xiaomi stock opened with a 16% jump
xiaomi stock opened with a 16% jump

Xiaomi Automotive’s presence in the Hong Kong stock market has garnered attention. After the Easter holiday closure, trading resumed with Xiaomi Automotive taking the spotlight. The stock opened with a 16% jump, marking the largest intraday gain since March 2022. By the end of the day, Xiaomi’s Hong Kong stock price had surged by 8.97% to HK$16.28 per share, nearing its highest level in two years.

The surge in Xiaomi Group’s stock price is linked to the launch of Xiaomi Automotive’s first model, the SU7. On March 28, the increasing orders led to a surge in Xiaomi Group’s stock price on the US stock market, with gains reaching 12.88%. Pre-orders for the SU7 have reached 40,000 units. Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Group, announced the upcoming first batch delivery ceremony for the Xiaomi SU7 Founder’s Edition, with deliveries starting simultaneously from 28 cities.

During the launch event, Lei Jun introduced the limited edition Xiaomi SU7 Founder’s Edition. It offers exclusive badges, accessories, and benefits, with 5,000 units produced in advance. Due to high demand, delivery times have been extended. Some Founder’s Edition models can be delivered in early April, while the Max version has a delivery time of 29-32 weeks. The SU7 standard version has a delivery time of 21-24 weeks, and the Pro version has a delay of about 8 weeks, with a delivery time of 19-22 weeks.

Xiaomi Automotive is in negotiations with suppliers to increase production capacity as they had planned to produce about 5,000 vehicles in April.

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