YangWang U9 real cars are arriving in stores one after another. Is it considered the performance ceiling of Chinese-made cars?

Part 1 Preface

High-end performance sports cars often represent the car-making technology of a brand or even a country. Nowadays, more and more independent brands are rapidly rising and are constantly impacting the high-end, launching their own performance flagship models. Those million-level supercars that were once out of reach have gradually come closer to the public. BYD’s new coupe YangWang U9 is one of them.

As BYD’s high-end new energy brand, YangWang attracts countless attention every time it launches a new car. There is YangWang U8 in the front and YangWang U9 in the back. The attention has always been high. Recently, many consumers have seen the real appearance of YangWang U9 in offline physical stores, which means that the launch date of YangWang U9 is approaching. So, what are the highlights of this new car, and can it be considered to be on the domestic performance ceiling? Let’s take a look together.

Part 2 Appearance:Who doesn’t want to take a second look?

As a supercar, its appearance must be eye-catching, and YangWang U9 has achieved this. The new car adopts the “Gateway of Time and Space” design language. The shape of the headlights is inspired by outer space. The style is sharp and recognizable. The front hood is also designed with multiple raised ribs, full of fighting atmosphere, and the iconic Oracle word “electricity” The LOGO also reflects strong traditional Chinese cultural elements, and the entire front of the car brings a strong visual impact.

Looking down, the grille part of YangWang U9 adopts a three-section design. The size of the air guide grooves on both sides is relatively large. The middle part is equipped with a flat air inlet. The lower part adopts a shovel-shaped design and carbon fiber elements, further Highlights the sporty feel.

On the side of the body, YangWang U9 vividly displays the essence of a supercar. The body adopts a classic body proportion structure, and the low-lying and swooping posture of the body presents a dynamic effect that is eager to take action. In addition, the lines formed by the combination of the fenders and the lower edge of the side windows are elegant and dynamic, and a large number of aerodynamic kits are used. The most eye-catching thing is the opening method of the butterfly door. As soon as the door is opened, the atmosphere is instantly filled.

According to the latest declaration information, the length, width and height of YangWang U9 are 4966/2029/1295 (1338) mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2900mm, the wheel size is 275/35 R21 and 325/30 R21, and it will also be available in a variety of colors of brake calipers.

At the rear of the car, the design of the YangWang U9 is also very radical. In addition to a large electric spoiler, it is also equipped with an exaggerated diffuser design, showing the excellent performance of the new car. Moreover, the through-type blackened taillights further stretch the horizontal visual width of the rear of the car, which is quite eye-catching when lit.

Part 3 Interior: Can the sense of technology be integrated with combat style?

Coming inside the car, the biggest feeling that YangWang U9 gives us is that it perfectly integrates the combat atmosphere with the sense of technology. A large area of the interior is wrapped in suede material, which is in line with the tone of a supercar. Although this interior is very different from the YangWang U8 in terms of details, the design concept is basically the same.

The center console of YangWang U9 adopts a symmetrical layout and provides a three-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, a suspended full LCD instrument panel, a vertically laid out central control screen and a suspended co-pilot entertainment screen. The bottom of the operating table is also hollowed out to expand the storage space.

Judging from the actual car, YangWang U9 adopts a two-seater layout in terms of seats. There are stitching decorations on the seats. It looks good in terms of wrapping and support. However, there is currently no official information on the specific functionality. .

We mentioned earlier that the YangWang U9 will adopt a butterfly door frameless door design. From the inside, some line decorations are also added to the doors, echoing the lines on the seats. In addition, there is some carbon fiber trim on the door sills.

Part 4 Power: Is the electric coupe powerful enough?

For a supercar, the power performance and handling performance of the vehicle itself should be what everyone pays most attention to. As an electric supercar, how does YangWang U9 perform in this regard?

According to the latest application information, YangWang U9 will be equipped with YiSiFang platform technology, providing four wheels and four motors. The maximum power of the four motors is 240kW, and the combined power is 960kW, which is 1306 horsepower. The official 0-100km/h acceleration can It reaches 2 seconds and will be matched with a blade battery. The comprehensive battery life may exceed 1,000km. This kind of power, acceleration, and battery life performance are already very good among models of the same class.

I don’t know if you still remember that as early as the YangWang U9 press conference, this ultra-luxury sports car performed a “dance” live, and then took off on the spot. In fact, this is due to the fact that it is equipped with the more complex YunNian-X intelligent electromagnetic body control system, which is also the flagship product of BYD Yunnan’s technology series. With it, YangWang U9 can not only “dance”, but also achieve “three-wheel normal driving”, as well as the “jumping on the spot” demonstrated at the press conference. Compared with Porsche Active Ride, YunNian-X, which was released earlier, has advanced technology It is more mature and has richer functions.

Part 5 Conclusion

From the current point of view, although the YangWang U9 is an electric supercar, it has absorbed the classic design and essence of a fuel coupe on the one hand, and on the other hand it has not lost its powerful power performance. It is absolutely perfect to drive such a car on the road. 100% return rate. However, with a million-level price, it is destined to be beyond the reach of the general public, and future sales should not be too high. However, the existence of YangWang U9 can enhance YangWang’s brand power and help it stabilize its position in the high-end market. I don’t know what you think of this new car, so let’s have a chat.

Equipped with 135-degree battery, YangWang U7 real car exposed

The official image of YangWang Auto’s third model U7 has been released. The car is positioned as a million-level flagship new energy sedan. After it is launched, it will compete with Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, etc.

Recently, the actual car of YangWang U7 has been exposed. Its front face adopts a family-style design language called “Gateway of Time and Space”. The unique C-shaped light group and the through-type air intake below look very recognizable.

At the same time, the car adopts the closed front grille commonly used in new energy vehicles, and the front hatch is designed with multiple raised ribs to embellish it. It has a strong sporty atmosphere, and the wind resistance is only 0.195Cd, making it the lowest mass-produced car in the world.

Based on the previously exposed real car pictures, it can be seen that the YangWang U7 has a body size of 5265mm/1998mm/1517mm, a wheelbase of 3160mm, and is very slender when viewed from the side. It is equipped with hidden door handles, and is supplemented by chrome decorative parts around the windows. The style wheels also further enhance its sense of luxury.

The roof adopts a fastback design, but it is not the style of a GT sedan. Therefore, the tailgate is in a traditional style rather than a hatchback. The overall tail design is relatively rounded, but at the same time it is clearly layered, with through-type taillights in the middle. It is the brand logo of YangWang.

Spy photos of the interior have also leaked out. The overall layout is similar to that of the YangWang U8. The steering wheel adopts a three-spoke design. It also has a very large central control screen and uses mostly leather materials to create a sense of luxury.

There is no specific parameter information about the power, but the official said it is equipped with Yi Sifang technology and has a horsepower of over 1,300 horsepower. It will most likely be equipped with four motors. Therefore, the functions such as in-situ U-turns possessed by the YangWang U8 and U9 are likely to be the same with the U7. Can achieve.

It is worth mentioning that information reported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the YangWang U7 is equipped with a 135-degree lithium iron phosphate battery with a cruising range of 720 kilometers and 800 kilometers. The battery weighs 903 kilograms, so the U7’s curb weight exceeds 3 tons.

YangWang new car progress: U9 will be launched, U7 real car exposed, and U10?

Although it is a new brand that was born just over a year ago, BYD YangWang’s influence and achievements are impressive. The popularity of its first car, YangWang U8, shows that domestically produced cars have taken a step further in the field of luxury cars. After the Spring Festival in 2024, there is new progress in the new cars that YangWang will launch. Among them, the YangWang U9 will be officially launched on February 25, the YangWang U7 has been exposed as a real car, or the first MPV named “YangWang U10” has also been exposed. Rendering.

Part 1: YangWang U9 – Will be available on February 25th

This Chinese supercar has been brewing for a long time, and everyone is quite familiar with and looking forward to it. Energy art aesthetics, water drop cone shape, interstellar headlights, etc., its design highlights the sense of technology and futuristic atmosphere. The YangWang U9 has a two-seater layout and is not small in size. The length reaches 4966mm and the model is 2023mm. The width is slightly smaller than the Lamborghini Revuelto. The height and wheelbase are all superior, with the wheelbase being 2900mm.

Compared with the design, what is more eye-catching is naturally the technology it carries. First of all, it uses an integrated monocoque carbon cabin. The torsional stiffness of the whole vehicle is 54425n`m/°, and the lightweight coefficient of the body is 0.95. Secondly, with Yi Sifang technology installed, the combined power of the four motors can reach 1306 horsepower, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 2 seconds. Class; in addition, U9 can achieve three-wheel driving and four-wheel take-off, relying on Yunnan-X; coupled with the very sophisticated use of aerodynamics, YangWang U9 not only achieves performance, but also takes into account daily use and driving pleasure. This is a breakthrough.

In terms of selling price, there is no doubt that it will be over one million yuan.

Part 2: YangWang U7- Pre-order has started

YangWang U7 is the third car of the YangWang brand. It is positioned as a pure electric large sedan. It has completed the application to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The actual car has also been exposed and pre-orders have been opened. As for the price, it will also be in the million level.

Combining the application pictures and actual car pictures, it can be seen that it has some similarities with the YangWang U9 design. The most typical one is the interstellar headlights, which are also the iconic elements of the YangWang brand sedan. The body design is very smooth, and you can see elements such as large multi-spoke wheels, hidden door handles, through-type taillights, etc. It may be equipped with an electrically adjustable spoiler, a standard panoramic sunroof, and optional streaming rearview mirrors. .

In terms of power, the car will be equipped with the Yi Sifang platform and equipped with four electric motors. Each electric motor has a maximum power of 326 horsepower and a total power of 1306 horsepower. The 0-100km/h acceleration time may be controlled within 3 seconds, and it supports more powerful Power vector control. The new car has a curb weight of 3.095 tons and a top speed of 270km/h.

Part 3: YangWang’s new MPV

Maybe it will be named YangWang U10, renderings exposed

After the emergence of TengShi D9, domestic MPVs entered the top ranks of the domestic MPV market, which also stimulated the competitive ambitions of independent car companies in the MPV market. BYD itself will also launch a high-end MPV model under the YangWang brand, or name it YangWang U10.

In the rendering, the exterior design of the new car combines refinement, dynamics and domineering, and the interior will be relatively spacious. The power generation method of the power system and the vehicle data information are still unknown. Combining YangWang U8, U9, etc., you can also guess its technology And the motivation level will not be weak.

When extreme luxury meets intelligence: YangWang U8, the hexagonal warrior in the automotive industry

In the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market, high-end new energy vehicles have gradually become the focus of industry growth with their innovative technologies and excellent performance.

Among them, YangWang U8, as a new energy vehicle that combines luxury and intelligence, not only leads a new trend in automotive technology, but also reaches unprecedented heights in intelligent driving and user experience.

Part 1: The ultimate and forward-looking YangWang architecture

Before discussing the core competitiveness of YangWang U8, it must be mentioned that the powerful driving force behind it is the YangWang architecture.

This is a top-level technical architecture built by BYD Group with great effort, integrating the group’s most extreme technological applications, most forward-looking technological ideas, and the deepest vertical integration. The YangWang architecture mainly covers six core technologies: Yi Sifang, Yun Nian, blade battery, super body, smart cockpit and smart driving assistance. The combination of these technologies puts YangWang U8 in the first echelon of the industry in terms of intelligence and luxury.

First of all, the smart cockpit is a highlight of YangWang U8. This system will provide users with a five-sense interactive experience. Not only will human-vehicle interaction be more intelligent and efficient, but it will also make the vehicle-machine system more “smart” through open ecological ideas.

In terms of intelligent voice, the YangWang architecture supports a variety of functions, such as speaking when visible, continuous dialogue in all scenes, independent interaction in multiple sound zones, etc., which greatly improves the convenience of driving and riding.
In addition, its visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory technologies are equally outstanding, such as a 70-inch AR-HUD, curved OLED waterfall screen, Hi-End sound system, intelligent follow-up seats and natural scent fragrance. Together, they create an unprecedented immersive driving and riding environment for users.

In terms of intelligent driving assistance, YangWang U8 also performs well.

It is equipped with the world’s leading intelligent sensing hardware and has 38 vehicle intelligent sensing components, providing a solid hardware foundation for future upgrades of intelligent driving. In addition, YangWang U8 fully empowers each generation of intelligent driving algorithms through massive road scene data, creating an extremely safe intelligent driving assistance experience for users.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the smart parking functions such as Easy Sifang Parking and Dead End Parking displayed by YangWang U8 at the Dream Day event are further based on actual user scenarios, bringing users an unprecedented smart driving assistance experience.

As one of the core innovative technologies of YangWang Automobile, Yi Sifang technology breaks the traditional centralized drive system model with its core feature of four-motor independent drive, and brings a series of innovative functions such as in-situ U-turn and flexible steering. .

Specifically, when the width of the vertical parking space is limited, Easy Sifang Parking can automatically turn the vehicle around the center point and then automatically drive into the parking space.

In the scene of a side parking space, the system can allow the vehicle to rotate around the front or rear wheels close to the parking space, thereby completing parking efficiently. With future mass production, Easy Sifang Parking is expected to solve the parking challenges caused by limited parking space for more car owners, further demonstrating the practical value of turning around in place.

Part 2: Powertrain and Blade Battery

The power system is an important indicator to measure a car, and YangWang U8 also shows a very high level in this aspect.

As a cutting-edge technology that truly realizes independent driving of four motors, Yi Sifang technology gives YangWang U8 super strong body posture adjustment capabilities. On the other hand, Yunnan technology is BYD’s self-developed new energy exclusive intelligent vertical body control system, which brings the height, stiffness, damping and independent adjustment capabilities to YangWang U8, greatly improving the driving experience.

The blade battery is another core technology of YangWang U8. It has made further breakthroughs based on the previous generation of blade batteries and improved the performance of the battery cells to meet the ultra-high charge and discharge rate requirements of the Yi Sifang system.

In addition, super body technology is also a highlight of YangWang U8. It combines the advantages of non-load-bearing and load-bearing bodies, and combined with CTB technology, enables YangWang U8 to have excellent performance on smooth roads or rough road conditions.

Part 3: Full-scenario intelligent voice and intelligent vehicle-mounted drones

In terms of intelligent interaction, YangWang U8 is equipped with the YangWang Link intelligent human-computer interaction system, which has an industry-leading large language model and can accurately recognize and understand complex voice commands. This system not only provides the ability to have continuous conversations in all scenes, but also supports advanced functions such as full-time wake-up-free, four-tone zone independent interaction, and cross-screen control, which greatly improves the convenience and comfort of drivers and passengers.

At the same time, the YangWang U8 Off-Road Player Edition is equipped with an intelligent vehicle-mounted drone system for the first time, which brings a new use experience to the car.

This system includes a complete set of drone applications, from automatic battery replacement and precise clamping to intelligent temperature control and waterproof and dustproof. Every link reflects the integration and innovation of high technology. The drone’s functions such as one-click takeoff, intelligent follow-up, and one-click blockbuster movies not only provide users with a rich entertainment experience, but also demonstrate its practical value in activities such as exploration and travel.

In addition, safety has always been the core pursuit of YangWang U8. Through the continuous innovation and iteration of Yi Sifang’s technology, YangWang U8 has continuously broadened the safety boundaries of the entire vehicle and pushed vehicle safety to a new level.

Especially in the applications of extreme anti-skid control, four-motor torque vector control, tire puncture stability control, etc., YangWang U8 provides users with the ultimate safety guarantee. In the future, with the further development and improvement of Yi Sifang’s technology, YangWang U8 will be pushed through OTA to continue to bring more safe and convenient driving experience to users.


Part 4: The Real “Hexagon Warrior”

YangWang U8 is not only in the first echelon of the automotive industry in terms of luxury and intelligence, but also has become a true “hexagon warrior” with its revolutionary technology and innovative thinking.

From the power system of Yi Sifang to the five-sense interaction of the smart cockpit, from the efficient energy of the blade battery to the convenient interaction of all-scenario intelligent voice, YangWang U8 demonstrates its outstanding technological strength and the possibility of future automobiles in every detail.

With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, YangWang U8 not only represents the top achievements of BYD Group, but also heralds the development of the entire automobile industry in a more intelligent, environmentally friendly and safe direction.

There is no perfect car in the world: advantages and disadvantages of YangWang U8

No.1 Advantage

1. Emergency wading

Emergency wading is actually very clear in the instruction manual of YangWang U8. Emergency wading cannot be used in flowing waters.
What does that mean? That is to say, when encountering urban flooding, it is OK to use this car to save your life in an emergency. But I saw that some car owners took their cars and ran into the rivers, lakes and seas, telling everyone that no, don’t get out of the flowing waters, even if it is a lake, why? Because this car itself does not have a drive in the water, it relies on the idling of its four wheels to bring a certain level of wading ability. But if you deal with the current, it is very troublesome, so you will not be able to move forward, which is very dangerous. of. Don’t let everyone think that this car can be like a boat on the sparkling lake. This is a bit too much.

2. Turn around on the spot

As for turning around on the spot, the manual of YangWang U8 also emphasizes that it needs to be used when the power is relatively sufficient, the surrounding environment is safe, and the space is sufficient.

3. Highway driving performance

① Strong lateral support ability

When the U-turn was approaching 90°, I threw it in at a speed of 75 calendar hours, then applied the cruise brake and passed. Therefore, the lateral support of the entire suspension is very, very strong, and its lateral support capability on big curves is very good.

②The road feel feedback is very direct

Very direct, to what extent. I think it is comparable to the road feel of some sports cars. It is similar to some of the four-door high-performance cars we usually play, that is, every time you pass a hook, You will clearly feel where you are pressing.

③The entire body dynamic stabilization program performs well

During the test drive these two days, I made continuous emergency evasive maneuvers at different speeds. For example, I like the vehicle body dynamic stabilization program for scenic area avoidance at 65 and 75 km/h. No matter what the speed is, once you make an emergency evasion and turn to the left, the left front wheel will give you a kick, and the right rear wheel will also give you a kick. What does this step mean? It is to help you brake. The purpose of this brake is to control the speed first and stabilize the body posture and help the driver maintain the body posture, so the ESP punctuation is very good. In addition to its actual performance, another point is that the curb weight of this car is 3.54 tons. When you are doing emergency evasion, there will be no major loss of control and stability. Isn’t this great?

④Strong power

I can only say that the power of the four-wheel independent motor is indeed strong. I will not talk about its racing mode and starting directly from 0. I will give you the conclusion of my subjective evaluation, which is that among the current models of the same level regardless of brand, The secondary acceleration of this car should be the strongest. How strong is he? As soon as you step down, if you click on the sports mode, and when you raise your head and rush out, the response will be very fast. To sum up, in one sentence, four words: take off with one kick.


The overall road driving performance of YangWang U8 is close to the performance of Porsche’s Cayenne GTS or AMG’s G63.

4. Interior and audio

①Perfect interior

There is no place you can fault. Whether it is the trapezoidal platform, the roof or the door panels, there is basically no plastic at all. They are all made of leather, so the material space is perfect.

②The sound is super praised

This should be the best-performing speaker I have made or driven in the past three years.

No.2 Disadvantages

1. The suspension chassis is not suitable for off-road use

The YangWang U8 is advertised as a hard-core off-road vehicle, but its strong road feel can make bumping in the wild very uncomfortable. In fact, it is more suitable for driving on urban roads. The style and performance of the overall chassis are mutually exclusive with its product definition. Of course, if an off-road version is launched in the future, and its suspension can be adjusted to be more balanced and comprehensive, it will be a better result. I hope BYD engineers understand.

2. The seat is too wrapped

In addition to being particularly strong in wrapping, the seat also has side wings. These side wings will push against the sides of the body when turning and turning. As a hard-core off-road vehicle, long-distance driving is unavoidable. As a result, the seats are designed like those of sports cars, which makes driving for a long time really tiring. For off-roading, wide and comfortable seats are appropriate.

3. Torque steering working conditions

When you start with a big step on the accelerator, the steering wheel will exhibit the characteristics of front-wheel drive torque steering on the left and right sides, and the range of change is very large, about 15 to 20 degrees. As a four-wheel independent motor, logically speaking, there should be no torque steering during starting, even if this time is less than 1 second.

4. Poor noise reduction

When driving within 80km, the noise reduction performance of the entire vehicle is very good. Whether it is background noise, tire noise, or wind noise, it is very well isolated, and it does not produce too much noise itself. But after 80km, there are several places where obvious noise will come from. The first is the tires, and the second is the two rearview mirrors, including the background noise.
In addition, the noise when the dust collector is started is very loud, which makes it look very low-end.

No.3 Summary

Overall, as a luxury hard-core off-road vehicle, the YangWang U8 is not particularly accurate in its product definition. We very much hope to see the progress of Chinese brands, but no car is perfect. Just like anyone, no one is perfect. BYD currently has this technical strength, including their YiSiFang and their YunNian. What is lacking is direction and experience. BYD has not played with individual cars in the past many years, whether it is the sports car category or the off-road vehicle category, so I think they may have met the technical conditions, but the relevant experience and direction It’s not enough, and they don’t have anyone to refer to, so there are a lot of difficulties. But I mentioned these shortcomings, and they may all be solved through OTA in the future, so they are not fatal flaws.

Why was YangWang successful?

No.1 An important moment in the history of the automobile industry

Just yesterday, BYD officially announced its results for the last month of 2023, completing sales of 340,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 45.0%. The sales target of 3 million units set at the beginning of the year, which many people considered difficult to achieve, was successfully achieved due to the outbreak in December. A total of 3.02 million vehicles were sold throughout the year, with a year-on-year growth rate of 61.8%.

There is a number in this report card. Although it is insignificant compared to the market of 3.02 million, it is full of gold. In the past December, that is, the first full trading month when it started to be delivered, YangWang U8 delivered a total of It has sold 1,593 units, and if nothing unexpected happens, it will be among the top 5 in the million-SUV sales ranking. If you include the 408 units delivered starting in November, the cumulative delivery volume of YangWang U8 so far has reached 2,001 units.

This figure is enough to stop some people who think that BYD cannot be high-end.

In the past year, although BYD has maintained a very strong momentum in sales, it cannot escape the word “volume”, so it has no choice but to make its cars cheaper and cheaper. It can be said that the price war has become a stumbling block for BYD’s brand improvement, even if it later launched two relatively high-end brands, Denza and Fangbao.

The purpose of YangWang’s sudden emergence is to enable BYD to escape from the involution of the industry and continue to ride on the rise of the Dongfeng brand in new energy. However, YangWang has not only entered the no man’s land in the technical field, but also entered the no man’s land of Chinese brands in terms of price: no Chinese car company has ever successfully sold millions of luxury cars to the public market in large quantities.

Can the YangWang U8, which sells for as much as 1.098 million, be successful? I believe that most people have no idea in their hearts. Therefore, when YangWang U8 announced sales yesterday, I think many people would rub their eyes repeatedly and be shocked. After all, this is the first time in the history of China’s automobile industry that a Chinese figure can appear on the sales list of million-level luxury cars, and the ranking is not far behind.

There is no doubt that this is an epoch-making sales volume.

From 1953 to 2023, China’s automobile industry went through a full 70 years before finally handing in this answer sheet today. It proves that China’s automobile industry is no longer just “big”, but has more confidence to be called “strong” and “big”. It proves that Chinese automobiles have finally achieved overtaking on corners in the true sense.

You must know that automobiles have always been the crown jewel of industrial manufacturing, and the million-dollar luxury car market is the brightest shining point on this pearl. There are very few brands in the world that can touch these shining points. .

If someone takes stock of the key points in the history of Chinese automobiles in the future, December 2023 may be worth writing about.

If you cut open this ranking, you can even see some more epoch-making details.

First of all, in this list, YangWang U8 is the number one selling new energy SUV.

Don’t think that the million-level new energy SUV is a small arena, and it is easy to be first. In fact, there are many well-known models here that are priced highly overlapping with the YangWang U8, such as Mercedes-Benz’s EQS, Tesla’s Model X, BMW’s XM, Porsche’s Cayenne New Energy and Lotus’ ELETRE , the intensity of competition is not inferior to that of the million-class oil truck market.

However, YangWang U8 can stand out in this arena filled with experts.

This makes people feel that in the ordinary new energy family car market, the competitiveness and sales volume of Chinese brands are far ahead of foreign brands. It seems that in the near future, we may see the million-dollar luxury car market gradually being dominated by Chinese brands.

Secondly, in this list, YangWang U8 is still a top-ranked hardcore off-road vehicle.

There are two areas that represent the touchstones of the automotive industry, one is hardcore off-roading and the other is supercars. In order to overcome various road conditions, the former has strict requirements on the drive system, which must be able to grasp even a trace of friction with the road surface; while the latter, in order to pursue speed, must not only increase the explosive power of the drive system, but also make every ounce of friction possible. Explosive power can effectively become driving force.

It’s hard to do this, but what’s even harder is to get the top players in the million-dollar luxury car market to recognize you. After all, people who have consumed to this level will have higher requirements and need perfect and top-notch products. There are not many models that can impress them in this market. There are only a few models that have come and gone. Unexpectedly, there is now the YangWang U8.

It can be said that this sales volume of YangWang U8 not only represents its current leading strength, but also allows people to see its great potential in the new energy era, proving that the upward boundaries of Chinese brands are actually beyond the imagination of many people. .

No.2 The pinnacle competition in the automotive industry arena!

Why are sales in the million-dollar luxury car market so significant? There is no other reason, because for many brands and many car companies, million-level luxury cars are their flagship products. They require the strength of the entire group to build them carefully, so they often reflect the top technologies they can mass-produce. , that is, the overall strength of their brand.

Just like the Cayenne is a flagship SUV for Porsche, we can see Porsche’s top technology in it: for example, the Macan has not yet used the hybrid system, but the Cayenne has already taken the lead in using it; the Macan’s most powerful power is 2.9T V6 engine, but the Cayenne also has a 2.9T, but there is a 4.0T upwards; the Cayenne also has Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control technology and rear-wheel steering system, but the Macan has neither.

In other words, this has never been a contest between products, but a contest between brands and car companies.

The six super technologies of YangWang U8.

It can be said that at the level of million-dollar luxury cars, it is no longer possible to divide the grades by the size of the car, the number of configurations, and the materials used. It is more about comparing whose technology is higher, newer, and more cutting-edge. Therefore, rather than saying that million-dollar luxury cars are a market, it is better to say that it is a stage, a stage that can showcase the top technologies of various car companies and groups.

However, this stage is extremely unfriendly to late comers.

Because on this stage, it’s not just me who is better than you that can impress the audience. For example, they both have a 4.0T power system and also use dynamic chassis control technology and rear-wheel steering technology, even if you are better than the Porsche Cayenne in all aspects , and it is difficult to shake its status in the world.

Just like the previous Volkswagen Phaeton and Touareg, even if they are of the same origin as Porsche and Audi, so what if they are more cost-effective, they will eventually be discontinued. Another example is that many Chinese brands have already mastered a lot of advantages in the field of new energy. Although they have gained a foothold in the 4 to 5 million market, they still cannot open up enough gaps with foreign brands to cross the million level. The mountain of luxury markets.

Epoch-making innovative technology is the key to unlocking this market. If you can look back at the development history of the automobile industry in the past, you will definitely find that the birth of high-end automobile brands must be accompanied by the maturity of top core technologies. Only super technology can create high-end brands.

However, in this extremely involved market, which has been robbed by foreign brands for decades, it is not easy for Chinese brands to win this key. In fact, it is not just Chinese brands, even Japanese and American brands with a longer history in the automobile industry, it is difficult to get a share of the million-dollar luxury car market.

This is the valuable thing about YangWang U8! Why are we still discussing YangWang’s U-turn and its emergency refloating until now? Because it allows us to see another form of cars and another way to play, just like bringing science fiction movies on TV to reality.

The super technologies that support this new form and new gameplay are Yi Sifang and Yunnan-P of YangWang U8.

The so-called Yi Sifang does not simply mean that four wheels are driven by four motors, but it combines powerful perception and execution capabilities, which can completely subvert the previous capability system of general power systems, continuously broaden the safety boundary of the vehicle, and make it possible to lose control of the vehicle. Two words that were completely erased from the automotive industry.

This system also has many ways to subvert the car-making logic of the past 100 years. For example, at last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, we saw the YangWang concept car that no longer relies on traditional drive, steering and braking systems. Software-defined cars have been developed and dual-system redundancy has been achieved, but due to current regulations, they cannot be launched one by one on the market.

Yunnan-P is not just as simple as actively adjusting the height, softness and hardness of the suspension. Similarly, it can also be combined with powerful perception and decision-making capabilities to enable the vehicle to achieve decoupled control of the upper and lower body, with multi-dimensional perception, The advantages of precise decision-making, intelligent control, and stable execution allow the suspension height, softness, and hardness of the four wheels to be individually adjusted to achieve all-round intelligent control of the vehicle body.

With the support of Yi Sifang and Yunnan-P, YangWang U8 can achieve 6 degrees of freedom of coordinated movement in three directions: horizontal, vertical and vertical. You know, most vehicles on the market now only have two degrees of freedom, front and rear, and high-end ones can adjust up and down in the vertical direction through variable suspension. Currently, no one except YangWang U8 can realize 3-way and 6-degree-of-freedom body control.

It is worth noting that both Yunnan-P and Yi Sifang have very strong perception and execution capabilities, so they can actively identify changes in the road surface and vehicle conditions, and then actively adjust the posture of the body and the drive of the four wheels. Power distribution, bringing users a safer travel experience in a disruptive way.

As BYD President Wang Chuanfu said at the YangWang launch conference: “Our values are consistent, and safety is the greatest luxury for electric vehicles. Therefore, based on ‘Yi Sifang’ technology, YangWang will bring unprecedented ultimate safety to users for the first time, allowing basic It has become the instinct of new energy vehicles not to skid, drift, or roll over.”

In the million-dollar luxury car market, you can find extremely quiet cars where the loudest noise while driving is the clock, or you can find speed-chasing cars that achieve great results on various racetracks. Of course, you can also find extreme cars. It is a luxurious executive car, but it can be said to be the leader in the ultimate safety that can protect users from various extreme environments.

No.3 Who is buying YangWang U8?

“When I arrived at the Tanggula Pass on my first trip to Tibet, it started to rain heavily and there was heavy snowfall. I couldn’t see the road at all. In fact, there were cliffs on both sides of me at that time. My body was indeed at its limit and I was very tired. . On the road, just keep shouting to yourself, don’t sleep, and keep a clear head.”

The first owner of the YangWang U8, Yang Tongcan, an entrepreneur in Qingdao and a veteran off-road veteran, talked about his decision to buy the YangWang U8 and talked about the challenges he faced when he first entered Tibet. Dilemma: “It was drizzling and the road was very narrow. When we needed to turn around, we had to move back and forth twenty or thirty times to get the car out.”

“It would have been nice if we had turned around at that time.” Yang Tongcan finally said.

With the development of the automobile industry today, there are very few truly disruptive technologies. Compared with many million-dollar luxury brands and ordinary mass brands, the technological gap is getting smaller and smaller. This is why most people have the idea that “buying a million-dollar luxury car is just to buy face.”

Obviously, for Yang Tongcan, the first owners of YangWang U8, YangWang U8 has given them the confidence to transcend this simple brand value – no longer simply pursuing the LOGO on the car, but looking at technology and performance. If you recognize YangWang U8’s millionaire worth, you can follow your inner thoughts.

This also verifies from the side what Wang Chuanfu said at the YangWang press conference, “We believe that Chinese high-end brands are not just about buying materials and stacking materials, but should be based on super technology to provide users with disruptive products and experiences. ”

To put it simply, technology is brand.

YangWang U8 uses disruptive technology to promote the development of new energy vehicles, providing users with a car experience that traditional luxury brands have never provided, and using full-stack self-developed, cross-generation technology to redefine the high-end of the new era of smart electrification.

This is the fundamental logic behind YangWang U8’s ability to leverage the million-dollar luxury car market.

Of course, this kind of disruptive technology is very difficult to achieve, and may even require the fate of the entire group to bet. However, BYD has never given up in the past 20 years, and finally has this kind of Chinese car. The highlight of industry.

Perhaps our world was changed bit by bit by this kind of pious idealist.


From off-road to track, BYD YangWang’s high-end road

“BYD’s self-developed technologies are all gathered in a fish pond. When the market needs it, one can be fished out.”

This is BYD Chairman and President Wang Chuanfu, who often mentions the “fish pond theory” in public.

Wang Chuanfu has inexplicable confidence in BYD’s technology, and BYD’s own technology has rarely disappointed Wang Chuanfu.

Since 2020, leading new technologies such as blade batteries, super hybrids, and e-platform 3.0 have continued to jump into the industry trend in BYD’s fish pond, and have been transformed into growing sales to feed back the company.

Blade batteries have almost single-handedly reversed the market share of lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium batteries. Super hybrid has driven major car companies to re-develop hybrid technology, allowing hybrid models to flourish in the Chinese market. .

At the beginning of this year, BYD began to officially launch an impact on the luxury car market. It continued to come up with new technologies in the “fish pond” and launched the YangWang architecture composed of Yi Sifang, Yunnan, Blade Battery, super body, smart cockpit, and intelligent assisted driving.

Prior to this, the value of luxury cars in the traditional oil truck market was enhanced by engine horsepower, model design, cabin materials, and various black technologies. These “scarce attributes” are difficult to see on models of China’s own brands.

The emergence of YangWang architecture is a technical framework created by BYD that is unique to Chinese luxury brands. At the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of the year, the YangWang architecture achieved another breakthrough-from the off-road mode of the YangWang U8 to the track mode of the U9.

The six core technologies of the YangWang architecture are not developed for a single model, but can be used as a general platform technology to empower various models, showing different capabilities on each model, like a Rubik’s cube combination and transformation.

The emergence of the YangWang architecture has created a complete vehicle architecture for Chinese electric luxury car brands that is unique to the new energy era. It also means that China is no longer simply following and imitating the powerful automobile industry in terms of automobile manufacturing technology, but It’s accelerating through corners and overtaking.

Part 1: YangWang Architecture, from Off-Road to Track

The power source of the YangWang architecture comes from BYD’s blade battery, and the power control relies on “Yi Sifang”.

Looking back at the history of the development of the automobile industry, every major technological breakthrough has changed the definition of products in the automobile industry. The emergence of Yi Sifang is what the industry calls the “iPhone moment” of the automobile industry.

BYD’s basic research and development of Yi Sifang can be traced back to 20 years ago. At that time, the prototype of “Yi Sifang” technology briefly appeared on the ET concept car released by BYD. However, due to the immaturity of the new energy vehicle supply chain system, it was not available at that time. It does not have the ability to be mass produced and launched.

Now, with the continuous breakthroughs in the three major technical fields of battery, electric drive and electronic control, “Yi Sifang” has finally ushered in mass production opportunities.

“Yisifang” is a power system with four-motor independent drive as its core. It is also China’s first mass-produced four-motor drive technology, which can achieve precise control of all four wheels of the car.
In the era of fuel vehicles, body stability control is limited by the development of mechanical technology. At the execution level, there are problems such as slow response, low efficiency, low power, and low degree of four-wheel differentiation.

With the emergence of new energy vehicles, the three-electric system has replaced the three major parts of oil vehicles, and the wire-controlled system has almost reconstructed the chassis structure of the car. With this, “Yi Sifang” can use the more perceptive electric drive system to drive in milliseconds. The speed of each wheel is adjusted individually to better control the body posture. This lays the foundation for YangWang to realize functions such as turning around on the spot and traveling sideways.

At the same time, Yi Sifang’s four-wheel independent torque vectoring control can also make the vehicle’s cornering control more calm and precise.

The emergence of Yi Sifang has also greatly improved the safety of cars. For example, after a car has a flat tire, the “Easy Sifang” technology will accurately adjust the torque of the remaining three wheels at a frequency of 1,000 times per second, making a strong intervention in the body posture, thereby making the vehicle stable and reliable. Stop in a controlled place to minimize the loss of control of the car after a tire blowout.

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, BYD demonstrated the Yi Sifang concept car, which has no traditional steering gear or traditional braking device. It can realize turning, braking and other functions only through the three-in-one technology of driving, braking and steering. BYD has achieved vehicle-level safety redundancy capabilities.

The emergence of Yi Sifang has subverted the power control technology of traditional oil trucks and solved the problem of horizontal body control. Another core of the YangWang architecture, Yun Nian, solves the problem of body control in the vertical direction of the car.

Yun Nian’s first appearance was in a dancing posture, and its stunning “jumping on the spot” attracted a lot of applause. This is the industry’s first “new energy exclusive intelligent body control system”.

When the vehicle is driving, Yun Nian can not only perform high-speed calculations on road surface conditions, body posture, wheel load and other information, and output the optimal control strategy in real time to reduce bumps and improve comfort; it can also greatly improve cornering control performance, making the body posture more stable. It always remains stable when cornering at high speeds, making the control experience more comfortable.

At the same time, the Yunnan system can effectively protect the vehicle body in complex road conditions such as snow, mud, and water, avoid vehicle collision damage caused by terrain, improve driving comfort and safety, and achieve dual protection for people and vehicles.

Wang Chuanfu said at the Yunian press conference that the birth of Yunian has rewritten the history of relying on foreign countries for body control technology and filled the domestic technical gap.

The combination of Yi Sifang and Yunnan, using BYD’s unique blade battery as the power source, coupled with a super body, smart cockpit, and smart assisted driving, forms the YangWang architecture. This is a platform architecture that can be split and combined into various models.

Platform-based development is the path that every car company must take. This can integrate the company’s cutting-edge technologies, flatten R&D costs through the advantages of scale, and empower each model planned for the future. Different performance advantages can be demonstrated according to needs.

This is the case with BYD’s YangWang architecture. Off-road vehicles, supercars, cars, SUVs, etc. can all be developed based on the YangWang architecture.

On the already delivered off-road model U8, the YangWang architecture is reflected in its advantages such as climbing mountains and going to the sea, as if walking on flat ground. When it comes to the road track, the YangWang architecture makes the U9, a tram supercar, an epoch-making revolutionary product in the luxury car camp.

Part 2: Supercar U9, born at the right time

The unlimited accumulation of materials in one car regardless of cost, coupled with the huge premium space of luxury brands, is the competitive strategy of supercars in the era of oil trucks. It has created a glorious era of traditional luxury brands.
However, the popularity of electric vehicles has made “stacking” a standard practice. Many configurations such as air suspension have been rolled into the 400,000 or even 300,000 range by electric vehicles. The 100-meter acceleration performance of oil trucks has also been impacted by the powerful speed of the motor. The value of luxury cars in the new energy era has been blurred.

The emergence of YangWang U9 has re-established the concept of using ultimate technology to shape luxury brands. Its four major new changes in performance, aerodynamics, safety and cockpit are essentially different from ordinary “stacked luxury cars”, setting a good example for electric supercars. set a new benchmark.

Equipped with Yi Sifang technology, the YangWang U9 can not only maximize its power performance, with a horsepower of over 1,300 horsepower, and acceleration from zero to 0 to 2 seconds, it also has amazing performance in actual track tests, with the maximum instantaneous lateral acceleration reaching 1.7g. , the understeering linear zone reaches 0.72°/g. YangWang U9’s track cornering control is very calm and precise, and its body posture can always remain stable while driving.

With the support of the Yunnan system, when changing to urban road conditions, the YangWang U9 can also raise the chassis and the vehicle ground clearance to a maximum of 145mm, making it easy to pass through various obstacles in the city. YangWang U9 integrates sportiness and comfort, making it truly street-ready and race-ready.

Looking specifically at YangWang’s super body, it integrates three major technologies: super carbon cabin, new generation CTB, and super hybrid structure. The torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle reaches 54425N·m/°, and the lightweight coefficient of the entire vehicle breaks through the industry limits. For the first time, it has to within 1, to 0.95.

BYD not only poured its top internal technologies into the YangWang brand without reservation, but also reached a new height in terms of vehicle quality requirements and safety standards.

In the increasingly competitive automobile industry, the time to build a new car has been compressed to 18 months. This not only requires completing two winter and one summer tests within the limit time, but also shortens the test time for durability, stability and other tests. But on YangWang U9, we can still see traces of meticulous craftsmanship.

The YangWang supercar platform uses the most demanding testing procedures, and has planned extreme special working conditions such as jamming, bumping, and rolling for supercars. The test requirements far exceed global safety collision standards.

It is understood that BYD has invested more than 100 safety test vehicles and carried out 96 safety working condition tests. Currently, YangWang’s testing and verification of the technology is still ongoing.

Supercars embody mankind’s highest pursuit of speed, represent the ceiling of automotive performance, and are also a comprehensive reflection of a car company’s most exquisite technology. YangWang integrates BYD’s six core technologies and uses technology to anchor the “luxury” attributes of the new energy era.

BYD’s devotion to technology is the foundation on which it relies. Wang Chuanfu once mentioned that in the past 12 years, BYD has invested in R&D for 11 years, which exceeded the net profit of that year, and in many cases was even 3 to 4 times the net profit.

The current automobile industry is undergoing a brand-new revolution. The technological innovation capabilities of every automobile company are facing huge tests. Automobile assembly plants are becoming history. Only enterprises with core technologies are likely to survive.

BYD’s technological investment over the years has been transformed into sales that continue to support this new energy vehicle company, and it has become the world’s top seller of new energy vehicles. At present, BYD has sold more than 6 million vehicles, which is an unprecedented peak for new energy vehicle companies.

The emergence of YangWang carries the mission of brand promotion in BYD’s sales system. This is a battle that must be won, and it is also a key step for BYD to improve its brand matrix and become a global car company.

Upgrading the brand with luxury models is a path that many car companies will choose. The YangWang U8 has been officially launched and has started delivery. BYD is close to success in this path.

As China’s first million-level high-end new energy vehicle brand, from the off-line delivery of the YangWang U8 luxury version to the technical release of the million-level pure electric performance supercar U9, YangWang has built its brand and products with disruptive technology, and has continued to innovate and change. , bringing users unprecedented ultimate products and new life and travel experiences.

Without brake discs, YangWang‘s new car is outrageous!

YangWang then made a complete overhaul: there is no steering column or brake disc, completely subverting the mechanical structure of traditional cars.

Part 1: No steering column, no brake calipers, this is the Yi Sifang concept car

BYD’s booth at the Guangzhou Auto Show focuses on making shopping easy. YangWang, Denza, Fangbao, and BYD are all in one exhibition area, making it easy to check in at one time.

YangWang’s booth is a must-see! YangWang supercar platform and Yi Sifang concept car were released. YangWang U8 luxury version and YangWang U9 were both unveiled on the YangWang main stage.

The Yi Sifang concept car was on display, showing off its technology.

The appearance is very cyberpunk. It is based on YangWang U8, but it has become a “skeleton” version. Its own design concept is also quite interesting.

There is no steering column or brake calipers.

As a disruptive technology ahead of its time, Yi Sifang breaks through the limitations of existing automobile architecture.

Steering and braking are achieved through precise control of four motors.

Through the three-in-one technology of driving, braking and steering, braking and steering are realized without relying on traditional mechanical mechanisms, achieving vehicle-level safety redundancy capabilities.

Braking is accomplished via the motor.

After the vehicle recognizes the braking signal, the electromagnetic torque generated by the reverse drag of the four motors acts on the wheels traveling forward, thereby producing a braking effect.

Four large motors of 220-240kW, through precise motor torque and speed control, combined with power blade batteries, new silicon carbide electronic control and advanced thermal management technology, achieve a maximum braking deceleration of 1g and achieve braking.

It’s even more fun without the steering column. It uses four-wheel independent motors and abandons the traditional mechanical structure to control the vehicle.

Differential steering technology is used to steer. The left and right wheels obtain different torques to deflect the wheels to complete the steering.

The minimum turning diameter is 12 meters; in the 18m serpentine pile winding test, the maximum passing speed is 60km/h.

The Yi Sifang concept car is so outrageous that it can even be called subversive, beyond imagination.

Of course, it’s not for the car not to be equipped with a steering system.

Because this new technology can provide double redundant backup of braking and steering on the basis of existing braking and steering.

Car owners do not have to change their driving habits, nor do they reduce the mobility of their vehicles, but they can improve their driving control and make driving safer.

Safety redundancy, never redundancy.

Yang Dongsheng, vice president of BYD Co., Ltd. and director of the Product Planning and Automotive New Technology Research Institute, said:

Yi Sifang, a disruptive technology platform, can achieve independent driving of four motors. It is the first in the industry to have four vehicle-level redundancy capabilities: drive redundancy, power supply redundancy, braking redundancy and steering redundancy, realizing driving, braking and steering three-in-one.

Currently, brake redundancy and steering redundancy have not been implemented in mass-produced models.

But we might as well imagine boldly.

The reporter assumes that this technology can really be developed maturely and applied on a large scale. Compared with more complex mechanical systems, who will become mainstream? Who will be the backup?

Part 2: YangWang supercar platform, from the wilderness to the track

YangWang is also here to run supercars! The supercar platform based on the YangWang architecture was officially released at the Guangzhou Auto Show. YangWang’s ultimate technology has moved from the wilderness to the track.

YangWang’s supercar platform can be understood as the chassis of the U9, covering six core technologies: Yi Sifang, Yunnan, Blade Battery, Super Body, Smart Cockpit, and Smart Assisted Driving.

The carbon fiber cockpit is both lightweight and has sufficient torsional rigidity. You can look forward to the first YangWang U9 supercar equipped with this platform! Rewrite the supercar experience in all aspects.

The reporter was at the scene and saw a bunch of Japanese engineers gathered around the body of YangWang U9 to study.

YangWang U9 directly displays the “body in white” this time. The middle cabin part is basically made of carbon fiber, front and rear high-strength steel, various energy-absorbing and reinforced structures, and it has a bit of a racing feel.

The tape measure department of the Japanese media started to work on the craftsmanship when measuring the super carbon cabin of YangWang U9.

The YangWang super body integrates three innovative technologies: super carbon cabin, new generation CTB, and super hybrid structure.

The torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle reaches 54425N·m/°, and the lightweight coefficient of the entire vehicle breaks through the industry limits, reaching less than 1 for the first time, with a lightweight coefficient of 0.95.

Some eye-catching data:

In terms of performance: 1,300 horsepower. In the actual test on the track, the maximum instantaneous lateral acceleration of YangWang U9 reached 1.7g, and the understeer linear zone reached 0.72°/g.

In terms of aerodynamics: 12 sets of power kits, such as aerodynamic front shovels, large rear wings, active diffusers, etc. The active rear wing and active diffuser can intelligently adjust wind resistance and downforce according to vehicle speed to adapt to different racing scenarios.

If this exaggerated big rear wing sells for more than 3 million, it is really not an exaggeration at all.

Four-wheel independent torque vectoring control gives YangWang U9 excellent cornering capabilities.

The Yunnan system provides YangWang U9 with an unprecedented driving control experience.

When driving on the track, the center of mass height of the vehicle can be reduced to 393mm; the acceleration pitch gradient is reduced by 33%; the braking pitch gradient is reduced by 20%; the steady-state roll gradient is reduced by 17%, and the body posture is always stable.

When driving in the city, the vehicle’s ground clearance can be increased to a maximum of 145mm, allowing it to easily pass obstacles. When passing through speed bumps and other pulsating roads at low speed, vertical acceleration is reduced by 30%.

YangWang U9 has truly achieved success on both the street and in the competition.

In addition to exceeding global safety collision standards, it has also planned extreme special working conditions such as jamming, bumping, and rolling for supercars.

More than 100 safety test vehicles have been invested and 96 safety working condition tests have been carried out. Currently, YangWang’s testing and verification of the technology is still ongoing.

The interior of YangWang U9 is exposed for the first time. How about it? Does it meet your expectations for a million-dollar sports car?

The sports seats of YangWang U9 introduce an active side adjustment function, and are fully covered with suede and large areas of carbon fiber, showing a racing-level sports atmosphere and luxurious texture.

YangWang Link is equipped with multiple smart screens to make the supercar more intelligent, and combined with the top audio of the Evidence series, it brings users a world-class audio-visual enjoyment.

At a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, the noise is 65dB, which is very well controlled.

I have seen many videos of YangWang’s dazzling skills before, but in the reporter’s opinion, the technical applications of these dazzling skills are often closely integrated with our daily use of cars.

Part 3: Conclusion

On November 17, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Hu Xiaoqing, general manager of YangWang, said that China’s independent brands have always faced an issue, that is, how to define high-end.

As a latecomer in the million-dollar luxury car market, YangWang is also facing competitive pressure.

Hu Xiaoqing said: “We respect and envy many traditional luxury car brands because in the past they were the absolute dominant voice in this field.”

However, she also mentioned that in the market at this price point, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles can be said to be very low, far less than that of the general market. What lies ahead is actually a huge opportunity.

The water is 6 meters deep. No need to walk on a bridge to cross the river? YangWangU8 floating mode car interior perspective exposed

BYD YangWang’s U8 has been a hot topic since its launch, not only because of its starting price of more than one million, but also because of its built-in “U-turn” and “floating boat mode” that make this new car full of gimmicks.

Some time ago, YangWang U8 exposed a floating test video, and recently its in-car perspective was also exposed again. The video was shot in the back seat of the driver’s seat. In the video, you can see that the water surface is near the waistline of the vehicle when the car is floating on the water. Since the front of the vehicle is heavier, the vehicle’s posture in the water is low in front and high in back, with the front row closer to the horizontal plane. Another detail is that you can see vortices constantly appearing on the water next to the vehicle. This is because the U8 relies on the rotation of its tires to generate propulsion underwater.

Some netizens asked: The car is driving in several meters of water and the windows are still open so wide. How courageous is it? In fact, we need to make it a little more general here. If the vehicle has to wade through water, the windows should be opened. In this way, if the vehicle stalls or water enters the vehicle, the windows can be opened in advance to allow the occupants to escape quickly, and the pressure inside and outside the vehicle can be balanced in advance to facilitate opening the door.

As rains and floods occurred in many areas in China some time ago, the topic of new energy’s ability to wade through water has been raised again.

During that time, there were many jokes on the Internet about using trams as boats, but objectively speaking, new energy sources that do not require engine air intake do have advantages over fuel vehicles in wading water. But in reality, new energy vehicles only achieve high waterproof and insulation capabilities in terms of power batteries, motors, wiring harnesses, etc., while most other body waterproofing is at the same level as ordinary fuel vehicles.

Previously, China’s new energy vehicle evaluation regulations conducted a 300mm water wading test comparison for several new energy vehicles. The results showed that 3 of the 4 vehicles had water leakage to varying degrees, 2 had severe water accumulation, and 1 had a malfunction. It can be seen that in addition to the “flare-out” of new energy wading, other problems will still occur.

Going back to the beginning, like the YangWang U8 “emergency floating mode”, corresponding design enhancements must be made on the body. First of all, its body is better sealed and waterproof than traditional models. In addition, because the U8 is an extended-range model and still has a fuel engine at the front, the vehicle should have a set of sensors that can automatically detect water wading and automatically close the engine air inlet to prevent water intrusion. . At the same time, the vehicle’s power control software also has corresponding control logic for four wheels entering the water, which facilitates more reasonable control of tire steering and torque output in the water.

With a price tag of over one million, YangWang U8 has enough cost to put these features into the vehicle. But judging from the video, even if it has the ability to float, it can only rely on weak power to float on calm water. It has almost no wave resistance. Any act of deliberately driving the car into open water is wrong. Therefore, BYD officials have also made it clear that this is only an emergency floating mode and must not be used as a boat.

Due to the characteristics of electric vehicles, more car companies will definitely equip mid- to high-end models with similar floating modes in the future. However, it is also foreseeable that many short video platforms will also emerge in the near future. Attention-grabbing behavior.