Perhaps in many traditional perceptions, the car models that women prefer must be small, colorful, and cute in terms of interior design.

This impression is too stereotypical!

According to the “2022 Survey Report on Women’s Car Purchase Needs and Driving Habits” released by Tencent Auto, the data shows that 60% of female users participating in the survey prefer SUV models. Larger-sized vehicles with more storage space have become the first choice for women.

In addition, an increasing number of women are fond of cars that have a stronger sense of power and off-road capabilities, such as the Tesla Cyber SUV. Its disruptive exoskeleton structure and futuristic technological attributes make it “edgy and angular.” At recent domestic exhibitions, many female viewers expressed that they must own such a cool car.


In fact, among Tesla’s five million global car owners, many female car owners have firmly chosen the timeless S3XY models: among them are corporate executives, brand managers, and dedicated philanthropists; some choose to travel freely, while others rush to the front lines of Chongqing’s forest fire rescue…

They are the navigators of life and also Tesla owners.
Why do so many female car owners choose Tesla?
Perhaps the answer can be found in every powerful story.

The “Mobile Office” Model 3 Gives Her the Confidence to Go Anywhere

Ms. Gao is a manager at a bank in Wuhan. Her connection with Tesla began in 2020. As one of the first owners of a new energy vehicle in China, Ms. Gao didn’t hesitate to order a Model 3 when Tesla began its localization efforts. She said she has a personality that enjoys trying new things.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

Since then, the Model 3 has become her “mobile office.”

“I’m usually busy with work every day, either meeting clients or traveling to meet them. So, most of my time is spent driving. I often reply to emails, review documents, and complete other tasks in the fragmented time in the car. Tesla’s Autopilot assisted driving function has always been reliable, allowing me to balance work and life with peace of mind.”

Later, Ms. Gao found that this “mobile office” also became her “secret weapon” in her career. It not only expanded her network but also had its own “highlight attribute,” becoming a bridge that brought her closer to her clients.

“Many times, when I drive clients in my Tesla, their first reaction is, ‘You drive this car, you must be someone special.'” Ms. Gao said that many clients who have ridden in her car eventually became Tesla enthusiasts themselves. “The allure of Tesla is truly something you have to experience firsthand! One client who experienced my car even said to me at that time, ‘Why don’t we switch cars?’ It’s incredible how Tesla can win over a Mercedes S-Class owner in just a few minutes.”

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

The longer she spends with the Model 3, the more it has become her “motorhome.” The trunk is her treasure chest, filled with clothes and bags for different occasions. In the frunk, she has placed eight pairs of different shoes, including high heels, flats, running shoes, sneakers… everything is there. “My colleagues who see it are amazed. They can’t understand how a car can transform like this.”

But for Ms. Gao, it is precisely the practical space of Tesla that gives her the confidence to “go anywhere”: “Even if I suddenly decide to go on a business trip to Beijing, I can just go without having to go home and pack my luggage.”

Continuously breaking the standard definition, she, like Tesla, insists on doing truly valuable things.

“Love itself is a power.”

In 2013, Tesla’s minimalist design and forward-thinking, environmentally friendly concept attracted Chen’s mother. At that time, compared to the young Tesla, Chen’s family still preferred traditional established car models.

Until 2020, Tesla’s pioneering Dog Mode showed Chen the loving and unique brand, and the potential for continuous growth.

Since then, the Model X has become one of her favorite daily vehicles.

In 2018, Chen’s family welcomed a Corgi. Every time they went out in a gasoline-powered car, the dog would become anxious because they couldn’t adjust the temperature inside the car. “The dog would often get restless from the heat and sometimes I would crack a window for some fresh air, but because he didn’t feel secure, he would keep barking at passersby.”

Tesla’s inclusion solved Chen’s problem of traveling with her dog.

“Sometimes when I take our dog out, there may be a short period of time when he can’t accompany me, so I activate the Dog Mode for him. Summers in Chongqing are really hot, and if it weren’t for Tesla, I wouldn’t dare leave him in the car. From then on, I can confidently step out of the car to pick up a package while he freely roams inside.”

In addition to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the car, the Dog Mode also displays a message on the large screen to passersby: “My driver will be back soon.” “Our family dog probably likes me the most, and the second favorite is Tesla’s Dog Mode.”

For Chen, Tesla not only provides a comfortable space for her dog but also offers a platform for communication and assistance for more pet lovers.

In 2021, influenced by Chen’s actions, the Tesla Chongqing Pet Lovers Club launched its first charity event to care for stray animals. Chen, along with many other Tesla owners, embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Chongqing stray animal shelter.

Since then, the charity project for caring for stray animals has become an annual event for the Tesla Chongqing Pet Lovers Club.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

Under the call of Tesla and many car enthusiasts, the number of participants in the event has significantly increased, and the level of assistance has grown year by year.

At the beginning of this year, at the Tesla Chongqing Xinguangtiandi store, owners gathered together, and their cars were filled with relief supplies. Chen’s Model X was filled with 22 bags of 40 kilograms of rice, and another Model 3 owner even filled both the front and rear trunks with supplies.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

Chen mentioned that in addition to Tesla owners, many owners of other brands have also joined the charity activities. Tesla’s strong support for charity has also changed the perception of many people towards Tesla. “We have the same persistence as Tesla: to do truly valuable and meaningful things,” said Chen.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

In her many years of car ownership, the unique Tesla has repeatedly refreshed Chen’s experience as a former gasoline car owner.

When asked about the most reassuring moment, she still vividly remembers it: in an empty parking lot, Chen stood still, at a loss, looking at her Tesla that had stopped working.

“Who am I? Where am I? What should I do?” After three years of owning a Tesla, this was the first time Chen had encountered such a situation. Clearly, she felt a bit helpless.

“Ring, ring, ring…” An urgent phone call broke the slightly awkward atmosphere in the parking lot.

“Hello, this is the Tesla Service Center. We noticed that your vehicle’s battery has a malfunction. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to your car usage. We will quickly arrange a tow truck to transport your Tesla to the nearest service center. Please wait a moment.”

At this point, only three minutes had passed since Chen’s Tesla had a malfunction, and she hadn’t even had time to worry about a solution yet. The swift response from the Tesla Service Center had already given Chen a reassurance pill.

In early spring in Chongqing, the sky darkened early. Just after 6 o’clock, darkness had enveloped the surroundings. The lobby of the Tesla Service Center was brightly lit, and the staff were waiting for Chen’s arrival. The moment Chen stepped into the lobby of the service center, a voice surged in her heart: “Choosing Tesla was the right decision!”

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

Just as Tesla breaks the traditional definition of cars with intelligent features like Dog Mode and its direct sales model, Chen, who chose Tesla, believes, “Women also have no standard definition. Being true to oneself will bring a unique beauty and strength.”

In her view, every woman behind the steering wheel is a unique individual. “The speed of progress depends on the driving experience and joy one desires. It’s not about conforming to societal norms or expectations, but about embracing one’s true self and finding joy and fulfillment in the journey.

Chen’s experience with Tesla has been transformative, not just in terms of owning a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vehicle, but also in terms of the values and community it represents. Through her involvement with the Tesla Chongqing Pet Lovers Club and their charitable activities, she has found a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and make a positive impact in her community.

Moreover, Tesla’s dedication to customer service and prompt response to issues has further solidified Chen’s trust and confidence in the brand. The seamless assistance she received when her vehicle had a malfunction showcased Tesla’s commitment to providing a reliable and supportive ownership experience.

For Chen, choosing Tesla was not just a practical decision, but a reflection of her own values and aspirations. It represents her desire to break free from conventional norms, embrace individuality, and contribute to causes she believes in. In her eyes, being a woman behind the wheel is not about conforming to a set image, but about embracing one’s unique identity and finding empowerment and joy in the journey.

Camping, fitness, Model Y is her best travel partner

Just like Chen Chen, there is another woman named Shen Mengying who insists on being herself and bravely moving forward.

“I don’t want to emphasize the confrontation and strength in female power too much. Instead, I pursue a more relaxed and tolerant freedom. Just like the feeling Model Y gives me. It can accommodate the world and take me to distant places,” said Ms. Shen.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

Let’s go back to 2021 when she was facing the challenges of a dual transition in life and career. She chose the Model Y as her first electric vehicle, embarking on a journey accompanied by Tesla.

Three years together, crossing tens of thousands of kilometers, she has faced many choices and experienced difficult moments. But no matter where and when, “no limits” has always been the keyword of Ms. Shen’s life.

She is a fitness center manager, a camping enthusiast, and above all, a free and brave woman.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

Freedom, first of all, means embracing everything in a relaxed manner. In her daily life, Ms. Shen enjoys going to the beach and camping with friends, and the Model Y is her best companion for self-driving trips.

“I have my own beach brand. I often drive with friends to nearby places, packing skateboards, protective gear, and everything else. Carrying all the equipment, driving and playing along the way, it’s especially relaxing.”

Even during periods of inconvenience for travel, Ms. Shen has driven the Model Y with a few close friends and her own pets to go camping around the city.

This “extra spacious and fast” Tesla has carried her through the various changes of the past three years, breaking through career bottlenecks and freely navigating the sea of life on the long journey.

The freedom to embark on spontaneous journeys time and time again is inseparable from Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network and robust safety features. These have also become important reasons for Ms. Shen to recommend the Model Y to many women around her.

Influenced by her, more and more female car owners are choosing to drive Tesla and embarking on journeys together with Ms. Shen. “I go on activities and camping trips with friends and clients in a Tesla. This convenient and unrestricted travel has even become a form of socializing!”

A Chongqing Mountain Fire Rescue: Driving a team of Tesla vehicles capable of carrying supplies, breaking the stereotype of a “divine assist”

In August 2022, a mountain fire in Chongqing captured the hearts of everyone.

Chongqing Mountain Fire
Chongqing Mountain Fire

“As a Chongqing native, I wanted to do something within my capabilities, and the ladies in our Tesla Chongqing Women Owners Club were very supportive.”
Ms. Li, the head of the Tesla Chongqing Women Owners Club, led many female Tesla owners to fill their Teslas with rescue supplies and rush to the front line of the rescue operation.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners

“Our girls from Chongqing have always had a strong drive, so being on the front lines didn’t feel particularly special.” Ms. Li stated that upon arriving at the rescue front, they noticed that most of the police and firefighters were male. Contributing their efforts alongside others was an honorable and proud thing to do.

Of course, it wasn’t just the “brave sisters” who played a crucial role in the mountain fire rescue operation. Each person’s Tesla also played an important role.

Ms. Li recalled that at the time, the weather was dry, and temperatures had already exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. Many volunteers and rescue personnel on the front lines suffered from heatstroke.

The Teslas acted as “mobile air conditioners.” When encountering people involved in the rescue, Tesla owners would open their car doors and let them rest inside to cool down.

“Due to the Chongqing mountain fire, the air pollution was severe, and even breathing was irritating. After turning on the HEPA high-efficiency air filter, the air was purified significantly.” Ms. Li said.

Over a year later, reflecting on the moment of the Chongqing mountain fire rescue, Ms. Li stated, “This unforgettable experience continues to inspire me to do more positive and meaningful things. Regardless of gender, I believe everyone can be a great role model to influence and inspire more people around them.”

As Ms. Li said, over the past year, she has participated in more public welfare activities, ranging from small-scale actions like garbage sorting to fire safety campaigns. She has even driven two hours to help students in need.

Chongqing Mountain Fire Rescue Operation
Chongqing Mountain Fire Rescue Operation

“Every time I do these things, I bring my child with me. I hope to influence her with my own actions and teach her to be a humble person from an early age.” Ms. Li always believes that this love can be passed on to more people and bring infinite power.

Tesla owners
Tesla owners
Tesla owners
Tesla owners


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