Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence, officially released

The top-of-the-line Swedish SUV? Volvo pointed out in the introduction of EX90 Excellence that “it is dedicated to you who prefer to be a passenger”, which undoubtedly shows that this car is a car built for bosses, and it is more suitable for riding rather than driving!

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

As the successor of the XC90, Volvo released the EX90 car series overseas last year, and added the flagship model “EX90 Ecellence” to the car series earlier. The media called it “Maybach from Sweden”!

EX90 Ecellence roughly continues the exterior styling of the standard EX90 model, with a simple style and head and tail lights with strong brand recognition. However, Excellence is specially equipped with Two-Tone two-tone body paint and a 22-inch exclusive forged aluminum ring designed to improve aerodynamic performance, so as to distinguish it in appearance.

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

The cockpit is the focus of the EX90 Ecellence. It adopts a four-seater design, and the rear row is equipped with independent two-seaters. Based on the brand’s flagship “no leather interior” concept, the seat surface and part of the interior are wrapped in woven fabrics, and woolen fabrics or environmentally friendly fiber fabrics are available. Optional.

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

The front end of the armrest uses wood grain design to enhance the texture, and there is a hidden cup holder. The touch interface on the front edge can adjust the seat heating and massage functions. As for the crystal control button, it is the aroma switch in the car, which can switch up to 3 types Aroma, and can be used with ambient lighting to create a comfortable and relaxing riding space.

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

In addition, EX90 Ecellence is equipped with a small refrigerator in the center of the rear seat back, and there is a storage drawer under the rear armrest, which is convenient for placing drinks and cups.

The interior layout of the front row has not changed significantly. It is designed with horizontal lines and a T-shaped center console. There are quite few physical buttons. Most of the operating functions have been integrated into the 14.5-inch touch screen. The original factory also equipped the EX90 Ecellence with Dolby Surround sound B&O sound system.

​The official has not announced the complete power data of the EX90 Ecellence, but only stated that it adopts a dual-motor four-wheel drive configuration. Since China is the first market, according to the CLTC test standard, the battery life can reach 650km. As a supplement, the overseas general version of the EX90 has an output of 517 horsepower, the 111kWh battery pack supports 250kW DC fast charging, and has a cruising range of 600km under the WLTP standard.

Volvo’s new pure electric flagship SUV EX90 debuts in China or will be launched in 2024

On April 16, 2023, Volvo Cars’ “VOLVO TECH DAY and EX90 China First Show” was held in Shanghai. World Tree’s intelligent security system was officially released, and the new pure electric flagship SUV Volvo EX90 (picture) simultaneously opened its first show in China. The EX90 will be produced based on the SPA2 platform. It has a brand-new exterior design and is equipped with the latest PilotAssist driving assistance function and smart cockpit. The new car offers 5-seater/6-seater/7-seater versions. The new car may be domestically produced within this year and launched in 2024.

In terms of appearance, the EX90 adopts a closed front grille design with Volvo’s classic car logo LOGO, which is very recognizable. The Thor’s Hammer LED lights on both sides of the front of the car still continue the design of fuel vehicles. The vertical layout of the LED daytime running lights, combined with the design of the active grille ventilation opening in the center, makes the whole vehicle have a very good technology and sense of the future.

On the side of the body, the line design of EX90 is inspired by yachts. With the hidden door handle and low wind resistance rim design, its wind resistance coefficient is 0.29Cd, elegant posture and battery life coexist. At the rear of the car, the new car is equipped with a roof spoiler and a half-wrapped through taillight group. At the same time, it is also equipped with vertically arranged LED light groups on both sides of the rear window glass, which is more recognizable when lit.

As a brand-new pure electric flagship SUV, Volvo EX90 is built on the original pure electric platform, adopts the industry’s advanced centralized electronic and electrical architecture, and is equipped with many innovative safety functions, setting a new safety benchmark for Volvo Cars in the pure electric era. It demonstrates Volvo Cars’ determination to keep moving towards the vision of “zero collision”.

In terms of intelligent driving, the Volvo EX90 is equipped with a 1550nm wavelength Luminar lidar, which has the industry’s longest detection range of 600 meters, and is not afraid of severe weather such as dense fog, dust, and heavy rain. Black vehicles (10% reflectance) from 250 meters away can be clearly identified, and even black tires lying on the ground 120 meters away can be identified.

In terms of the smart cockpit, the DUS binocular camera driver perception system monitors eye movements at 60 frames per second through two cameras placed in different positions, and intervenes in the driver’s bad driving behavior. decisions and interventions. In terms of car-machine interaction, Volvo EX90 pursues simplification, with navigation, multimedia, telephone and air-conditioning settings on the homepage, covering almost 90% of the usage scenarios.

In terms of battery safety, the Volvo EX90 uses boron steel to cover the upper cover of the one-piece stamped battery pack, combined with the high-strength structural protection of the aluminum alloy frame. In the two-vehicle collision test at a speed of 60km/h, the battery can achieve zero deformation.

In terms of power, the Volvo EX90 is equipped with dual motors, providing two different adjustments. Among them, the low-power version has a maximum power of 407 horsepower and a maximum torque of 770 Nm; the high-power version has a maximum power of 517 horsepower, a maximum torque of 910 Nm, and a battery capacity of 111kWh. /h acceleration is the fastest at 4.9 seconds, and the fast charge is 10%-80% in 30 minutes. The new car will gradually open up the two-way charging function in the future.

In addition, the new pure electric flagship SUV Volvo EX90 Excellence was also unveiled on the same day. This is a four-seater version of the Volvo EX90. In terms of configuration, Volvo EX90 Excellence is equipped with four seats, a through-type second row of independent seats, and an integrated refrigerator. At the same time, based on Scandinavian design, wool blended light gray decoration and Orrefors® crystal fragrance control are used to create an excellent and soothing driving experience. In the future, Volvo Cars will also launch a variety of new pure electric models, laying out a number of different market segments.