How to charge Tesla Tesla? Tesla Charging Tutorial

Today, let’s talk about how to charge a Tesla, the representative of new energy vehicles. Each Tesla model comes with a home charging station, which can be installed for charging at home. The maximum range of each hour of charging is about 80 kilometers, and it takes about 68-80 kilowatt-hours to fully charge (85kW model).

tesla charge

Taking the Model S as an example, to open the charging port:

  1. Park the Model S in a position where the charging cable can easily reach the charging port. The charging port is located on the driver’s side of the Model S, behind a cover plate on the rear tail light assembly.
  2. When the Model S is in an unlocked state or there is a recognizable key nearby, press and release the button on the Tesla charging cable. If the cable being used does not have this button, click Controls > Charging Port. You can also click the battery icon at the top of the touchscreen and then click Open Charge Port on the charging screen.
  3. To charge at a public charging station, an adapter needs to be connected to the charging connector of the station, and the adapter commonly used in public areas will be provided with the Model S. You may need to use the control device on the charging equipment to start and stop charging, depending on the charging equipment used.

Insert the charging head:

Tesla charging cable
  1. Align the connector with the charging port and fully insert it. When the connector is inserted correctly, the Model S automatically starts charging when the following conditions are met:
  • The latch that secures the connector in place is closed.
  • The car is in park.
  • The battery is heated or cooled if necessary. If the battery needs to be heated or cooled, you may notice a delay before charging begins.

Stop charging:
You can disconnect the charging cable at any time or touch Stop Charging on the touchscreen to stop charging.

Tesla charging cable
  1. Press and hold the button on the Tesla connector to release the latch.
  2. Pull the connector out of the charging port.
  3. Close the charging port cover.

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