a million-level luxury off-road vehicle!

Medialess holographic smart cockpit

One-sentence comment: Get rid of the limitation of the screen, and the naked eye can see the 3D image in the air

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the built-in central control large screens of various new cars are large in size, high in definition, and full of sense of technology.

However, the medialess holographic smart cockpit released by some technology companies directly cancels the large screen, allowing users to see three-dimensional images in the air with naked eyes, and can touch and interact with them arbitrarily, directly upgrading from a sense of technology to a sense of science fiction.

And with the help of a new generation of display technology, images can be imaged, positioned, and manipulated in the air without any wearable devices, which is quite powerful.

Great Wall 6X6 super off-road platform

One-sentence comment: “3-axle 6-wheel drive” layout, creating super off-road capability

Under normal circumstances, most of the passenger cars we see have four wheels, but Great Wall has brought a “six-wheeled vehicle” this time, and this “six-wheeled vehicle” adopts the technology of Great Wall’s 6X6 super off-road platform.

As China’s first 6X6 super off-road platform, the products based on this platform adopt a “3-axis 6-wheel drive” layout, all six wheels are driving wheels, and are equipped with 5 electronically controlled differential locks, nitrogen shock absorbers and The 33-inch oversized off-road tires can bring all-scenario, all-terrain super off-road capabilities.

Chery C-DM electric hybrid system

One-sentence comment: The thermal efficiency is greater than 44.5%, and the comprehensive battery life may exceed 1400 kilometers

At this auto show, the old domestic brand car company released Chery’s C-DM electric hybrid system. This latest electric hybrid system is equipped with the fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI high-efficiency hybrid special engine, with deep Miller cycle, fourth-generation i -HEC intelligent combustion system and other technologies, the maximum thermal efficiency is greater than 44.5%, and it only takes 18 minutes to replenish energy to 80% at the fastest. At the same time, the comprehensive cruising range exceeds 1400 kilometers, which may become the biggest competition of BYD DM-i hybrid system opponent.

World Tree Intelligent Security System

One-sentence comment: expand to four safe spaces and realize the vision of “zero collision”

At the Shanghai Auto Show, while the Nordic luxury brand Volvo released the flagship electric SUV Volvo EX90, it also released the World Tree intelligent safety system.

Compared with the traditional safety system, the World Tree intelligent safety system has expanded from active and passive safety to four different dimensions of safety: people-oriented, outside the car, body and inside the car.

With the support of World Tree’s intelligent safety system, Volvo’s interior space is equipped with a binocular camera DUS driver perception system that can correct bad driving habits of drivers; the exterior of the car is equipped with a Luminar laser with the industry’s longest detection distance of 600 meters Radar; the body adopts a new generation of cage-type safety body; the human-oriented safety space is the pursuit of green environmental protection.

It can be said that the World Tree intelligent safety system will help Volvo realize its vision of “zero collision”.


These six black technologies at the Shanghai Auto Show involve many aspects such as appearance, intelligent interconnection, and safety.

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