In a repair shop in a small town in Guangdong, a completely damaged YangWang U8 car was moved in. It had once been unique in the country, but now it stood here, in tatters, like a former king driven into the mud.


The body of this YangWang U8 vehicle was severely damaged, and it is speculated that it was caused by the rollover of the Hunan Expressway Transport Truck. Under unusual circumstances like this, insurance companies usually under-estimate a total loss, but this case was completely different. The insurance company actually sold the total loss car to a repair shop. When the owner of the repair shop learned about this, he immediately realized the business opportunity.

In the market, YangWang U8 is highly sought after, and its value retention rate is extremely high. Therefore, the price of parts for a total loss car is much higher than that of other brands.

Instead of discarding the total loss or scrapping it completely, the garage owner viewed it as a valuable resource. They began to dismantle the car and discovered a surprising fact: after dismantling the YangWang U8, they obtained approximately 18,000 parts! Although some spare parts are slightly damaged, they can still be sold at higher prices in the market.

For repair shop owners, the YangWang U8 market can be described as a seller’s market, and spare parts for total losses are scarce, which brings them huge business opportunities.

They can obtain high-value rare parts from total-loss cars, and the market demand for dismantled parts of total-loss cars is also very strong.

After disassembly, original parts are particularly attractive because they are more popular in the market, highly reliable and affordable, thus attracting more YangWang U8 owners and repair shops to buy them. In addition, the large battery pack under the chassis was not damaged and was wrapped with CTB technology. It was only slightly scratched, so it has high added value.

For large battery packs, their value is immeasurable. BYD’s power battery technology enjoys a global reputation. The large battery pack is worth 70,000 to 80,000 yuan on the market and has high profit potential.

The repair shop owner has already planned to remove the large battery pack and sell it, which is expected to be the first choice for the next YangWang U8 owner who needs to replace it.

In addition to the large battery pack, this total loss car also has many other valuable parts, such as China Ding headlights, lidar, cameras and other undamaged parts, as well as high-quality accessories, such as the 21-inch Continental Road Silent Tires, ceramic brake calipers, range extenders, etc. These parts have a very high value in the market.

Author’s point of view:

As a car enthusiast, I was shocked and excited about this. The actions of the garage owners demonstrated their business vision and innovative spirit.

Instead of treating total-loss cars as waste, they turned them into huge business opportunities through meticulous dismantling. This creative approach not only brings considerable profits to the repair shop, but also provides YangWang U8 owners with more repair options, promotes the recycling of auto parts, and is also a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Netizen comments:

Netizens gave mixed reviews to the incident. Some people believe that the repair shop owner’s approach is too commercial and lacks consideration for vehicle safety and environmental protection. They are worried that this treatment method will lead to more waste of auto parts.

But some people believe that this is an inevitable result of market competition. Repair shop owners are just taking advantage of market opportunities to realize their own economic interests. This is a normal phenomenon in the development of enterprises.


Through this incident, we cannot help but reflect on the value and use of cars. A car that is deemed a total loss has no value in the eyes of the insurance company, but in the eyes of the repair shop owner it is a gold mine full of treasures. This changing way of thinking not only brings economic benefits, but also provides new ideas for the reuse of auto parts. We should cherish and treat every car more, so that they can still glow with new vitality after the end of their service life and make greater contributions to our society and environment.

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