There is no perfect car in the world: advantages and disadvantages of YangWang U8

No.1 Advantage

1. Emergency wading

Emergency wading is actually very clear in the instruction manual of YangWang U8. Emergency wading cannot be used in flowing waters.
What does that mean? That is to say, when encountering urban flooding, it is OK to use this car to save your life in an emergency. But I saw that some car owners took their cars and ran into the rivers, lakes and seas, telling everyone that no, don’t get out of the flowing waters, even if it is a lake, why? Because this car itself does not have a drive in the water, it relies on the idling of its four wheels to bring a certain level of wading ability. But if you deal with the current, it is very troublesome, so you will not be able to move forward, which is very dangerous. of. Don’t let everyone think that this car can be like a boat on the sparkling lake. This is a bit too much.

2. Turn around on the spot

As for turning around on the spot, the manual of YangWang U8 also emphasizes that it needs to be used when the power is relatively sufficient, the surrounding environment is safe, and the space is sufficient.

3. Highway driving performance

① Strong lateral support ability

When the U-turn was approaching 90°, I threw it in at a speed of 75 calendar hours, then applied the cruise brake and passed. Therefore, the lateral support of the entire suspension is very, very strong, and its lateral support capability on big curves is very good.

②The road feel feedback is very direct

Very direct, to what extent. I think it is comparable to the road feel of some sports cars. It is similar to some of the four-door high-performance cars we usually play, that is, every time you pass a hook, You will clearly feel where you are pressing.

③The entire body dynamic stabilization program performs well

During the test drive these two days, I made continuous emergency evasive maneuvers at different speeds. For example, I like the vehicle body dynamic stabilization program for scenic area avoidance at 65 and 75 km/h. No matter what the speed is, once you make an emergency evasion and turn to the left, the left front wheel will give you a kick, and the right rear wheel will also give you a kick. What does this step mean? It is to help you brake. The purpose of this brake is to control the speed first and stabilize the body posture and help the driver maintain the body posture, so the ESP punctuation is very good. In addition to its actual performance, another point is that the curb weight of this car is 3.54 tons. When you are doing emergency evasion, there will be no major loss of control and stability. Isn’t this great?

④Strong power

I can only say that the power of the four-wheel independent motor is indeed strong. I will not talk about its racing mode and starting directly from 0. I will give you the conclusion of my subjective evaluation, which is that among the current models of the same level regardless of brand, The secondary acceleration of this car should be the strongest. How strong is he? As soon as you step down, if you click on the sports mode, and when you raise your head and rush out, the response will be very fast. To sum up, in one sentence, four words: take off with one kick.


The overall road driving performance of YangWang U8 is close to the performance of Porsche’s Cayenne GTS or AMG’s G63.

4. Interior and audio

①Perfect interior

There is no place you can fault. Whether it is the trapezoidal platform, the roof or the door panels, there is basically no plastic at all. They are all made of leather, so the material space is perfect.

②The sound is super praised

This should be the best-performing speaker I have made or driven in the past three years.

No.2 Disadvantages

1. The suspension chassis is not suitable for off-road use

The YangWang U8 is advertised as a hard-core off-road vehicle, but its strong road feel can make bumping in the wild very uncomfortable. In fact, it is more suitable for driving on urban roads. The style and performance of the overall chassis are mutually exclusive with its product definition. Of course, if an off-road version is launched in the future, and its suspension can be adjusted to be more balanced and comprehensive, it will be a better result. I hope BYD engineers understand.

2. The seat is too wrapped

In addition to being particularly strong in wrapping, the seat also has side wings. These side wings will push against the sides of the body when turning and turning. As a hard-core off-road vehicle, long-distance driving is unavoidable. As a result, the seats are designed like those of sports cars, which makes driving for a long time really tiring. For off-roading, wide and comfortable seats are appropriate.

3. Torque steering working conditions

When you start with a big step on the accelerator, the steering wheel will exhibit the characteristics of front-wheel drive torque steering on the left and right sides, and the range of change is very large, about 15 to 20 degrees. As a four-wheel independent motor, logically speaking, there should be no torque steering during starting, even if this time is less than 1 second.

4. Poor noise reduction

When driving within 80km, the noise reduction performance of the entire vehicle is very good. Whether it is background noise, tire noise, or wind noise, it is very well isolated, and it does not produce too much noise itself. But after 80km, there are several places where obvious noise will come from. The first is the tires, and the second is the two rearview mirrors, including the background noise.
In addition, the noise when the dust collector is started is very loud, which makes it look very low-end.

No.3 Summary

Overall, as a luxury hard-core off-road vehicle, the YangWang U8 is not particularly accurate in its product definition. We very much hope to see the progress of Chinese brands, but no car is perfect. Just like anyone, no one is perfect. BYD currently has this technical strength, including their YiSiFang and their YunNian. What is lacking is direction and experience. BYD has not played with individual cars in the past many years, whether it is the sports car category or the off-road vehicle category, so I think they may have met the technical conditions, but the relevant experience and direction It’s not enough, and they don’t have anyone to refer to, so there are a lot of difficulties. But I mentioned these shortcomings, and they may all be solved through OTA in the future, so they are not fatal flaws.

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