Achieving the same price for oil and electricity, BYD’s T5 series light trucks are surprisingly launched!

On January 10, 2024, the 2024 BYD Dealer Conference with the theme of “Dragon Takes the World, Dominates the Market, and Creates a New Realm of Light Trucks” was successfully held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. At the meeting, the new BYD T5 series light trucks were launched and released at the same time. Under the guidance of the dual-carbon strategy, new energy vehicles have come to the forefront of explosive development. As the global leader in new energy vehicles, BYD stands at a new starting point in 2024. What new surprises will it bring to the industry?

Part 1: The businessmen come from the same source and have great strength.

Some people say that new energy is a new track, and new and old companies in this field have the same starting point. However, opportunities always come to those who are prepared. Companies that can stand out in the century-old transformation of the automobile industry must be very powerful. Relying on the group’s leading technological advantages and rich experience in the new energy market, BYD Commercial Vehicles has begun research and development of new energy commercial vehicles since 2008. Now, BYD Commercial Vehicles’ Huai’an Truck Smart Factory has a planned annual production capacity of 100,000 units, with each main line The automation rate has reached 100%; it adopts flexible production main lines, taking into account all models of heavy, light and micro vehicles to meet the needs of various market segments.

Driven by the dual-carbon strategy and high oil prices, the penetration rate of new energy trucks has gradually increased. Wang Jie, vice president of BYD Group and general manager of the Commercial Vehicle Sales Division, said at the meeting: “We are ushering in a once-in-a-century electrification of trucks. opportunity, be the first to take advantage of the huge scale of passenger cars, and vigorously promote the cost reduction and technology upgrade of truck products.”

The solid production and research foundation is a strong backing for BYD commercial vehicles to gain a foothold in the new energy market, and also gives strong confidence support to dealers who are fighting on the front line. Nowadays, one of the hot markets for new energy trucks is undoubtedly the field of urban distribution transportation. BYD Commercial Vehicles firmly adheres to the forward goal of “the same price for oil and electricity, subverting fuel”. It aims at the electrification of light trucks and builds a good user base with more cost-effective and diverse products. reputation and brand power; further expand the distribution network layout, and work with more partners to jointly promote a new leap forward in the electric light truck business. To give back to the majority of end users, the T5 series light trucks are a new answer submitted by BYD Commercial Vehicles.

Part 2: More fast, more economical, the optimal solution for urban distribution transportation.

Based on the current new energy light truck market, although it is developing rapidly, there are still pain points such as high acquisition costs, weak battery life, and slow return on investment. The T5DM hybrid light truck launched by BYD this time is based on the concerns of truck owners and is integrated into product research and development with the concept of “more, faster, more economical” to solve the pain points of urban distribution and create a new benchmark in the industry.

In terms of “many”: BYD’s T5DM hybrid light truck is matched with the DM 1.5T hybrid system, with a comprehensive operating fuel consumption of only 9.2L/100km. It can provide a maximum range of more than 1,000km on full charge and full fuel. The same fuel consumption is better than similar products. farther; and adopts a new lightweight design, which is 300-400kg lighter than similar products, helping Dora riders earn more; at the same time, the vehicle can provide a variety of top options such as cargo compartments, side panels, refrigeration, and warehouse racks to meet different needs. Scenario operation requirements.

In terms of “fastness”: the whole vehicle is equipped with a 150kW high-power motor, and it only takes 5.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-50km/h; in fast charging mode, it only takes half an hour to recharge 30%-80% of the energy, and it can be charged during lunch and leisure time without affecting the card. Friendly transportation efficiency; equipped with the DiLink system homologous to passenger cars, in addition to common audio-visual and intelligent voice interaction functions, it also integrates industry ecological apps such as Lalamove and Yunmanman to help cardholders receive orders faster.

On the “good” side: the cab provides comfortable and convenient configurations such as multi-function steering wheel, one-button start, automatic air conditioning, EPS electric steering, EPB electronic parking, etc., and the comfort is satisfactory; and the above-mentioned intelligent voice interaction function of the DiLink system is also Let BYD T5DM achieve a smart cockpit experience that can only be found in high-end cars.

It is worth mentioning that BYD T5DM is not only full of experience, but the core quality of the vehicle has also undergone severe tests. The total vehicle mileage in test conditions exceeds one million kilometers, at an altitude of over 4,800 meters, and in a temperature range of -35℃-70℃ Complete the test in the harsh environment. Use data to speak for product reliability.

In terms of “savings”: the high quality of the vehicle makes people worry-free; the fuel saving rate under comprehensive operating conditions exceeds 30%, and the TCO is estimated to save about 27,000 per year, and you can make money when you save; BYD has nearly 300 commercial vehicles nationwide Car authorized service stations, with a service radius of 20km in the core area, and a complete service system make operations easier for cardholders.

In addition to the T5DM hybrid light truck, this conference also simultaneously released the newly upgraded pure electric light truck BYD T5EV. The car is equipped with BYD’s blade battery with a power capacity of 94.3kWh, and has a comprehensive driving range of more than 275km. It is matched with BYD’s self-developed flat wire motor with a peak power of 150kW and a top speed of 100km/h. In terms of warranty, T5EV provides an 8-year or 500,000-kilometer battery (battery cell) warranty to help cardholders create wealth in the long term and provide high-quality solutions for cardholders in short- and medium-distance urban distribution transportation.

Returning to the practical problem of high purchase costs for new energy vehicles, BYD Commercial Vehicles has also used both commercial and passenger vehicles and strong self-developed technology to break this industry deadlock. The conference released surprising car purchase prices: the hybrid light truck BYD T5DM starts at 139,800 yuan, and the pure electric light truck BYD T5 EV starts at 169,800 yuan.

With the surprising price, combined with the vehicle’s excellent quality and strong after-sales guarantee, BYD’s T5 series light trucks truly achieve “the same price for gasoline and electricity”, and truck owners who purchase the vehicle can easily achieve quick return on investment and high returns. With the new year and new atmosphere, we look forward to BYD Commercial Vehicles’ great success, creating value for users and promoting high-quality development of the industry!

This price is out! Friends and businessmen are trembling! The driver applauded!

Can you buy a hybrid light truck for 139,800 yuan?

Can you buy a 94-kWh pure electric light truck for 169,800 yuan?

As soon as the price of BYD’s new generation T5 was announced, the major business partners were “shocked” and trembling, but the driver burst into laughter and applauded.

This price was unthinkable in the past, but BYD was the first to do it. In fact, if it is BYD, this is not surprising. It is fully capable and capable of taking the lead in “bringing down” the price of new energy.

Compared with BYD’s “killing everyone” in the field of passenger cars, BYD trucks are much more low-key. This time BYD is no longer low-key and directly reveals its “trump card”, lowering the entry threshold for hybrid light trucks and pure electric light trucks. To within 140,000 yuan and 170,000 yuan, these prices will catch those models with “tearful promotions and discounts” “off guard.”

Many people say that BYD is really serious this time. It has a T5 hybrid van light truck with a starting price of only 135,900 yuan. For less than 170,000 yuan, can you buy a pure electric light truck with 94 kWh of electricity? You must know that the guide price of pure electric light trucks with the same power on the market is no less than 200,000 yuan.

More than that, what is even more commendable is that the new generation of BYD T5 not only lowers the entry threshold for new energy light trucks, but also has configurations that are not compromised and are fully sufficient to meet daily transportation needs. Some data performances even surpass those of similar models. , this is one of the winning cards of BYD T5.

Let’s first look at the configuration of T5DM.

The 1.5T hybrid-specific high-efficiency engine has a comprehensive operating fuel consumption of 9.2L/100Km and a driving range of over 1000KM; it has a cargo capacity of 300-400 kg more than similar hybrid products in the industry; a 150kW high-power motor can accelerate to 50km/h in just 5.5 seconds; Charging from 30% to 80% takes less than half an hour, and the battery capacity is 18.3kWh.

In terms of smart configuration, the car uses the same smart cockpit + DiLink system as BYD’s passenger cars. It is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, EPS electric steering, and is claimed to be the first light truck BSC brake in the industry, allowing you to enjoy a “car-level experience.”

BYD’s T5EV (94kWh) pure electric light truck is also equipped with the industry’s safest blade battery, with a battery capacity of 94.3kWh and a comprehensive operating range of more than 275km. It can be charged for half an hour, has a range of over 100 kilometers, and has a maximum power of 150kW; The 0-50km/h acceleration time is 3.2 seconds at half load; it is equipped with BYD’s self-developed flat wire motor, with a peak power of 150kW and a top speed of 100km/h.

In addition to different power, other configurations, the T5 hybrid version is similar to the pure electric version. It also has a passenger car-level smart cockpit, equipped with Dilink and intelligent voice system; it is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, one-button start, BSC car braking, and EPS electric steering. As well as “car-like” design intelligent configurations such as HHC hill climbing assistant.

In terms of warranty, the vehicle has a 3-year warranty (100,000 kilometers), the core components have a 5-year warranty, the T5DM has a battery warranty of 6 years or 300,000 kilometers, and the T5EV offers an 8-year or 500,000-kilometer battery (cell) warranty. In terms of service guarantee, BYD has nearly 300 authorized commercial vehicle service stations across the country, with a service radius of 20km in the core area and a dense service network.

Whether it is in terms of configuration or price, if we challenge BYD T5, who else can do it?