BYD Cloud System: A milestone in leading the advancement of electric vehicle technology

Recently, the Acquired blog disclosed the last interview with the late Warren Buffett’s long-term partner and famous investor Mr. Charlie Munger. As a loyal fan of BYD, Mr. Munger highly praised BYD’s Yunnan system in the interview and praised its advancement in the field of electric vehicles.

The Yunnan system is BYD’s original body control system, which has enabled BYD electric vehicles to achieve impressive breakthroughs in vehicle performance. Among them, Mr. Munger specifically mentioned the technical feat of BYD’s electric car that can turn 90 degrees and travel a hundred miles on only three wheels. This innovative performance is achieved thanks to the excellent design and functionality of the cloud system.

However, we deeply regret that Mr. Charlie Munger has passed away, leaving behind his deep praise for BYD and its Yunnan system. Not only is he an outstanding investor, he is also a passionate follower of technological advancement. Today, we pay tribute to Mr. Charlie Munger. His wisdom and contributions will always be remembered.

BYD’s Yunnan system leads the forefront of electric vehicle technology with its unique features. This system integrates advanced body control technology to provide the vehicle with excellent handling and stability. Key features of the Yunnan system include but are not limited to:

BYD Cloud System: A milestone in leading the advancement of electric vehicle technology
BYD Cloud System

First, safety first: BYD Yunnan intelligent body control system’s full-process verification capabilities

In the automotive industry, safety has always been one of the most important considerations. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicles, BYD focused on safety during the development process of the Yunnian intelligent body control system and adopted a series of strict verification measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

First of all, BYD has conducted strict safety verification on the components of the Yunnan system. For components such as sensors, intelligent computing centers, shock absorbers, air springs, regulating valves, and pumps, BYD has formulated more than 40 technical standards and independently built more than 60 component benches. Through a total of more than 3,000 component tests, the safety and reliability of each component of the Yunnan system is ensured during operation.

Secondly, BYD pays attention to the security of Yunnan system software. They have established more than 10 technical standards and more than 20,000 test cases, and independently built more than 10 sets of hardware-in-the-loop testing (HIL) benches. Through more than 20 rounds of iterative verification, including software unit testing, software integration testing and software qualification testing, BYD has conducted a total of 400,000 testing events to ensure the safety and reliability of the Yunnan system software at work. In fact, Yunnian system software development process and products have been awarded ASPICE CL2 level and functional safety ASIL D certification by the international authoritative organization SGS, which fully proves the safety and reliability of Yunnian system software.

BYD also pays attention to the security of the entire system. They have formulated 8 system technical standards and independently built more than 60 system benches. By completing more than 2,000 system integration tests, including various extremely demanding durability tests, such as 24-channel simulation durability, high and low temperature four-column durability, 1/4 suspension performance and durability, lifting performance and durability, and mechanical hardware-in-the-loop verification MHIL, mud and water durability, NVH, EMC, high-temperature fire, high-altitude drops, etc., BYD ensures the safety and reliability of the entire system at work.

Finally, BYD conducted vehicle safety verification of the Yunnian intelligent body control system. This verification lasted for more than 30 months, spanning 6 temperature zones across the country, covering temperature environments from -40°C to 85°C, and an altitude of 6,000 meters. After completing more than 10 million kilometers of verification, the Yunnan system has demonstrated its safety and reliability in extremely harsh environments such as high temperature, high cold, high humidity, and high corrosion.

Through BYD’s full-process verification capabilities, the Yunnian intelligent body control system has undergone strict safety verification at the component level, software level, system level and vehicle level. These measures ensure the safety and reliability of the Yunnian system in various extreme environments and conditions, providing car owners with a higher level of safety protection.

BYD prioritizes safety and ensures the safety and reliability of the Yunnian intelligent body control system through independent research and development and verification technology. This safety-first concept not only reflects BYD’s commitment to product quality and user safety, but also promotes the entire automotive industry’s focus on and improvement of safety performance. With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, we can expect that the safety performance of the automotive field will continue to improve in the future, providing users with a more secure and reliable travel experience.

BYD Cloud System: A milestone in leading the advancement of electric vehicle technology
BYD Cloud System

Second, comprehensive intelligence: an intelligent exploration architecture based on the five dimensions of people, vehicles, roads, clouds and systems.

The comprehensively intelligent Yunnan system provides strong support for the electrification and intelligent development of new energy vehicles. Through key components such as Yunnan Intelligent Exploration Architecture, Yunnan Intelligent Computing Center and Yunnan Intelligent Control Technology, a complete system is built Perception, decision-making and execution system architecture.

The intelligent exploration architecture of the Yunnan system is based on the five dimensions of people, vehicles, roads, clouds and systems. A comprehensive range of perception is achieved through more than 50 sensors, including driving behavior perception, body perception, road surface perception, cloud data perception and system perception, etc. This enables the vehicle to understand changes in the surrounding environment in real time, providing drivers and passengers with a smart and comfortable experience.

Yunnan Intelligent Computing Center is the “central nervous system” of the entire system, with high-performance processing capabilities and multiple communication and signal interface support. Its computing performance, functional safety, IP protection, EMC performance and reliability are at the leading level in the industry. The software architecture adopts hierarchical decoupling of the bottom layer, middle layer, operating system and application layer to achieve modular development and has strong stability, security, compatibility, scalability, portability and upgradeability.

Relying on BYD’s in-depth intelligent fusion technology, the Yunnan Intelligent Computing Center can obtain signal data from the vehicle perception layer, perform high-speed calculations through the cloud algorithm, and output the best control strategy in real time. It can accurately calculate road surface conditions, body posture, wheel loads and other information to provide drivers with an excellent driving experience.

The Yunnan system also includes three types of intelligent control technologies, namely body control technology, collaborative control technology and interactive control technology. Body control technology covers height, stiffness, damping and active force control technology to meet the diverse needs of different models and users. Collaborative control technology makes BYD the first automobile manufacturer to master three-way and six-degree-of-freedom fusion control technology for the entire vehicle, achieving deep fusion control and intelligent driving collaboration in the horizontal, vertical and vertical directions. The interactive control technology is based on BYD OS independently developed by BYD, which realizes hierarchical decoupling of software and hardware and covers features such as multi-application modes, innovative functions, multi-terminal intelligent interaction and OTA flexible upgrades.

The comprehensively intelligent Yunnan system will bring huge impetus to the development of new energy vehicles. By sensing the environment, intelligent decision-making and precise control, the Yunzhuan system can provide a safer and more intelligent driving experience and create a new way of travel for users. BYD has set an example for the industry with its leading technology and innovation capabilities, and will continue to promote the development of intelligent automobiles and create a smarter and more sustainable travel future.

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