The 11 most beloved cars of Chinese people in 2023, you can never imagine ranking first

Looking back at the Chinese car market in 2023, traditional fuel vehicles saw significant price reductions, while new energy vehicles continued to boom. The intensity of market competition can be described as the highest in history. From the final results, the cumulative sales of domestic passenger cars in 2023 were 21.703 million units, an increase of 5.6% compared to 2022, and the number of available models also reached 1457. So in such an “involution” year of 2023, who are the 11 favorite cars of Chinese consumers?

No.11 Hongguang MINIEV -237800 vehicles

In 2023, the 11th most beloved car model among Chinese people is the Hongguang MINIEV, which sold a total of 237800 units last year. However, compared to the record of 404800 vehicles in 2022, the sales of Hongguang MINIEV decreased by 70% last year. As for the reason for the decline in sales of the Hongguang MINIEV, the main reason is that there are more and more options for pure electric cars, and a more practical four door car can be purchased for just 20000 to 30000 yuan. In this case, the space and battery life shortcomings of the Hongguang MINIEV are exposed.

No.10 BYD Seagull -239200 vehicles

In 2023, the 10th most beloved car model among Chinese people is the familiar BYD Seagull. As a pure electric A0 class small car that was only launched in April 2023, Haiou achieved a sales achievement of 239200 units in just 9 months. The success of Seagull is not surprising. Firstly, in terms of model positioning, its price range of 73800 to 89800 yuan is very affordable. Although the length of the car is only 3.78 meters, it is not a problem to ride four adults. In terms of battery life, the pure electric range of 305-405km can basically meet a week’s commuting needs, and coupled with the strong influence of the BYD brand, it has almost become the first choice for many users to purchase pure electric commuting vehicles.

No.9 Changan CS75PLUS -245400 vehicles

Although the sales of new energy vehicles increased significantly last year, further eroding the market for fuel vehicles, the strong product strength of fuel vehicles has not been greatly affected. For example, the classic Chinese compact SUV model, the Changan CS75PLUS, sold a total of 245400 units last year, ranking 9th. Compared to 2022, the sales of CS75PLUS have even increased by 7% against the trend. What’s even more interesting is that CS75PLUS is still the best-selling pure fuel model among domestic brands in 2023. Its hot sales also prove that there are still a large number of users in China who need fuel powered cars that are affordable, stable in performance, and durable.

No.8 Volkswagen Sagitar -285000 vehicles

As is well known, gasoline powered cars saw a significant price reduction last year, with sedans like Volkswagen Sagitar offering discounts of over 30000 to 40000 yuan. In addition, the Sagitar itself has excellent fuel consumption, power, space, texture, and reputation, so in 2023, the Volkswagen Sagitar sold 285000 units, ranking 8th in new car sales. Compared to 2022, the sales of Sagitar have increased by 25%, and the strategy of exchanging price for quantity by joint venture brands has indeed achieved results.

No.7 BYD Dolphin -299700 vehicles

In 2023, BYD Dolphin sold 299700 new cars, a crazy increase of 46% compared to 2022, and became the 7th best-selling car in the year. Compared to the previous seagulls, although the price of the dolphin starts at 116800 yuan, its 4.1 meter size and a range of over 400km across the entire range still make it more practical than seagulls. Combined with its impressive exterior design and BYD’s brand influence, Dolphin does not have many competitors in the market.

No.6 BYD yuan PLUS -309800 vehicles

When it comes to BYD’s best-selling electric vehicle, people may think it’s the Han EV, but in reality, BYD’s best-selling electric vehicle in 2023 was the Yuan PLUS, with an annual sales volume of 309800 units, ranking 6th. Not only that, Yuan PLUS was also the best-selling electric vehicle among domestic brands last year. At present, there are not many options for pure electric SUVs in the price range of 100000 to 150000 yuan. The Yuan PLUS is not only a relatively rare and legitimate electric vehicle in this price range, but also performs well in terms of appearance, space, range, and charging. Therefore, buying a Yuan PLUS is basically an error free choice. Moreover, last year’s yuan PLUS had a discount of 10000 yuan, making the overall cost-effectiveness very high.

No.5 Volkswagen Lavida -345800 vehicles

In 2023, the former best-selling Volkswagen Lavida sold a total of 345800 new cars, ranking fifth on the list and still one of the favorite models among Chinese consumers. Compared to 2022, the sales of the Lavida have only declined by 1%. The reason for this is not only due to the good discount offered by the original Lavida model, but also closely related to SAIC Volkswagen’s launch of a new and cutting-edge Lavida model. Interestingly, compared to the Lavida, which has a pure Chinese exclusive identity, the Lavida’s new model is actually Volkswagen’s Virtus sold in Southeast Asia and Latin America, with some foreign ancestry. In terms of price, the starting price of the new Lavida is only 939900 yuan, and the entire series adopts the MQB A0 platform. The power is 1.5L naturally aspirated, paired with 5MT or 6AT, which are quite mature and reliable technologies.

Compared to the similarly low-priced Santana, the Lavida Xinrui has a more advanced MQB platform, larger size, and updated interior; In terms of price, it is much cheaper than the regular version of the Lavida starting at 120900 yuan, and with a terminal discount of about 30000 yuan, the actual landing price is only over 70000 yuan, which is still very attractive to traditional users.

No.4 Nissan Sylphy -376100 vehicles

In 2023, the most beloved joint venture sedan among Chinese consumers is still the Nissan Sylphy. Just like how the Sylphy lost its title of sales king in 2022, the annual sales of the Sylphy in 2023 were 376100 units, although it still ranked fourth, it decreased by 10% compared to 2022. Although the e-power version to some extent fills the gap in the single powertrain system of the Sylphy series, the gap in the plug-in hybrid field still makes it difficult for the Sylphy to compete with domestic plug-in hybrid sedans. Perhaps for Nissan, expanding the range extender plug-in hybrid version on the basis of the Sylphy e-power is the key to returning to its peak.

No.3 BYD Song PLUS -390200 vehicles

In 2023, BYD’s flagship SUV, the Song PLUS, achieved sales of 390200 units, ranking third for the year. Although the Song PLUS has emerged as a hypothetical rival in 2023, and products with core selling points such as the Deep Blue S7, Galaxy L7, and Haval Xiaolong MAX have emerged, BYD’s ace position has not been shaken. The Song PLUS is still the absolute king of new energy SUVs priced at 150000 yuan. However, the cost-effectiveness of the Song PLUS may not be as high in 2024. Faced with market pressure, BYD has also started to reduce prices and offer discounts. After the year, everyone can wait and see to buy it.

No.2 BYD Qin PLUS -434200 vehicles

In 2023, BYD’s flagship sedan, the Qin PLUS, ranked second among the most popular car models among Chinese consumers, with annual sales of 434200 units, a year-on-year increase of 40.8%. The hot sales of Qin PLUS are not surprising, as in February last year, BYD launched the Qin PLUS Champion Edition for 99800 yuan, marking the first shot in the price war for plug-in hybrid cars. In November of last year, the Qin PLUS Champion Edition was discounted by 10000 yuan across the entire series, so the entry-level version only costs 89800 yuan. Combining BYD’s brand appeal, Qin PLUS’s high warranty quantity, ultra-low fuel consumption, and exemption from purchase tax and other advantages, it is difficult for Qin PLUS to become popular!

No.1 Tesla Model -456300 vehicles

Finally, the most popular model among Chinese consumers in 2023 is the Tesla Model Y! Last year, this mid size pure electric SUV achieved sales of 456300 units in China, an increase of 44.7% compared to 2022, surpassing the BYD Qin PLUS to win the championship. Moreover, in terms of price, the starting price of Model Y exceeds 250000 yuan, far higher than the Qin PLUS DM-i starting at 99800 yuan, and it can still win the sales championship, which is very worth exploring. Although from today’s perspective, the intelligence, assisted driving, and charging speed of Model Y may not be at the top level, its power consumption and range will still be competitive in 2024. Moreover, Tesla’s brand is strong enough, and the popularity of charging stations is high, so sales are naturally guaranteed. However, we still do not recommend blindly purchasing the Model Y in 2024, because compared to models such as the Xiaopeng G6 and Zhiji LS6 priced at over 200000 yuan, the Model Y is still lagging behind, and there are rumors that a major facelift of the Model Y will be released this year. Friends who are not in a hurry should wait a little longer!


In 2022, the BYD Song PLUS DM-i brought down the Nissan Sylphy with its comprehensive product strength and excellent cost-effectiveness, which also led to the explosive growth of plug-in hybrid vehicles in China in 2023. In 2023, Tesla Model Y defeated BYD’s “PLUS duo” with its pure electric identity and became the best-selling model in the Chinese market, driving the birth of high cost-effective pure electric SUVs such as Xiaopeng G6 and Zhiji LS6. In 2024, the competition between plug-in hybrid, pure electric, and fuel will continue. Who will take away this year’s sales champion? We’ll see the end in a year!

BYD “opens the table”, 219900 drops to 138800!

Although domestic cars have been gradually introduced into the market and have a place in the market, there are many people who list domestic cars with cheap and low-end labels, including consumers’ perception of BYD, all of them are low-end cars. However, with the continuous development of the brand and the deepening cultivation and reform of technology, several medium-sized cars launched by it have also been unanimously praised by consumers in the market, So is this BYD-Song PLUS.

First of all, this car can be praised by consumers, partly because it is positioned as a mid-range car and has a certain price advantage over imported models. At present, the model with the highest configuration in the market only needs 219900 yuan, and the price of low configuration is about 150000 yuan. In terms of price, it is really more cost effective than imported models. We all know that domestic vehicles generally do not have too much preferential price, After all, the price of domestic cars is not high, generally around 150000 yuan. However, Song PLUS still gives consumers 16000 yuan in some big cities. For domestic cars, the preferential price has been very large, so the price of 138800 yuan can start the version.

Song PLUS has 18 models available for consumers, including pure electric and plug-in hybrid models, which can completely meet the needs of various consumers. The pure electric model has a long endurance mileage of 605km and supports fast charging of 27-28 minutes. There is no need to worry about endurance when travelling. The oil-electric hybrid model is a dual motor with electric four-wheel drive. The maximum power of the motor is 360Ps, and the 1.5T engine is equipped with 139 horsepower, The maximum endurance mileage can reach 1200km, which is very high. If you use electricity in the urban area, there is basically no cost. Even if you go out to play with it, the fuel consumption performance is also very advantageous. The main driver of the mixer is to save money. Compared with the same price, the power consumption and fuel consumption are also very low, which will not have a great impact on the quality of life.

Many consumers also buy it because of its appearance. It is a model with a sports style. The design and modeling of the appearance are also very mechanical, and make you feel simple and generous but not lose the sense of fashion. The most important design is the headlamp of the head. The width and size are basically the same, slightly raised and sharp. It exudes a unique sense and is recognizable, which will make people remember deeply, The sense of body line obviously shows that the whole car is relatively stable and the waist line is also relatively rigid. The through-type tail lamp also increases the luxury of the car. The overall body contour is relatively full. It can not create a sense of freshness or a sense of fashion and high technology. However, its classic and durable shape will definitely make you feel safe. The classic is the royal path forever.

Compared with some SUVs of the same model, it is obviously bigger than others. Although it is a compact SUV, it is spacious in the same class. The body size is 4785mm, the wheelbase is 2765mm, the layout of the car is very reasonable, and the space for passengers is still sufficient. The seat of the driver is adjusted to a comfortable position, the vision is good, and there is no blind area. There is a certain distance between the leg space and the head space, The rear row is more spacious. There is no problem for three adults. The leg space of the rear row is about two fist. There is no sense of congestion and depression in the car. The boot space is also very large. It is enough for daily household use. There is no problem to fit two or three suitcases.

When driving, pay attention to all kinds of obstacles around, because the workmanship of its car paint is thin, and it is easy to cause the car body to be damaged due to some small bumps. Therefore, the novice should pay more attention to the obstacles beside the driving, and protect his car. Of course, it is not a big problem for some old drivers. Do you have a feeling of heart for BYD Song PLUS? Your comments and opinions are welcome in the comments area.

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin: challenging the cold winter of minus 18 degrees to minus 25 degrees.

Today, I drove the Song plus EV from home to the company for a total of about 15 kilometers. After going home for lunch at noon, I went back to the company for about 18 kilometers. I went to my wife’s work in the evening, then went shopping at Yuanda, and finally returned home. It is about 18 kilometers. The total driving distance for the whole day is about 50 kilometers.

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

When I went out in the morning, the battery showed 314 kilometers left (I forgot to charge it last night). When I got home in the evening, the battery showed 140 kilometers left. I turned on the seat heating function, and within five minutes, the temperature inside the car reached 26 degrees.

314-141=173 kilometers

Actual distance traveled 50 kilometers

50÷173=28% (today’s driving rate)

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

After being fully charged this time, it traveled a total of 147.8 kilometers, taking into account the fact that the temperature was not very low in the previous two days and today’s data.

520-141=379 (displayed mileage)

Actual distance traveled 147.8 kilometers

147.8÷379=38.9% (comprehensive driving rate)

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

After actual testing, the driving rate is a bit low! I will fully charge it tonight and reset the odometer tomorrow to test again.

Without a charging station at home, this cold night would be uncomfortable, but luckily I have a parking space.

This is not to show off, but to be honest, I did not expect that in such cold weather, if I drive 80 kilometers a day, I will have to charge it when I get home at night.

80÷28%=285.71 kilometers

520-285.71=234.29 kilometers (mileage displayed)

From charging every five days in summer, to charging every three days in autumn, to this cold winter, it seems like we really have to charge every day. It’s really exciting. The electricity bill per kilometer has changed from 4 cents to 6.4 cents. At present, less than 1% of people consume more electricity per 100 kilometers than me. They may be in Jiamusi, Hegang, Yichun and There are activities in the Daxinganling area, hahahaha.

The actual vehicle test of Song plus EV in Harbin

Therefore, the comprehensive driving rate of Song plus EV is not very high. Of course, this is the result of the test conducted in Harbin. If other friends have test results, please share them in the comment area to provide more reference for riders.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

BYD’s latest SUV model, the Song L, is now on sale on

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Song L’s initial pre-sale price started at 220,000, but competitors’ prices were too competitive. Zhiji and Xiaopeng directly lowered the price to less than 200,000. In addition, netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the price of 220,000 yuan, and their initial eagerness to look forward to it turned into a wait-and-see.

Under the dual pressure from netizens and car manufacturers, Song L had to lower its price to 189,800, which made its price-performance ratio skyrocket!

Picture 1-2

In addition, as the e-platform 3.0 model of, Song L is of great significance. Because currently has launched relatively few models on e-platform 3.0. In addition to the Song L, another known e-platform 3.0 model is the entry-level pure electric SUV Yuan UP just declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. is the main sales channel for e-platform 3.0. The popular models Dolphin, Leek Leopard and Leek Leopard PLUS all belong to the 3.0 platform. However, the sales performance of the Leek Leopard is not consistent with the status of the e-platform within BYD. Since the sales of are not good, why not share the platform and let sales become a weapon for to promote E Platform 3.0?

Everyone is already very familiar with the advantages of e-platform 3.0, such as the double-wishbone front suspension, CTB battery architecture, body battery integration technology, and Yunnan C intelligent damping body control system for high-end models. These were all introduced before Unable to enjoy the latest achievements.

It is impossible to say that is not envious of this.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Song L is a charming coupe SUV with beautiful side proportions, and the relative ratio of wheels to body is close to 1:2.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Compared with Song L, we would also like to mention Denza N7.

Denza N7 is the first model in BYD’s coupe strategy, and it is also the second best-selling model that Denza hopes to launch (in addition to Denza D9). However, actual sales fell short of BYD’s internal expectations.

I personally think that Denza N7 has some problems with the relative proportions of its wheels and body. As a luxury SUV, there should be a large enough visual effect between the wheels and the body to show the overall domineering feel. Whether it’s Porsche, BMW or Ji Krypton 001, they all focus on this proportion. However, the wheels of Denza N7 appear a bit small, especially the relative distance from the rear wheels to the roof is almost the same as the height of the three wheels. Such a height cannot fully demonstrate the advantages of a hunting SUV. Consumers will not feel that it looks like an SUV or a sports car. This is also a factor in its failure to achieve much success in the market. Although this is not a particularly core reason, I think it is also quite important.

Because of this, one of the important advantages of Jikrypton 001’s good sales is that its side curves are designed just right.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

In addition, Song L can also bring a sense of freshness to people in actual use. Whether it is the use of the front trunk, frameless doors or hatchback rear, it can give users an experience very similar to Model Y, and the appearance of Song L is indeed more beautiful than Model Y.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

As an SUV, the Song L is more radical in its height setting. The vehicle height is only 1560mm, which is about 10 centimeters lower than coupe SUVs such as the Xpeng G6 and Zhiji LS6, and is almost the same as the Jikrypton 001. Therefore, the overall appearance of Song L is more sports sedan style, especially equipped with an electric rear wing. Compared with Zhiji, whose selling point is the top speed 305, Song L’s appearance looks more sporty.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks? The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

If Song L can further promote the dual-motor four-wheel drive version, because Tesla has made a 3-second class vehicle into a mass performance car within 300,000 yuan. As a pioneer in launching performance machines such as the 542 and DM models in the early years, BYD is in More efforts should be made in this regard.

In addition, some people may think that BYD does not adopt an 800V architecture. Although there are not many charging piles that support 800V, in fact, when I experienced the Equation Leopard 5, the Leopard 5 only used a smaller battery to achieve a charging voltage of 650V. Therefore, BYD may not be as visible in the high-voltage platform, but it has still achieved some results.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Regarding sales forecast, the sales volume of pure electric models is expected to be relatively stable at around 5,000 units. If it is more radical, it can reach 10,000 units, and with the addition of the DM-i version, monthly sales are expected to reach 20,000 units. This is a relatively conservative prediction, but taking small steps quickly is always a safer strategy.

Now let’s analyze Song L’s success in detail, divided into three aspects: positioning, marketing strategy and competitors.

1. Positioning of Song L

The BYD brand currently has four pure electric SUV models on sale, namely Yuan plus, Song plus EV, Tang EV and Yuan Pro.

Yuan Plus is the sales champion, with monthly sales basically stable at around 30,000 units after its launch, making it the most competitive pure electric SUV in the range of 130,000-160,000 units. Song plusEV is an important model in the range of 160,000-200,000 units, with monthly sales stable at around 10,000 units, and is very cost-effective. The sales performance of these two cars is very good.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

Originally, Tang EV should cover the market of more than 200,000 yuan, but the current sales volume of Tang EV is not good, and the starting price is 239,800 yuan, which leads to a price gap between 200,000 and 230,000 yuan, and Song L fills this gap. Vacancy, positioned between Song plusEV and Tang EV.

2. Song L’s marketing strategy

When BYD Song L’s pre-sale price was announced, the starting price of 220,000 was considered high, and everyone generally expected the official price to be below 200,000. However, the official price dropped directly to 189,800 yuan. The price reduction exceeded expectations and the price/performance ratio instantly improved. Obviously, BYD hopes to make the Song L a best-selling model and stabilize its position in the pure electric SUV market of around 200,000 yuan, which is also the most fiercely competitive segment of the current market.

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

BYD has shown clear advantages in the low-end and mid-range pure electric vehicle market this year, with outstanding sales of Seagull, Dolphin and Yuan Plus. However, in the market of around 200,000 yuan, Seal and Denza N7 did not perform well due to fierce competition. Song L bears the important task of stabilizing its market position of 200,000 yuan. The starting price of 189,800 yuan shows that BYD is indeed very sincere in pricing this time.

3. Song L’s competitors

The pure electric SUV market with a price tag of around 200,000 yuan is currently one of the most competitive markets, and many brands have entered the market. Song L’s pricing is in place in one step and is very stable and ruthless. It will bring huge pressure to competitors, such as Model Y, Xpeng G6, Zhiji LS6, etc. Even Song plusEV will face competitive pressure, and BYD will not show mercy even with its own products. .

The Song L model is priced at 189,800. Is this cutting leeks?

At present, the momentum of Zhiji LS6 is very strong, Xpeng G6 has shown its decline, and Model Y is still competitive. Although the product strength is insufficient, many Chinese consumers have a unique recognition of the Tesla brand, and even I would rather spend tens of thousands more to buy it. This is truly incredible.

BYD’s new B-class SUV is officially named Song L, debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show

On April 14, the new B-class SUV of BYD Dynasty series was officially named Song L. The new car is positioned as a medium-sized pure electric vehicle and will debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show.

The appearance of the new car is based on the design language of “Pioneering Longyan Aesthetics”. The “Dragon Claw” headlights and the penetrating daytime running lights enhance the recognition and make the front face look more aggressive.

BYD Song L
BYD Song L

The rear spoiler of the new car has a unique design, and the through-type taillights echo the front face. It can be seen from the preview picture that the position of the exterior rearview mirror of the new car is equipped with an electronic rearview mirror.

The new car will be officially unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, and more product information will be revealed at that time, and we will continue to bring you reports.