A true warrior, dare to look up to the stars! Two hard-core off-road vehicles will appear at the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show

As the largest A-class auto show in 2023, the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show can be described as a gathering of heroes, and major brands are making efforts on the high-end hard-core off-road track. Among them, the first luxury hard-core off-road SUV U8, which is looked up to by BYD’s new high-end brand, and the luxury high-definition M800 interstellar chariot released by Lawrence and Mengshi Technology, its stunning performance attracted the attention of the audience!

In terms of appearance, looking up at the U8’s front face design is very eye-catching. The front grille design of the “Gate of Time and Space” uses a large number of lamp beads. The body length exceeds 5.3 meters, the body is large and square, and the lines are smooth. Looking up at the U8, it breaks through the traditional style of hard-core off-roading with fuel, and its appearance is full of sense of technology and future. The Lawrence M800 interstellar warship is based on heavy military armored vehicles and incorporates the sci-fi aesthetics of “interstellar warships”. The contours of the front face, the sideways lines and the shape of the rear of the car are all very sharp, giving people a sense of sharpness and hidden momentum, showing the demeanor of conquering the vast world. The bodies of both cars are very wide, giving people a strong and full feeling.

In terms of interior, the design concept of the “Star Ring Cockpit” looking up at the U8 is very unique. It creates a good sense of technology through five large screens. The stereo and the panoramic sunroof embedded with suspended starry sky texture are very highly personalized. The Lawrence M800 star chariot adopts the “simplicity and heart” style, creating a space-like cockpit atmosphere, and is also equipped with 5 large screens, Dynaudio Confidence audio system and electrically adjustable Nappa leather seat. The deep carbon fiber three-dimensional texture, the contrasting color design of Haoyue White and Interstellar Gray, and the exclusive lines of volcanic lava color create a strong interstellar atmosphere.

In terms of performance, Yangwang U8 is equipped with the Cloud Carriage-P intelligent hydraulic body control system and 17+1 driving modes, which support ice and snow setting circles, desert slopes, continuous driving with flat tires, U-turns on the spot, lateral movement and floating water modes. It can realize practical scene functions such as four-wheel linkage, one-key leveling, ultra-high lift, and height self-adaptation. The maximum wading depth is 1000mm, which effectively improves vehicle passability. Equipped with the plug-in hybrid system built by Yi Sifang, not only can the CLTC achieve a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1,000km, but its power is also unquestionable, with a maximum horsepower of more than 1,100 horsepower.

The Lawrence M800 interstellar chariot adopts the M TECH warrior intelligent off-road architecture, which has five off-road driving modes: snow, mud, sand, rock, and wading, and can intelligently select the most ideal off-road mode according to different off-road conditions . At the same time, it is also equipped with crab driving mode, which can drive horizontally on special road sections; the minimum turning radius of the whole vehicle is only 5.1m, which can realize quick U-turn on narrow road surfaces; CDC magic carpet function, it can also walk on rough terrain as if walking on flat ground. The combination of 1.5T range extender and three motors has a comprehensive output of more than 800 horsepower and a comprehensive cruising range of more than 800 kilometers. With a wheel torque exceeding 1000 Nm, the zero-to-hundred acceleration is only 4.2 seconds, and the performance is also very good.

On the whole, Yangwang U8 and Lawrence M800 star chariot are both excellent new energy hardcore off-road vehicles. They have different characteristics in terms of appearance, interior and performance, and can meet the needs of different consumers.

2023 Shanghai Auto Show six black technology inventory, all dry goods, all amazing

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, we were overwhelmed by the many new cars brought by major domestic and foreign car companies.

In addition to new cars, many black technologies were also unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, many of which have never been seen before and are worth seeing.

Today, we have counted the 6 black technologies of the Shanghai Auto Show for all friends, and see if they can surprise you?

One-button color-changing technology for BMW body

One sentence comment: The world’s first car paint scheme, the body can be changed to 32 colors

At this Shanghai Auto Show, BMW brought the concept car i Vision Dee. The most attractive feature of this concept car is that it is equipped with a one-button color-changing technology for the body, which can display up to 32 colors.

The main reason why the color of this concept car can be changed is that the entire body is covered by electronic paper film, and then the color adjustment is controlled by electric pulses to realize the change of body color, which is a kind of electrochromism. It looks like Novelty and fun.

Cloud Chariot-P intelligent hydraulic body control system

One-sentence comment: New energy exclusive intelligent vertical body control system, real-time output of the best control strategy

As the first brother of new energy, BYD also brought its latest black technology at this auto show: Cloud Chariot-P intelligent hydraulic body control system.

This set of control system is composed of cloud car intelligent detection architecture, cloud car intelligent computing center, cloud car intelligent control technology, and key components. With the help of precise perception technology and cloud car intelligent computing center’s rapid decision-making, it can output the best control strategy in real time , making Yangwang U8 the only model that can realize the simultaneous independent adjustment of height + stiffness + damping.

Coupled with the blessing of the four-motor drive technology of the Yisifang platform, it is worth looking forward to the performance of the U8, a million-level luxury off-road vehicle!

Medialess holographic smart cockpit

One-sentence comment: Get rid of the limitation of the screen, and the naked eye can see the 3D image in the air

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the built-in central control large screens of various new cars are large in size, high in definition, and full of sense of technology.

However, the medialess holographic smart cockpit released by some technology companies directly cancels the large screen, allowing users to see three-dimensional images in the air with naked eyes, and can touch and interact with them arbitrarily, directly upgrading from a sense of technology to a sense of science fiction.

And with the help of a new generation of display technology, images can be imaged, positioned, and manipulated in the air without any wearable devices, which is quite powerful.

Great Wall 6X6 super off-road platform

One-sentence comment: “3-axle 6-wheel drive” layout, creating super off-road capability

Under normal circumstances, most of the passenger cars we see have four wheels, but Great Wall has brought a “six-wheeled vehicle” this time, and this “six-wheeled vehicle” adopts the technology of Great Wall’s 6X6 super off-road platform.

As China’s first 6X6 super off-road platform, the products based on this platform adopt a “3-axis 6-wheel drive” layout, all six wheels are driving wheels, and are equipped with 5 electronically controlled differential locks, nitrogen shock absorbers and The 33-inch oversized off-road tires can bring all-scenario, all-terrain super off-road capabilities.

Chery C-DM electric hybrid system

One-sentence comment: The thermal efficiency is greater than 44.5%, and the comprehensive battery life may exceed 1400 kilometers

At this auto show, the old domestic brand car company released Chery’s C-DM electric hybrid system. This latest electric hybrid system is equipped with the fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI high-efficiency hybrid special engine, with deep Miller cycle, fourth-generation i -HEC intelligent combustion system and other technologies, the maximum thermal efficiency is greater than 44.5%, and it only takes 18 minutes to replenish energy to 80% at the fastest. At the same time, the comprehensive cruising range exceeds 1400 kilometers, which may become the biggest competition of BYD DM-i hybrid system opponent.

World Tree Intelligent Security System

One-sentence comment: expand to four safe spaces and realize the vision of “zero collision”

At the Shanghai Auto Show, while the Nordic luxury brand Volvo released the flagship electric SUV Volvo EX90, it also released the World Tree intelligent safety system.

Compared with the traditional safety system, the World Tree intelligent safety system has expanded from active and passive safety to four different dimensions of safety: people-oriented, outside the car, body and inside the car.

With the support of World Tree’s intelligent safety system, Volvo’s interior space is equipped with a binocular camera DUS driver perception system that can correct bad driving habits of drivers; the exterior of the car is equipped with a Luminar laser with the industry’s longest detection distance of 600 meters Radar; the body adopts a new generation of cage-type safety body; the human-oriented safety space is the pursuit of green environmental protection.

It can be said that the World Tree intelligent safety system will help Volvo realize its vision of “zero collision”.


These six black technologies at the Shanghai Auto Show involve many aspects such as appearance, intelligent interconnection, and safety.

The 7 most expensive pure electric cars at the Shanghai Auto Show, starting at one million and capped at ten million!

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, new energy vehicles have become the absolute protagonists, so do you know which are the most expensive pure electric vehicles on display?

With the advent of the electrification era, the difference between technologies is far less than that of the oil car era. What is visible to the naked eye is that domestic brands have directly raised the price of supercars to over one million. It seems that in this era, the extreme price of electric vehicles is far from Oil trucks are so crazy. However, there is still the existence of the giants beyond the sky.

Today, let’s take a look at the most expensive pure electric models at this auto show!

First place: Lotus Evija

Price: $3.17 million

As a pure electric sports car owned by Lotus, Evija directly set a price of $3.17 million, which is not intended to be sold at all!

For a once glorious sports car brand, the way to build a reputation is to create a “totem”, and Evija is such a car.

As a top sports car, Evija’s performance is also surprisingly powerful. It is equipped with a four-wheel drive system composed of four motors. The combined maximum output power is 2000 horsepower, the peak torque is as high as 1700N m, and the acceleration time from zero to 100 is only 2.7 seconds, 0-300Km The /h acceleration time is less than 9 seconds, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration of many models will exceed this score.

In order to take into account battery life and self-weight, Evija uses a 70-degree battery pack, and the WLTP mileage is 400KM.

The car is limited to 130 units worldwide.

Second place: Rolls-Royce Shining

Price: $833,000

As the first model of Rolls-Royce electrification, it still has a strong Rolls-Royce taste, but the front face has changed a lot, such as the use of split headlights, with a slender LED daylight on the top. Between the running lights, the lower high and low beam headlights are embedded on both sides of the front of the car; the rear adopts a fastback coupe design, and the LED light strips are arranged longitudinally inside, which is obviously younger. The car with the lowest drag coefficient at present.

The vehicle size is 5453/2080/1559mm, the wheelbase is 3210mm, the turning radius is 12.7m, the curb weight reaches 2975kg, the self-weight is close to 3 tons, the comprehensive output power reaches 430KW, the total torque reaches 900N m, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration time is 4.5 seconds , CTLC comprehensive cruising range 450KM.

The materials used in the Shining still maintain the top level, and the star roof can be selected.

In the era of electrification, even the top Rolls-Royce has to make changes!

Third place: Maserati GranTurismo EV

Price: $288,000

At the Shanghai Auto Show, Maserati’s first pure electric sports car, GranTurismo, was officially unveiled, and the price was announced: $288,000-$333,000.

The shape still continues the consistent design style of the fuel version of Maserati GranTurismo, and the front face does not adopt a closed design.

Equipped with three 300KW motors, the maximum output power exceeds 1200 horsepower, and can continuously transmit more than 750 horsepower to the wheels. It only takes 2.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers, and the top speed can reach 325 KM/h, and it supports 800V supercharging platform.

I don’t know if this is Maserati’s “oil to electricity”?

Fourth place: Maybach EQS SUV

Pre-sale price: None

In February, Mercedes-Benz released the EQS SUV, with an official price of $131,000-$159,000. At the Shanghai Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz brought a more luxurious Maybach EQS SUV, which officially debuted. However, the price was not announced, according to the pricing of Mercedes-Benz According to the strategy, the price of the Maybach EQS SUV is expected to start at around 2 million yuan.

The Maybach EQS SUV adopts a double-colored body. The front face adopts a very exaggerated straight waterfall grille design, with sharp headlights on both sides. It still has that familiar sense of luxury.

The Maybach EQS 680 model will be driven by front and rear dual motors, with a maximum power of 400KW, equipped with a 108.4KW·h battery pack, and a maximum cruising range of 459 kilometers.

Fifth place: BMW i7 M70L

Price: None

Some time ago, BMW released BMW’s latest pure electric flagship model – i7 in Europe and North America. At the Shanghai Auto Show, BMW brought the i7 M70L model, which is more powerful than the M60L model on sale. It is the most powerful pure electric vehicle in BMW’s history, and it is also a representative work of BMW’s digitalization.

The appearance of the body is not much different from that of the M60L. It is equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive system, with front and rear dual motors. The combined maximum output power is as high as 485KW, the peak torque is as high as 1100N m, and the acceleration time from zero to 100 is only 3.7 seconds, and the comprehensive cruising range exceeds 600KM.

The genes that run through BMW sports are also reflected in this car, which adopts BMW M exclusive chassis tuning to bring a better driving experience.

According to the starting price of i7 M60L of $212,000, the price of M70L is likely to be around $290,000 or even higher.

Sixth place: Hyper SSR

Pre-sale price: $186,000-$244,000

As a domestically produced super sports car, Hyper SSR has already opened pre-sales before. The price of $186,000-$244,000 is already a ceiling-level model among domestic models. However, for a performance-level sports car, this price is already Very cheap now.

Hyper SSR may be the most cost-effective electric supercar that young people can buy. It is equipped with a self-developed two-speed four-in-one electric drive system. The combined output power reaches 1225 horsepower and the total output torque is as high as 12000N m. The zero-hundred-acceleration time only takes 1.9 seconds, which is enough to kill all the supercars currently on the market.

In terms of styling, it also adopts the design style of a super sports car, with butterfly doors, 100% carbon fiber covering the whole body, a super large rear wing and so on.

I don’t know when this domestic super sports car will be officially delivered, or it’s just a “totem” for Hyper GT!

Seventh place: Looking up to U8

Pre-sale price: $159,000

As the current highest-priced model of domestic BYD, technically speaking, it is indeed worthy of the price of $159,000. Whether it is BYD’s Yisifang technology platform or its super-large body size, it will become the ceiling of domestic hardcore SUVs.

The body size is 5319/2050/1930mm, the wheelbase is 3050mm, and the overall shape stands out in one word: hard. Viewed from the side, it looks a bit like a new Land Rover Defender, but the front face is more domineering. The starry center grid and U-shaped headlights are exaggerated and full of technology.

In terms of interior workmanship and materials, there is no doubt that BYD has used almost all the best, such as the starry sky rhythm roof, Nappa leather covering a large area, five large screens in the car, etc. However, this interior The color scheme is too ostentatious. If there are other color options, I believe many people will not choose the current color scheme.

Equipped with the four-motor independent control technology of the BYD Yi Sifang platform, the maximum output power reaches 1,100 horsepower, the wheel end torque exceeds 17,000 N m, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration time reaches 3 seconds, and it supports functions such as in-situ U-turn and horizontal floating.

In the circle of friends, many bosses have paid for it.


Among these pure electric models, domestic brand models accounted for 2 models. In the past, building a million-level luxury car was not without strength, but it was unable to support the additional attributes behind the value. Now, electrification With the arrival of the new car, the consumption concept has undergone great changes. Perhaps it has little impact on top luxury cars like Rolls-Royce, but lowering the price has become a new existence in this market.

Looking at the trend of extended range, plug-in hybrid and pure electric from the Shanghai Auto Show, how should we choose when buying a car?

Did you pay attention to the recent Shanghai Auto Show?

The most popular model should be looking up to the U8, right?

There are rumors in the world that this new car with a pre-sale price of 1.098 million yuan has received more than 10,000 orders in the first 3 days of the auto show.

Seeing such a grand occasion, those foreign-funded fuel vehicles that sell for millions of dollars may have a feeling of being dominated.

But the ideal among the new car-making forces may smile knowingly, because looking up to the U8 is an extended-range electric car.

However, Ideal Auto did not pin all its hopes on extended-range electric vehicles.

During the Shanghai Auto Show, Li Auto officially released the “dual-energy strategy”, preparing to let the extended-range electric and pure electric go hand in hand. So, can it do it?

Dual-energy strategy ideally opens up a new track

The million-dollar Yangwang U8 chooses an extended-range electric vehicle, bringing this questionable power solution into focus again.

But anyone who understands the auto market knows that Ideal Auto is the “number one contributor” to promoting the popularization of extended-range electric vehicles.

At present, all three models of Ideal Motors are equipped with extended-range electric systems. However, rumors that Ideal will take the pure electric route have been circulating for a long time.

On April 18, Li Auto officially released its dual-energy strategy. The so-called dual-energy refers to intelligence and electric energy.

The aspect of intelligence is well understood, and almost every mainstream new energy manufacturer is working hard in this direction.

The intelligence of Ideal Auto refers to the upcoming Ideal AD Max 3.0 urban NOA navigation assisted driving system, which allows intelligent driving to enter the urban scene from the high-speed scene. city.

The reason why this system is called “evolution” is firstly because it covers urban roads with more complex car scenes; Sensor fusion is used to realize the perception of road conditions.

It is worth mentioning that Li Auto also announced that Li Li AD Max 3.0 full-scenario NOA is free for life, even used cars are no exception.

I don’t know how Tesla, which is still selling the “self-driving package” thinks?

The “electric energy” strategy has more points to watch, because the “smart” strategy is only to strengthen, and the “electric energy” strategy is to create a new era in which ideal car extended-range electric and high-voltage pure electric go hand in hand.

The core of the ideal power strategy is the 800V overcharging solution, supplemented by the upgrade of the high-voltage electric drive system, thermal management system and overcharging network, which can achieve 400 kilometers of battery life after charging for 10 minutes.

At the same time, Ideal Auto also officially launched the Ideal 4C super charging station and super charging network.

According to Li Auto, more than 300 high-speed supercharging stations will be built by the end of 2023, and will be expanded to 3,000 by 2025, covering 90% of the national highway mileage and major cities across the country.

According to the dual-energy strategy, Li Auto plans to form a product lineup of 1 super period model + 5 extended-range electric models + 5 high-voltage pure electric models in 2025.

What is the purpose of an ideal car to change one’s own life?

A brand that has risen on the basis of extended-range electric vehicles and “combats the scholars” for the extended-range electric solution suddenly raises the pure electric model to the same level as the extended-range electric vehicle. How to do this?

In fact, this is not difficult to understand.

First of all, pure electric vehicles are the ultimate form of new energy vehicles in the future, and plug-in hybrids and extended-range electric vehicles are transitional products. There is no doubt about this, and it does not depend on the will of ideal cars.

Secondly, there are policy risks in extended-range electric vehicles. In 2023, Shanghai took the lead in introducing extended-range electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, no longer giving new energy licenses, which led to a sharp drop in the sales of ideal cars in Shanghai.

If other big cities follow suit, Li Auto needs to ensure that it has cars to sell in these important markets.

Third, the extended-range electric vehicle can be widely accepted from being questioned because it basically solves the problems of difficult charging, slow charging and insufficient cruising range that are common in current electric vehicles.

In this regard, it is the same as the rise of plug-in hybrid models.

But the problem is that these problems have been gradually solved.

At present, the cruising range of mainstream pure electric vehicles has exceeded 500 kilometers, and it is still improving. Even if a pure electric vehicle has a daily commuting mileage of 50 kilometers, it is no problem to charge it once and support normal use for a week.

If according to the planning of the ideal electric strategy, it can be charged for 10 minutes and the battery life can be increased by 400 kilometers, then the battery life anxiety will no longer exist.

When pure electric vehicles solve the battery life anxiety, the problem of high fuel consumption of extended-range electric vehicles will become prominent.

With the improvement of the cruising range of pure electric vehicles and the improvement of charging networks across the country, the advantages of extended-range electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will become less obvious, and the market share will gradually decline. This is a normal trend in the development of the industry. It has nothing to do with the will of consumers.

The “dual-energy strategy” of Ideal Automobile, to put it bluntly, is to plan for a rainy day and follow the development trend of the industry. It is a relatively rational approach, and it also shows the maturity of the ideal manufacturer.

Pure electric, extended range and plug-in hybrid, what will the future look like?

The new pure electric track of Li Auto has a relatively large impact on the industry. It proves to a certain extent that Li Auto also agrees with the view that “pure electricity is the ultimate form of new energy”.

So, what will the future new energy market look like?

There are currently three main forms of new energy on the market: pure electric, extended-range and plug-in hybrid. The BEV (unplugged hybrid) promoted by Japanese manufacturers is generally not considered a new energy vehicle.

Pure electricity is the future, there is no doubt about it.

However, the comprehensive electrification of the automobile industry will be a relatively long process, and the Chinese automobile consumer market is a fairly deep market. Therefore, the market for transitional products such as plug-in hybrids and extended-range electric vehicles will also exist for a long time .

At present, the main shortcoming of pure electric vehicles is the issue of “endurance” and “energy replenishment”.

According to the general law of industry development, electric vehicles will take the lead in expanding in large and medium-sized cities in the eastern region, and then expand to the central and western regions and third- and fourth-tier cities with the gradual improvement of charging infrastructure.

This “expansion” time is the survival period of extended-range electric and plug-in hybrid models.

China has a vast territory, uneven development across regions, and large regional differences in the perfection of charging infrastructure, so this time will be relatively long.

Some time ago, Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave such a prediction: in the next 5-10 years, the market share of extended-range electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will gradually rise to about 40% or even 50%, and then the entire market will turn to pure The electric market shifts.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, also said that for ordinary home users, it is not appropriate to choose a pure electric model for the first car, so plug-in hybrids will have great potential in the next few years.

BYD is currently the only manufacturer in the industry that has achieved plug-in hybrid and pure electric dual drive. Now Ideal has also joined the ranks of walking on two legs. In the next few years, this will become the mainstream model of new energy vehicle manufacturers.

Tesla swallows the “bitter pill” of price cuts

The Shanghai Auto Show is in full swing, and the April day is restless. However, when ice cream is no longer just to relieve the heat, there will be another way to make car companies and the market “terrified”.

The Shanghai Auto Show has a great momentum, and it is also the one that places the greatest hope on the Chinese auto industry in the past three years. It’s just that even under such a background, there are still three “reputable” auto brands that were not present: Tesla, Wuling, and Jidu.

Putting Wuling and Jidu aside for the time being, is Tesla afraid of repeating the same mistakes again and encountering “brake failure”?

“Tesla is going to cut prices again. On the Chinese market this Saturday, the starting prices of Model 3 and Model Y will drop to 186,900 and 215,900 respectively.”

Also during the Shanghai Auto Show, news of Tesla’s price cuts in the Chinese market came out again, and the price cuts were even exaggerated and a bit scary. In fact, the price cut news is not groundless. In recent foreign markets, the United States, Europe, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and South Korea have all ushered in a wave of Tesla price cuts.

According to this logic, the Chinese market, which has Tesla’s Shanghai manufacturing base, will inevitably usher in a new wave of price cuts. But today, Saturday has passed, and I have not seen the price cut I was looking forward to, and Tesla officials have also refuted the rumors.

Will this be the end of Tesla’s price cuts? Or, does Tesla have other reasons?

Tesla swallows the "bitter pill" of price cuts

Perhaps, since 2023, relying on price cuts to stimulate sales, Tesla does feel a little bit distressed about money. On April 20, Tesla released its first quarter financial report for 2023.

According to data, Tesla’s global delivery volume in the first quarter increased rapidly, exceeding 422,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 36%, and its total revenue also increased by 24%, reaching 23.33 billion US dollars. But on the other side of the coin, the net profit dropped by 24% to only US$2.513 billion as more cars were sold.

Unprofitable revenue, or less profitable revenue, is not only a sign of the rapid development of the company, but also an indication of the company’s shortcomings. Compared with Tesla, the reduction in net profit will most likely affect its stock price. After all, the capital market still depends on “money”.

But it must be admitted that the implementation of the price reduction strategy not only caught competitors by surprise, but also further promoted Tesla’s market share. Taking the Chinese market as an example, Tesla no longer attracts only customers with a budget of 250,000 to 300,000 yuan, but even some people with a budget of more than 180,000 yuan.

Tesla swallows the "bitter pill" of price cuts

Just like Li Bin once said, Tesla wants to be the public in the era of new energy vehicles. And it is not difficult to find that Tesla is indeed penetrating into the low-end market.

At the investor day event in early March this year, Tesla announced that after process improvement, the assembly cost can be reduced by 50%; and the production and manufacturing efficiency is continuously improved, and the average annual output growth rate is expected to continue to reach 50%, so as to achieve 1.8 million production in 2023. vehicle target.

Since then, Musk has also publicly stated that Tesla’s plan to launch low-priced new cars has not changed. According to the calculations of relevant agencies, the cost of Tesla’s new car may be 15,000 US dollars, or about 100,000 yuan, and the listing price is expected to be around 150,000 yuan.

If all the inferences are true, then in the domestic market, apart from BYD, it seems that there is no single enemy of Tesla.

Moreover, according to its financial report, in the first quarter of 2023, Tesla’s gross profit rate was 19.3%, which is a lot lower than the 29.1% gross profit rate in 2022. Compared with other car brands, it is still an insurmountable mountain.

The good news is that various domestic car companies, as well as a series of new car-making forces, are working hard to make adjustments.

Tesla swallows the "bitter pill" of price cuts

Changan Deep Blue is gradually getting out of the circle, Chery iCar is starting to make efforts, Geely Galaxy is following closely behind, FAW Hongqi is focusing on new energy, and new car-making forces such as NIO, Ideal, Xiaopeng, Nezha, and Leap are all continuing Release their latest products and conquer every market segment.

Indeed, there is no need to deny Tesla’s combat effectiveness, and if it wants to disrupt China’s new energy vehicle market through a “price war”, there is a high probability that it will see results in the early stage, just like it is now.

But on the other hand, this method of “damaging yourself by 800 and injuring the enemy by 1,000” will definitely not last long. The resilience of China’s new energy vehicle industry chain will also become more tenacious and stronger under the guidance of pressure from all parties and the joint efforts of various enterprises.

Whether Tesla will swallow the “bitter fruit” of the “price war” is not important. What is important is whether domestic auto brands can face up to difficulties, seize opportunities, and break through the cage. After the Shanghai Auto Show, the market development trend gradually became clear. As for the final result, we will wait and see.

China’s BYD 2-second pure electric supercar “million-level” Yangwang U9

During the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Yangwang is definitely one of the most popular booths. In addition to the luxury SUV: Yangwang U8, there is also a 2-second pure electric supercar: Yangwang U9.

Yangwang U9

As a pure electric supercar, the overall shape of Yangwang U9 absorbs the elements of classic supercars, and adopts the design language of “Gate of Time and Space”. The shape of the headlights is inspired by outer space. drag coefficient. The new car adopts a mysterious blue paint, which creates a good sense of luxury.

The low body posture and excellent “aspect ratio” keep the car in an eager attitude at all times, and the opening method of the butterfly door is full of details. The vehicle is equipped with an exaggerated spoiler and diffuser, highlighting its performance. The new car uses Pirelli P ZERO series tires with a specification of 325/30 R21, and is equipped with more complex densely spoked wheels.

The tail design is relatively complicated, using a large-size electric spoiler, and its full name “ULTIMAT9” letter logo is printed on it, and the rear windshield also has a large number of aerodynamic kits.

BYD Yangwang U9
BYD Yangwang U9

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with Yisifang platform technology, provide four-wheel four-motor, 0-100km/h acceleration time reaches 2 seconds, and is equipped with a blade battery. The Yuncar-X technology equipped on the new car can provide powerful chassis control capabilities, taking into account the comfort of the city and the limit of the track, and provide a new driving experience that can be “street or race”.

China BYD new energy vehicles Yangwang U8 with a price starting at 1.098 million

The Shanghai Auto Show is definitely a visual feast not to be missed this year. There will definitely be powerful black horse models soaring into the sky, and at the same time, there will definitely be models that are not sincere enough to be scolded. In short, this year’s Shanghai Auto Show is definitely very lively. Moreover, compared with previous auto shows, this year’s new car manufacturers have definitely gained a firm foothold, especially new energy brands such as BYD, Ideal, and Xiaopeng, which have received a lot of praise.

Yangwang U8

At the Shanghai Auto Show, BYD brought the family’s heavy-duty tough off-road SUV model Yangwang U8 (picture), and just as netizens ridiculed, “The price of Yangwang really makes me look up.” Indeed, the pre-sale price of Yangwang U8 reached 1.098 million yuan , for ordinary consumers, there is really no ability to start, but now the entire domestic market economy is on the right track, and there are more and more families that can afford millions of luxury off-road models. Yangwang moment of U8’s debut, it is absolutely doomed that its road will not be ordinary.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, I also rushed to the scene as soon as possible. According to the latest news, in the three days since the announcement of the pre-sale price, the orders I look forward to have exceeded 200 million units. This achievement may not even be expected by BYD. BYD can imagine This car will definitely perform well, but I didn’t expect it to be so popular. Even today, BYD’s booth still gathers many consumers who want to order a car.

For consumers who like off-road models, a million-level model is definitely acceptable. You must know that BYD looks forward to U8 this time with the blessing of many black technologies, including Yisifang technology and Yunren-P intelligent hydraulic body control system. The two core achievements enable Yang Wang U8 to realize scene functions such as extreme control stability, emergency floating, U-turn in place, and agile steering.

Yangwang U8

Since it is a top off-road SUV model, the whole vehicle will definitely have an extremely good power performance. Yangwang U8, it can be described as “powerful flying brick”. The maximum output power reaches 1199 horsepower, and the fastest acceleration time from 100 kilometers is only 3.6 seconds , and Yangwang U8, what makes people talk about it most is its precise control capability. It is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system based on the Yi Sifang, and the longest comprehensive cruising range under CLTC conditions has reached 1,000 kilometers.

And the most important thing to mention is that the blade battery on the new car also supports up to 110kW DC fast charging. It only takes 18 minutes to charge from 30%-80% fast, which can ensure that the driver can travel worry-free.

As a large SUV model, the length, width, and height of the U8 are 5259mm, 2095mm, and 1930mm respectively, and the wheelbase length is 3050mm. The actual space performance is not inferior to luxury SUVs such as Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Range Rover.

In addition to the extremely strong off-road capability and excellent space, the interior of the vehicle is also equipped with an original 12.8-inch galaxy curved screen, which breaks the restrictions of the previous straight screen on the central control design. The department is also quite sincere. Its deluxe version is equipped with a high-end intelligent driving assistance system equipped with 38 high-precision sensing components, including 3 laser radars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 14 ultrasonic sensors and 16 cameras. The environment perception ability is very strong. .

Yangwang U8

As for its design level, it can be described in two words, that is, “dominant”. As an off-road SUV model, Yangwang U8 has a strong aura. With the addition of the star-studded LED headlights in the shape of “Ji” on the side, it endows this car with a stronger charm, and the details of this car are indeed well done.

Judging from the current domestic new energy vehicle brands, BYD is definitely an epoch-making car company. Its accumulated core technology reserves are far ahead of other domestic independent car companies. It is precisely because of its excellent technical reserves that BYD models are fully blooming. , Why is the price of the whole car 1.098 million still queuing up to buy at the auto show? It is because Chinese people have a very high trust value for this car company, and Chinese people also believe that BYD’s million-level luxury off-road SUV models are absolutely powerful.

Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence, officially released

The top-of-the-line Swedish SUV? Volvo pointed out in the introduction of EX90 Excellence that “it is dedicated to you who prefer to be a passenger”, which undoubtedly shows that this car is a car built for bosses, and it is more suitable for riding rather than driving!

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

As the successor of the XC90, Volvo released the EX90 car series overseas last year, and added the flagship model “EX90 Ecellence” to the car series earlier. The media called it “Maybach from Sweden”!

EX90 Ecellence roughly continues the exterior styling of the standard EX90 model, with a simple style and head and tail lights with strong brand recognition. However, Excellence is specially equipped with Two-Tone two-tone body paint and a 22-inch exclusive forged aluminum ring designed to improve aerodynamic performance, so as to distinguish it in appearance.

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

The cockpit is the focus of the EX90 Ecellence. It adopts a four-seater design, and the rear row is equipped with independent two-seaters. Based on the brand’s flagship “no leather interior” concept, the seat surface and part of the interior are wrapped in woven fabrics, and woolen fabrics or environmentally friendly fiber fabrics are available. Optional.

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

The front end of the armrest uses wood grain design to enhance the texture, and there is a hidden cup holder. The touch interface on the front edge can adjust the seat heating and massage functions. As for the crystal control button, it is the aroma switch in the car, which can switch up to 3 types Aroma, and can be used with ambient lighting to create a comfortable and relaxing riding space.

Volvo's pure electric flagship pure electric SUV - EX90 Excellence
Volvo’s pure electric flagship pure electric SUV – EX90 Excellence

In addition, EX90 Ecellence is equipped with a small refrigerator in the center of the rear seat back, and there is a storage drawer under the rear armrest, which is convenient for placing drinks and cups.

The interior layout of the front row has not changed significantly. It is designed with horizontal lines and a T-shaped center console. There are quite few physical buttons. Most of the operating functions have been integrated into the 14.5-inch touch screen. The original factory also equipped the EX90 Ecellence with Dolby Surround sound B&O sound system.

​The official has not announced the complete power data of the EX90 Ecellence, but only stated that it adopts a dual-motor four-wheel drive configuration. Since China is the first market, according to the CLTC test standard, the battery life can reach 650km. As a supplement, the overseas general version of the EX90 has an output of 517 horsepower, the 111kWh battery pack supports 250kW DC fast charging, and has a cruising range of 600km under the WLTP standard.

China’s BYD pre-sold 1.098 million Yangwang U8, and orders exceeded 13,000 units in two days

Not surprisingly, with the turbulent arrival of the electrification era, at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, new energy vehicles have indeed become the most “eye-catching” existence on the booth. So, since the new energy models have already sung the main theme, how can BYD, which is gradually consolidating its “domestic new energy leading brand” at this time, be missing? Among the many new new energy models unveiled by BYD at the auto show, the product that attracts the most attention is probably the first luxury hardcore off-road SUV U8 that its new high-end brand looks up to!

byd Yangwang U8

After all, even though it has been known for a long time that the price range of Looking Up U8 (picture) will be in the millions, but when it officially opened the pre-sale and gave a pre-sale price of 1.098 million, it still brought a strong shock Effect. You know, in the past, when a domestic car sold for a price of over 400,000, it was often accompanied by a lot of criticism! After looking up to the U8 and directly giving a pre-sale price of over one million; for a while, “BYD is gone”, “No one spends millions to buy a domestic car” and other pessimistic emotions emerge in endlessly. Of course, “slaps in the face” often come so fast! Just when most people looked up to the pre-sale of U8 just to watch the excitement, it only took two days to harvest more than 13,000 orders; it even made the total order amount exceed 100 100 million! Even for the German traditional powerful Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, which have long established the main tone in my country’s luxury car circle, it is basically impossible to obtain such a high order volume in a short period of time! So, what are the hard core strengths of U8, which can quickly “slap in the face” everyone looking up to? Now, let us take a closer look at this product.

Yangwang U8

First of all, let’s review its appearance together, looking forward to U8 will be based on the “Gate of Time and Space” design language. Its tough and burly figure throughout can fully interpret its setting as a hard-core off-road SUV. Moreover, as a new energy model, its dot-matrix air intake grille with interstellar headlights, coupled with the corresponding dot-matrix taillights at the rear and the D-pillar energy tower design for intelligent interaction, are also sufficient to demonstrate its high-end technical level . In addition, Yangwang U8 also adopts a self-developed non-load-bearing body structure, combined with 38 vehicle intelligent sensing components, 3 laser radars, 5 millimeter-wave radars and 14 ultrasonic radars (including 2 wading detection sensors) And hardware such as 16 cameras, will also make its smart off-road SUV style fully presented in front of our eyes.

And when we turned our eyes to the interior of the car, looking up at the shocking effect brought by U8 can not lose its appearance at all. Because, the interior of Yangwang U8 not only has the original 12.8-inch Galaxy curved screen, but also adds a car-grade curved OLED central control screen with a screen curvature as low as R800; supplemented by Yangwang Link intelligent network connection system, 70-inch AR-HUD, smart Equipped with voice, four-tone zone voice interaction and multi-scene mode, it can further interpret the top intelligence level that its luxurious new energy cockpit should have.

As for its passenger performance, with the body measurements of 531920501930mm and the wheelbase of 3050mm, it has the ample interior space that a large SUV should have. Moreover, U8 can actively support the waist and flanks according to the real-time road condition information, providing stronger support for the user’s waist and back; especially in bumpy off-road conditions, it has a good sense of coverage, so as to provide experienced off-road players with Smart follow-up seat for more control fun. Coupled with the ultra-quiet NVH quality, Hi-End audio system and active fragrance system and other configurations, it fully reveals the luxurious style of the car.

Of course, in addition to the luxury model, Wang Wang U8 is also a hardcore off-road SUV, which also shows that its performance will also become the focus of attention from the outside world. With the blessing of the latest “Easy Sifang” plug-in hybrid power system, Yangwang U8 will have four-wheel independent motors; moreover, the total output horsepower of its four-wheel independent motors has reached an astonishing 1,100 horsepower, making this car longer than 5 The “big guy” SUV of Mi 3 even has the highest zero-hundred score of 3.6S. In addition, in addition to the non-load-bearing body structure that is necessary for hard-core off-road SUVs mentioned above, it is also equipped with scene functions that can realize high-speed cornering, extreme stability, tire burst control, emergency floating, U-turn in place, and agile steering. The unique four-wheel independent torque vector control system and the cloud car-P intelligent hydraulic body control system with the ability to reach a maximum wading depth of 1 meter can still be completed without a wading hose. It can be said that even if you look at the global hardcore off-road SUV field, looking up at the performance of the U8 is amazing enough.

Yangwang U8

It is worth mentioning that one of the important reasons why the outside world was not optimistic about new energy hard-core off-road SUVs earlier is that after the battery energy consumption of pure electric models has decayed, not only will the performance level also decay; People can’t control the cruising range, which leads to the problem of “it’s fine when you come, but you can’t go back”. Looking up at U8, there is obviously no such trouble. Because, as a plug-in hybrid model under the “Easy Sifang” technology, the battery capacity attenuation will not cause its performance to attenuate accordingly, and it has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1000km under CLTC conditions. Even in pure electric mode, it has a cruising range of 180km under CLTC conditions; you must know that such pure electric cruising range has almost reached the “ceiling” level of current plug-in hybrid models! In addition, looking up to the blade battery on the U8, it also supports DC fast charging up to 110kW, allowing it to charge from 30% to 80% in as little as 18 minutes. The V2L external discharge function with a maximum discharge power of 6kW greatly enhances the protection of outdoor power supply when it meets the needs of camping.

Generally speaking, if you don’t have a deep understanding of U8’s many technological breakthroughs and see its pre-sale price starting at 1.098 million, you will really feel that BYD is “floating”! But when we really understand BYD’s more than 20 years of technical reserves, we look forward to U8’s outstanding performance in terms of performance, interior luxury, and overall design; look back at its price of over one million, It seems to be enough to explain why it makes the “slap in the face” come so quickly!