A letter to YunNian players

BYD FCB 5YunNian flagship version has officially started delivery, let us find out what makes YunNian different!

Part 1: Suspension Height Adjustment

1. Manual adjustment

The suspension height of the YunNian-P standard version can be manually adjusted in two ways: you can enter the “YunNian APP” through the “YunNian” icon on the desktop of the central control screen, or adjust it through the adjustment lever below the central control screen. The suspension height can be switched in three gears: standard (N), high (H) and low (L).

2. Adjust with speed

In addition to manual adjustment, the YunNian-P standard version has a height adjustment function with speed. It can set or enter different initial heights in different driving modes. The suspension height will be automatically adjusted according to the speed when the vehicle is driving.
The altitude adjustment strategies with speed are different in driving mode and off-road mode. In some off-road modes, the speed can be reduced to return to the target altitude.
The suspension does not respond to height and speed and manual adjustments in racing mode.

Part 2: Special Function Mode

1.Super high mode

Ultra-high mode is suitable for special scenarios such as vehicle underpinnings that require the suspension to continue to rise. It is an auxiliary driving function and cannot be used as a regular driving mode. Please do not use it unless necessary.
You can manually trigger the ultra-high function in the following way: depress the brake pedal while parking and move the suspension adjustment lever (physical button) switch for 7 seconds. The ultra-high function instruction window will pop up on the central control screen. Please read and confirm whether to enter the ultra-high function. High functionality.

2. Comfort control

The comfort control function can improve riding comfort. This mode is divided into three control modes: “weak”, “moderate” and “strong”. You can manually turn it on or off through the “YunNian APP” on the central control screen or vehicle settings.

3. Maintenance mode

You can open an account through “YunNian APP” on the central control screen or the vehicle settings or turn off the maintenance mode. After turning on the maintenance mode, the suspension will be fixed at the current height. When the vehicle is stationary, if the suspension is in a suspended state or abnormally lifted state , the maintenance mode will automatically turn on.
Be sure to turn on the maintenance mode before the vehicle is lifted or jacked up.

Part 3: Description of functions to be upgraded via OTA

The YunNian-P standard version is an evolvable hydraulic body control system that continuously optimizes the algorithm and improves the driving experience by learning body control strategies under different working conditions.
In the future, innovative functions such as smart welcome, convenient retrieval, ultra-low gear, and camping leveling will be launched for you to realize multi-dimensional cross-space intelligent interaction and provide personalized experience, so stay tuned.

Part 4: Things to note

1. Before adjusting the suspension height, be sure to check under the car and the surrounding environment in advance to ensure that there are no people or obstacles to avoid accidents.
2. During the suspension height adjustment process, there may be sounds and vibrations accompanying the system operation, which is normal.
3. If the suspension height is frequently adjusted, it may enter the protection state. At this time, the suspension will not be able to continue height adjustment and you need to wait before continuing to use it.
4. When using the ultra-high mode, the vehicle tires will appear slightly toe-in due to changes in suspension height, which is normal and does not represent a malfunction.
5. When the vehicle height is in the high/ultra-high gear, the center of gravity of the vehicle will also increase accordingly. Please operate with caution. When placing luggage on the roof rack, do not use the high/ultra-high gear.
6. After the vehicle is parked for a long time, the suspension height may be reduced. Before starting the vehicle, please confirm whether the vehicle body interferes. After the vehicle is started, the suspension will automatically adjust to the original height.
7. Suspension height adjustment will be inhibited in the following situations: door opening, parking on a steep slope, deep braking/acceleration pedal pressing, charging and discharging, etc.
8. The ground clearance and vehicle height values in YunNian APP are values converted based on changes in the height sensor. Under different loads, different slopes, different temperatures and different road surfaces, the super height will be slightly different. This is a normal phenomenon.
9. The YunNian-P standard version of the intelligent hydraulic body control system involves multiple sensor sensing of the entire vehicle. Please do not modify the suspension (such as springs, shock absorbers, accumulators, swing arms, etc.) without permission. If you have any questions, please contact us. Contact your local store or customer service.
10. Please do not perform suspension maintenance operations by yourself. If you encounter any problems, please contact the local store.

Introducing: My wintering companion BYD FCB 5

When the temperature drops below freezing, there is no need to hibernate at home. Make an appointment with your wintering partner BYD FCB 5 to travel safely together and enjoy the winter.

The cold wind is howling, and you are worried about shivering in the cold when you get in the car? The warm-hearted partner BYD FCB 5 is online. You can remotely turn on the air conditioning, heating, seat heating and steering wheel heating with your mobile phone. You can enjoy the warmth of the spring breeze as soon as you sit down.

Are you still worried about the failure of the electric pedals in the “quick freezing” weather? The ice-breaking partner BYD FCB 5 is online. When resistance is detected, the electric pedals will break the ice three times to ensure convenient and stable getting on and off the vehicle in the cold winter!

The cold wave is coming, and the intestines and stomach are also “frozen and crying”? The health partner BYD FCB 5 is online, equipped with a 4.5L capacity compressor cooling and heating refrigerator, which can remotely turn on 35~50 degrees Celsius heating, and also supports power-off memory and delayed power-off functions. Dispel the cold with healthy hot drinks anytime, anywhere.

Self-driving skiing, worried about nowhere to store your equipment? BYD FCB 5, your snow play partner, is here to help. The seats are folded down, and the trunk volume can be expanded to 1069L. You can easily load snowboards and vacation luggage, and you can have a good time in the wind and snow.

14 Most Concerned Issues for BYD FCB Users


01. Regarding YunNian:

Q: When can the YunNian version be seen or delivered in the store?

A: The flagship version of fcb 5 YunNian is expected to be showcased in stores in early January 2024. You are welcome to come and taste it at that time. Batch delivery is expected to start in mid to late January, please stay tuned.

02. Regarding vehicles

Q: What should I do if ETC keeps showing that the service is being upgraded and cannot be used?
A: If your vehicle shows that the ETC service is being upgraded and cannot be activated, please go to the BYD FCB Automotive Sales Service Center to upgrade the vehicle’s infotainment. Once the upgrade is completed, it can be activated. This situation will be improved after subsequent OTA updates, please stay tuned.

Q: How does the dashboard exit simple mode?
A: How many schemes are used for the instrument of FCB 5. When the host is restarted or other situations occur that cause the central control to restart, the instrument panel will enter simple mode. In this mode, the instrument panel can continue to display driving related information normally without affecting the normal driving of the entire vehicle. After the system is normal, it may automatically exit the simple mode. If you have been in simple mode for a long time, you can try the following operations to switch back to normal instrument mode:
① Press and hold the multimedia scroll button on the auxiliary instrument panel for 3 seconds to restart the instrument information display system;
② After confirming the safety of the vehicle, operate the vehicle start switch to turn off the engine and then switch back to the “OK” gear.
If the instrument panel still displays simple mode after performing the above operations, it is recommended to contact the Equation Leopard Automotive Sales Service Center in a timely manner to check the vehicle.

Q: When will the leopard turn around and camping mode open?
A: The vehicle can be used normally in four scenario modes: camping mode, rest mode, screen wiping mode, and co driving mode (passenger seat). Leopard turn around mode and extreme endurance mode need to wait for subsequent OTA upgrades, and the specific time will be notified later.

Q: How should intelligent and forced power protection be set under different working conditions?
A: Intelligent battery protection: prioritize fuel economy while balancing the demand for battery maintenance; Compulsory battery protection: Priority should be given to battery maintenance, with SOC as close as possible to the set value; You can set it according to your own needs.

Q: After restarting the driving mode, it automatically returns to the economy mode and needs to be reset every time. Can this be optimized?
A: When the vehicle’s battery level is high, the vehicle will automatically switch to EV mode when powered on. It is recommended that you prioritize using EV mode. When the vehicle’s battery level is moderate, the vehicle will be powered on
Remember your last power mode (EV/HEV). At present, the vehicle supports powertrain (EV/HEV) memory function, but does not currently support driving mode memory. The default mode of the vehicle is economy mode.

Q: What is the situation where the turbocharger burns red?
A: Turbochargers only turn red when working under heavy loads, and similar situations may occur in models with turbocharging in the industry. The turbocharger of FCB 5 has complete thermal protection measures around it, and the surrounding components are made of high temperature resistant materials. At the same time, our front cabin is equipped with measures to prevent foreign objects from falling in, and has also undergone a lot of road and extreme working condition tests. Please rest assured.

Q:Why does FCB 5 beam rust?
A: The FCB 5 beam adopts automated welding technology. Due to the use of silicon manganese as a deoxidizer in standard welding wires, the yellow rust like substance on the beam is the silicon manganese oxide generated by the deoxidizer in standard welding wires, which adheres to the surface of the weld after cooling. Due to the non-conductivity of silicon manganese oxide, it cannot be electrophoretically painted, but it does not affect the rust prevention of the chassis. Please rest assured that we will continue to optimize the production process and minimize it as much as possible
Oxide adhesion enhances product aesthetics.

03. Other issues

Q: The promotion of fuel consumption and owner certification in the APP is up to January 31st. What if I am unable to pick up the car and participate?
A: The fuel consumption and the owner certification of DCD&Autohome are both phased activities. Currently, the second phase of the owner certification activity is being planned. In addition, BYD FCB will also launch more interactive activities in the future. Stay tuned and stay tuned.

Q: Can I still view order details and delivery progress on the mini program/APP if I directly order a car at a car show or store without placing an order on the app?
A: No, it must be paid from the app or mini program to view orders on the app or mini program.

Q: FCB 5 is equipped with a tow hook, do I need to take the C6 driver’s license test?
A: The optional trailer hook does not require a C6 driver’s license, but if you want to tow a motorhome on the road, you need to obtain a C6 driver’s license.

Q: There is no BYD FCB service store in my city yet, what about after-sales maintenance after picking up the car?
A: You can make an appointment to find BYD FCB stores that have already implemented after-sales functions on the official APP/mini program [My Store Query] page. For cities that have not yet covered after-sales functions, we will also authorize high-quality after-sales stores under BYD Group to provide you with after-sales service. Please pay attention to the subsequent official news.

Q: The vehicle has arrived at the store and cannot be picked up temporarily. What’s going on?
A: After the vehicle arrives at the store, there will be a period of time for pre delivery inspection and preparation of all vehicle procedures. Please be patient during this period.

Q: There are already product cars waiting to be delivered in the store, why can’t they be given priority to me?
A: FCB 5 adopts a customized production method, and each vehicle produced matches the corresponding customer’s order. Please be patient and we will deliver to you in the order of your order.

BYD Fengbao 5 is priced at RMB 280,000-350,000. Whose cheese is being touched?

As soon as the BYD Formula Leopard 5 was launched, it attracted a surprising number of orders from car enthusiasts.

BYD has adopted a Tesla-like strategy this time, bringing high performance and advanced technology down to a more widely accepted price range. These were originally millions of levels of performance and technology, but are now available to consumers at a mass price range of less than 500,000 yuan, which is extremely competitive.

According to feedback from car owners, the Great Wall tank is not the most anxious thing, because BYD Formula Leopard 5 does not consider the off-road vehicle market segment.

Why don’t we buy off-road vehicles?

It’s not that off-road vehicles aren’t big enough, tall enough, luxurious enough, eye-catching enough, or practical enough.

It’s because the price is too high and the fuel consumption is too high.

Why do we buy SUVs?

It’s not because SUVs are big enough, tall enough, luxurious enough, or practical enough.

It’s because SUVs are better than cars of the same class in terms of comfort, luxury and practicality, and are reasonably priced and have decent fuel consumption.

BYD’s Formula Leopard 5 will directly affect luxury compact SUVs in the same price range, such as the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC, as well as mid-size SUVs from ordinary brands, such as the Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer. Of course, some Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series customers may turn to BYD Formula Leopard 5, but the specific proportion is difficult to predict.

Therefore, the Great Wall tank performs well and is a huge improvement over traditional off-road vehicles. The Tank 300 can be purchased at less than half the price and has even slightly better off-road performance than the Wrangler.


BYD Formula Leopard 5 real car enthusiast test drive experience

After BYD Fang Leopard 5 announced the price, judging from the feedback from car enthusiasts, the test drive experience was generally positive. At the same time, they also pointed out some shortcomings of the Formula Leopard 5 compared to competing products (especially Tanks 400-500). Now please listen to two test drive friends share their test drive experiences.

Car Friend 1: From blind order for test drive to large order

I personally have no off-road needs, I just like the appearance of the square box and the high sitting position. I drive on national highways every day and there are many vehicles, so I think the design with girder is safer. I chose 20-inch wheels, electric pedals (mainly because my wife insisted) and towing qualifications (mainly to keep a certain distance from the cars behind me).

The reasons why I chose this car are as follows:

There is no need for off-roading. I tested the Tank 500 hi4T and the Formula Leopard 5, and the driving experience of the Formula Leopard 5 was better in urban driving. From the appearance design point of view, the shape of the Formula Leopard 5 is more in line with my aesthetics. If I were older, the Tank 500 might be more suitable for me.

This is my first time to buy a new energy vehicle. I feel that since I have chosen a new energy vehicle, I should be more thorough and not choose a gearbox and drive shaft. However, the infrastructure here is relatively poor (although home charging piles can be installed in the community). Considering the issue of long-distance battery life, I still need an engine.

The experience of Devialet audio is very good. I think this set of speakers is very suitable for listening to pure bass music. For vocals, the performance is quite satisfactory and not particularly amazing. The refrigerator in the car is heated, which is very convenient for my wife who often rides with me, especially on those few days each month when she can have hot water or hot drinks.

There is enough space inside the car for anyone in the family who is not particularly tall or strong. I take about two long-distance trips a year (about 800km each way), usually with 3 adults and a child. Although the trunk is a little short, it is tall enough, the interior layout is reasonable, and it is enough for my needs. The size of this car is just right for me. If it were larger, it would be inconvenient to park in the city.

Most importantly, I am very satisfied with the sales service. I believe that the quality of a company’s customer service directly affects the sales of its products. After I made the blind order, the salesperson added me on WeChat and kept in communication with me during this period. This is also the direct reason why I gave up the Tank 500 and finally chose the Equation Leopard 5.

There are a few shortcomings of this car that I can’t complain about:

1. The in-car entertainment system does not have a mobile phone interconnection function, and people who are used to this function need to adapt again. Compared with other BYD models, the Fang Leopard 5 lacks this feature, and we hope that future OTA upgrades can improve it.

2. The rear seats may be to consider the flatness in the later period. The sitting position is relatively low, the thickness of the sponge is average, and the seat length is average. There is no obvious advantage compared with ordinary household SUVs, but it is indeed not as good as the rear seat of the Equation Leopard 500. The seats are comfortable.

3. This is the first time I drive a vehicle equipped with a frame. The left and right swings are large. It feels very comfortable when driving on non-paved roads. However, on paved roads, the rear seat riding experience may not be comfortable. There is currently no price for the nitrogen shock absorber option provided in the store. We hope that replacing the nitrogen shock absorber can improve this problem.

Rider 2: No reservation after test drive

Driver 2’s test drive experience and non-booking:

Ride: The front and rear double wishbone suspension makes the ride feel very comfortable, which is really good. The NVH (noise, vibration and stiffness) inside the car also feels okay, similar to Tang DMI or DMP. The length of the rear seats is not short either. The comfort and luxury of the interior are much higher than those of ordinary hardcore off-road vehicles. However, rear seat passengers are susceptible to motion sickness.

Driving: The initial acceleration is very strong, but it will bring a sense of dizziness, very agile, a bit similar to the feeling of Tang DMP. The suspension system feels soft (mid-range), after all, the weight of the vehicle is there. During the test drive, the car was full of people, and people queued for a day to test drive. The overall driving experience is actually not as good as the Tang DMP equipped with Yunhu C.

Before the test drive, a comparison was made with the Touareg. From a price point of view, Touareg can only be sold through information asymmetry. Whether it is chassis texture, acceleration performance or interior noise, Tang DMP has completely surpassed the Touareg. It can only be said that the Touareg’s chassis feels slightly better than the Formula Leopard, but the performance of the Formula Leopard as a non-load-bearing chassis surprised me. Going to try it another day.

Driving experience: rapid acceleration and stable chassis. But the suspension system is not stable enough and it still feels a bit like driving a boat.

The time is too short, the car is full of people, and many radical driving styles are not dared to be tried. We need to go again next time to explore this point in more depth.

Overall experience: The Formula Leopard has reached such a level in the hardcore off-road field, far exceeding the common Road Cruiser and Prado. I once specifically looked for a Tank 300. Whether it was the luxury of the interior or the noise inside the car, the Fangbao was obviously better. The above-mentioned models have been ridden or driven for at least a whole day, and this test drive of the Fang Leopard requires further in-depth experience. Evaluations from self-media cannot be taken at face value and can only be used as a reference. The professional level of many self-media is so poor that they don’t even understand what DMO is and start talking nonsense. It is better to experience it for yourself. What suits you is the best.

From a personal point of view, in one word, it’s great to drive! The visibility is high, the acceleration is fast, the noise is low, the power is always available, the braking is linear, and the driving quality is almost as good as that of an ordinary city SUV. If you install the Yunhu P and adjust it a little harder on the road, you can completely achieve the driving quality of an ordinary SUV. The softness and hardness of the suspension cannot be adjusted for mid- to low-end configurations. However, after replacing 20-inch road tires, the texture of the paved road should be improved. In addition, it is a pity that I was not able to experience the U-turn performance of the Equation Leopard this time.


For commuting, I recommend choosing the lowest configuration. Unless you particularly care about the massage function and HUD (heads-up display). The front lock (differential lock) is rarely used under normal road conditions. If you have high requirements for driving quality, you can directly choose to upgrade the suspension system Yunhu P. No matter how it is promoted, the soft and hard adjustment of the suspension has a huge impact on the comfort of road driving. As for real off-road needs, sorry, I can’t provide an opinion because I don’t know if you are an off-road enthusiast.

Sharing of BYD Feng Leopard 5 owners’ selection strategies

After confirming the purchase of Leopard 5, I plan to make a decision and share some personal views on the options:

1. Standard R18 road tires
If you mainly commute in the city or make small trips within a 200-kilometer radius of your residence, only drive long distances once or twice a year, do not engage in intense off-roading, and drive on non-paved roads for a long time, then there is no need to replace the tires.

You should know that all tests before the Leopard 5 was launched basically used R18 tires, which shows from the side that this specification is most in line with the design concept. If you like off-roading, then R18 tires are more suitable for modification.

Compared with R18, the diameter of R20 is increased by two inches, which is equivalent to an increase in radius of 2.54cm. In theory, it will increase the corresponding height, and will also lead to a corresponding increase in energy consumption and noise. If you are interested in 6-piston calipers, ventilated brake discs and a fully enclosed spare tire package, you can choose to voluntarily choose them. Don’t complain about the high price, after all, these options are clearly priced.

2. It is recommended to choose a trailer hook
Don’t listen to some people who say that you will spend two or three hundred to modify it later. Can you mark it on your driving license after modification? Can it be protected by the rules? Can I safely and legally tow a car under 2.5 tons around without worrying about police inspection? To put it bluntly,

When you sell a second-hand car, you can also loudly advertise that “it comes with a tow hook, and you get it when you buy the car”, right?

3. Chassis armor
I squatted down and felt the original chassis in the physical store, and it seemed that there was no 3mm armor thickness.

However, as long as you don’t go to extreme wild areas, there should be no problem on ordinary non-paved roads. If you are worried, you can choose optional chassis armor.

In addition, since the armor is segmented, you can directly purchase the battery pack separately to thicken it later, which should save some money.

Three pictures reveal the driving mode and fuel consumption of Fang Leopard

The first mode: pure electric mode.

When the battery capacity does not reach the set battery status (SOC) value, the vehicle is in pure electric mode.

In this mode, the fuel consumption is basically 0, and it consumes 21-26 kWh per 100 kilometers.

Three pictures reveal the driving mode and fuel consumption of Fang Leopard

The second mode: engine charging mode.

In hybrid HEV mode, the generator charges the battery, which drives the vehicle. Usually occurs when the battery SOC value reaches the set value.

In this mode, fuel consumption is basically 3-4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Three pictures reveal the driving mode and fuel consumption of Fang Leopard

The third mode: engine direct drive mode.

This situation occurs in hybrid HEV mode. When the battery power is lower than the battery SOC value, the vehicle is in a state of insufficient power and the engine directly drives the vehicle.

In this mode, fuel consumption is basically 7-9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Three pictures reveal the driving mode and fuel consumption of Fang Leopard

BYD’s FCB brand has launched its first model, the P5, targeting the new energy off-road market

The FCB brand has attracted significant attention within the industry since its official launch in August this year. On November 9th, FCB’s first model, the P5, was launched in Beijing. The new car is positioned as a mid-size SUV with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, and it is available in three versions, ranging in price from 289,800 yuan to 352,800 yuan.


Among them, the P5 Explorer Edition is priced at 289,800 yuan, the Navigator Edition is priced at 309,800 yuan, and the Yun Nian Flagship Edition is priced at 352,800 yuan. The P5 Explorer Edition and Navigator Edition are scheduled for mass delivery in November, while the Yun Nian Flagship Edition will begin deliveries in January 2024.

FCB is a personalized brand under BYD, targeting the new energy off-road segment. Within BYD’s internal lineup, FCB is positioned higher than the BYD Dynasty and Ocean series but lower than the Yuan Wang. It runs parallel to the Tang series, but its off-road positioning distinguishes it from the more household-oriented Tang.

Currently, the domestic market for new energy off-road SUVs has become a new trend, with products such as the Great Wall Tank, Dongfeng Mengshi, Haval Mingshi, Chery Exploration 06, and Jetour Traveler joining the competition. In this context, the FCB brand will shoulder the responsibility of capturing this segment for BYD. While the Yuan Wang brand within BYD also targets the off-road SUV market, its price tag of over one million yuan makes it difficult to achieve high sales volume.

In the increasingly fierce competition, the P5, as FCB’s first model, has high expectations. To meet diverse customer demands, the P5 offers three versions: the Explorer Edition, Navigator Edition, and Yun Nian Flagship Edition, available in seven color options and three interior colors.

In terms of performance, the P5 is the first production model from FCB to be equipped with the DMO Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform. It consists of a new hybrid non-load-bearing architecture and a dedicated hybrid architecture for off-road use, providing the vehicle with the reliability and power needed for off-road capabilities. The P5 also features the Yun Nian-P system, which debuted on the BYD Yuan U8, providing the vehicle with greater off-road expandability and enhancing overall driving comfort in various scenarios. Official data shows that the P5 has a maximum power output of 505 kW and a system torque of 760 N·m, surpassing the performance of traditional 5.0T combustion engines, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration in the 4-second range. Additionally, based on the electric four-wheel-drive system, the P5 can accurately identify changes in ground adhesion, enabling it to have excellent off-road capabilities such as rapid response, strong traction, and extreme climbing ability.

In terms of efficiency, thanks to the energy consumption control of the DMO Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform, the P5 has a combined power consumption of 7.8L/100km and a comprehensive range of over 1200 km. Furthermore, the 6 kW external power discharge function allows the P5 to act as a mobile power source, and it can also be equipped with a 2.5T towing qualification to meet outdoor camping and trailer needs.

In terms of intelligence, the P5 features L2+ level intelligent driving assistance functions, including over 20 active safety features covering driving, parking, and multi-angle warnings in the front, rear, and sides, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot detection, among others. The P5’s FiLink intelligent cockpit adopts a new UI design and introduces 3D control with driving mode rendering, a full-scenario intelligent voice system with support for four sound zones, and a smart five-screen system consisting of an instrument panel, central control screen, passenger entertainment screen, HUD head-up display, and streaming media rearview mirror. It supports multi-screen interconnection and global gesture operation.

In terms of battery safety, the P5 is equipped with BYD’s ultra-safe blade battery, which features a 5-layer protection structure and a double-loop protection system, providing bottom impact resistance of up to 1200J.

While introducing new products, FCB also stated its commitment to improving service levels. According to the introduction, FCB has established three types of stores based on different user needs: Sales Service Centers, MINI Centers, and Retail Centers, which respond to various consumers’ personalized requirements through different service functions. Currently, FCB’s initial 70 stores have all begun trial operations, and by 2023, FCB plans to open and operate 80 stores in nearly 40 cities, achieving a total of 150 stores in over 80 cities.

With the rapid development of the new energy off-road SUV market, the addition of the FCB brand is expected to further enhance BYD’s market performance. Data shows that fromAugust to October 2023, FCB received over 20,000 pre-orders for the P5. The brand aims to capture a significant share of the new energy off-road SUV market and establish itself as a strong competitor among other popular models in the segment.