Xpeng Aeroht’s X2 flying car conducted its first mission over the central city of Guangzhou on March 8, the company announced today.

Xpeng X2 flying
Xpeng unveiled the Voyager X1, its fourth-generation flying vehicle, at the April 2021 Shanghai auto show, which is the size of a regular car and can take off and land vertically in a parking space.

Xpeng Aeroht's X2
Xpeng Aeroht’s X2

On July 16, 2021, He unveiled the fifth-generation vehicle, X2, on Weibo, with a weight of 360kg and a maximum takeoff weight of 560kg.

The X2 has a range of 35 minutes and a fastest flight speed of 130km/h, according to information previously announced by Xpeng.

The X2 has an autonomous flight path planning capability, and through multiple sensors, the X2 can monitor the ground, self-return to land, and 100km of two-way real-time communication.

The XPeng X2 is a two-seater flying car designed for future low-altitude urban air travel, especially for short-distance city trips such as sightseeing and medical transportation. The XPeng X2 is developed and manufactured by XPeng Aeroht, a subsidiary of XPeng Motors, which claims to be the largest flying car company in Asia.

The XPeng X2 features a sleek teardrop-shaped design, with an enclosed cockpit that enables efficient aerodynamic performance. It utilizes a complete carbon fiber structure to reduce weight.

The XPeng X2 offers two driving modes: manual and autonomous. The latter is said to provide passengers with a safe and intelligent flying experience, with simple operations of startup, return, and landing by simply touching a button.

The company is currently developing the sixth-generation model, which will bring significant upgrades. The future models will also feature both manual and autonomous flying driving modes and will be capable of driving both in the air and on the road (the fifth-generation car can only fly and not drive).

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