A true warrior, dare to look up to the stars! Two hard-core off-road vehicles will appear at the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show

As the largest A-class auto show in 2023, the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show can be described as a gathering of heroes, and major brands are making efforts on the high-end hard-core off-road track. Among them, the first luxury hard-core off-road SUV U8, which is looked up to by BYD’s new high-end brand, and the luxury high-definition M800 interstellar chariot released by Lawrence and Mengshi Technology, its stunning performance attracted the attention of the audience!

In terms of appearance, looking up at the U8’s front face design is very eye-catching. The front grille design of the “Gate of Time and Space” uses a large number of lamp beads. The body length exceeds 5.3 meters, the body is large and square, and the lines are smooth. Looking up at the U8, it breaks through the traditional style of hard-core off-roading with fuel, and its appearance is full of sense of technology and future. The Lawrence M800 interstellar warship is based on heavy military armored vehicles and incorporates the sci-fi aesthetics of “interstellar warships”. The contours of the front face, the sideways lines and the shape of the rear of the car are all very sharp, giving people a sense of sharpness and hidden momentum, showing the demeanor of conquering the vast world. The bodies of both cars are very wide, giving people a strong and full feeling.

In terms of interior, the design concept of the “Star Ring Cockpit” looking up at the U8 is very unique. It creates a good sense of technology through five large screens. The stereo and the panoramic sunroof embedded with suspended starry sky texture are very highly personalized. The Lawrence M800 star chariot adopts the “simplicity and heart” style, creating a space-like cockpit atmosphere, and is also equipped with 5 large screens, Dynaudio Confidence audio system and electrically adjustable Nappa leather seat. The deep carbon fiber three-dimensional texture, the contrasting color design of Haoyue White and Interstellar Gray, and the exclusive lines of volcanic lava color create a strong interstellar atmosphere.

In terms of performance, Yangwang U8 is equipped with the Cloud Carriage-P intelligent hydraulic body control system and 17+1 driving modes, which support ice and snow setting circles, desert slopes, continuous driving with flat tires, U-turns on the spot, lateral movement and floating water modes. It can realize practical scene functions such as four-wheel linkage, one-key leveling, ultra-high lift, and height self-adaptation. The maximum wading depth is 1000mm, which effectively improves vehicle passability. Equipped with the plug-in hybrid system built by Yi Sifang, not only can the CLTC achieve a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1,000km, but its power is also unquestionable, with a maximum horsepower of more than 1,100 horsepower.

The Lawrence M800 interstellar chariot adopts the M TECH warrior intelligent off-road architecture, which has five off-road driving modes: snow, mud, sand, rock, and wading, and can intelligently select the most ideal off-road mode according to different off-road conditions . At the same time, it is also equipped with crab driving mode, which can drive horizontally on special road sections; the minimum turning radius of the whole vehicle is only 5.1m, which can realize quick U-turn on narrow road surfaces; CDC magic carpet function, it can also walk on rough terrain as if walking on flat ground. The combination of 1.5T range extender and three motors has a comprehensive output of more than 800 horsepower and a comprehensive cruising range of more than 800 kilometers. With a wheel torque exceeding 1000 Nm, the zero-to-hundred acceleration is only 4.2 seconds, and the performance is also very good.

On the whole, Yangwang U8 and Lawrence M800 star chariot are both excellent new energy hardcore off-road vehicles. They have different characteristics in terms of appearance, interior and performance, and can meet the needs of different consumers.

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